Saturday, October 29, 2011


Saw quite a bit of sun yesterday. Been nippy. Only 24 degrees right now. Supposed to maybe hit 50 today. Looks like kids will have to bundle up this Halloween.
My order arrived from PaperWishes yesterday. When they said suede paper, I thought they meant the actual textured suede paper, but it just is regular paper that has a suede look to it. (The brown and blue ones.) And then I got the red paper with the various colored dots on it, too. They are each a stack of 25 sheets for $2.50! Ten cents a sheet! Can't beat that.
Then...I've been watching youtube videos where people make these art journals...well, for a couple of years now. Reminds me of finger painting, actually, but with brushes. (Not that I haven't seen people use their fingers.) Just do whatever you rules. Kind of like abstract painting or collage in a journal.
Anyways, I've seen many of them use these plastic templates or masks that have fascinated me. You can mist over them or use a sponge to daub paint over them to leave the imprint. I ordered these before I was positive I was going to try to do the Art Every Day. Now I'm even happier that I did and I'll probably try starting an art journal.
Aren't these cool! I got the small (6 X 6 inch) bare trees...
...and the flower branches and birds.
And I got one of these 8 X 8 inch framed masks with the bird and branches. These templates and masks can also be used on cards, too. Now I have to dig through my journals to find one that I can use as an art journal!
Well, yesterday was the last day for Karma's big box cave. I need my art table back--LOL! So out it went to the dumpster. She still has her cat bed...which is now extra interesting because it is not in the box, of course.
What cracks me up is that Karma still loves that bottom edge of the shower liner (tied the strips together). She thinks it is alive...because if she paws at it in one spot then other parts down the line will sometimes move. So she stares and stares at it...waiting for it to move. Paws at it...buckles it up...
...and then jerks her head to catch it moving anywhere she isn't touching it.
This can eventually lead to her arched-back leaping about like a jumping bean with her hair spiked out on her back and tail. Funny, she's clumped the long plastic liner rope into a blob during the night and is lying on top of her kill as I am typing this. I imagine there was some cat jumping bean stuff going on while I was sleeping.
Anyways, yesterday was her last day in her saber-toothed tiger cave. ;)
I'm all signed up for both NaBloPoMo and Art Every Day Month for November. New badges with links off to the right on the blog here. (Not actually that crazy about the NaBloPoMo badge--like them plainer.) Now that Karma's cave is gone from under the art table and I can fit a chair there again, I will set up something before Tuesday. Hopefully I'll find a journal I can destroy--LOL!
I was thrilled to be tired and in bed by 8:30pm and up at 5am this morning!! Setting the alarm those two days maybe worked after all?! For one day, anyways. Happy, happy me. Well, I am up at dawn, so going to go take some pics of this cool sunrise. Bye for now!! Have a fabulous weekend! :):)


DJan said...

Karma is so funny. I enjoy her antics, too. Those are beautiful templates and I look forward to seeing what you'll create with them. Our lives are so different, I like to think we complement each other. It gives me a lot of pleasure to her how well you cope with chronic illness and pain. But then again, it's you after all, Rita! Lots of hugs to you.

betty said...

I do have to say, I love Karma's cat cave! She looks very content in it! Good luck with NaBloPoMo; I did it two years ago, it was challenging to think of what to post every day!

love your sky picture!

I hope you have a good day


Teresa Evangeline said...

I used to love rummaging through the paper options at the art supply store in Santa Fe. I Love paper. I do some collage work and it's always fun to find something new that just leaps out at me. I need to go to paperwishes and check it out! Have a great weekend, Rita!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

oooh...that's cool!! your weather...your new paper & stencils! i really like the bare tree one!!

sometimes i wouldn't mind having a little cave like karma's!

good luck with your new happenings...writing & creating!

have a happy weekend! :)

Rita said...

Djan--Thanks! I think we complement each other, too. We both get to see how the other half lives--LOL! ;)
Hugs to you, too! Have a great weekend.

That corgi--Hi! Karma's been enjoying the extra big box for a few weeks...longer than I let her keep most boxes--hehe!
I'm glad they have the prompts M-F. That helps.
Hope to see you again. :):)

Teresa--There are some great paper places online, but you never know exactly what you are getting until you hold it in your hand. I haven't been disappointed very often. One place I have bought a lot of individual sheets of 12 X 12 printed paper from is They have some really good deals sometimes.
Have a really nice weekend and stay warm! :)

Beth said...

The pics of Karma, super. I love them! The sky looks so beautiful in the one photo.

You will have so much fun with all of your new art projects.


Rita said...

Laura--I'll post pics when I use the stencils/templates/masks. I never know what to call them as they call them by all three names. Hope you're having a nice weekend. :)

Beth--Glad you like sky pics, too. I post lots of pics of whatever I do in November. ;) Hugs and healing energy back to you!! :)

Toriz said...

Kind of chilly here too.

Awesome about the paper, and I think an art journal is a neat idea!

LMAO @ Karma!

No more tiger cave? Poor Karma! Now she has to find a new cave.

They say it takes aproximately 21 times - sometimes more - for something to be a habit...

Anonymous said...

I feel like karma today in that last picture. I just want to stay in bed. I'm not feeling well and just slept about 12 hours - lets just say it's not dawn LOL I just need a cool collar with my name on it.

You know I just love Karma. I am allergic to cats and you've given me a way to appreciate her without the negative reaction. Thanks :O)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Fun new goodies!! A place named "Paper Wishes" HAS to be good, right?? I'm sorry the paper wasn't sueded but I love the look of it anyway! And those templates are very interesting - looking forward to seeing you use them!

Karma is a dream and I love her!!!

Jenny Woolf said...

These are lovely purchases. All that crafty stuff makes me think I'd like to get back to my vintage album. I've been making a vintage album of old stuff and it's such fun but I have been too busy to do it for ages. I will dig it out.

Those masks are beautiful. I once traced a design and cut it out and spray painted it on a little chest. It was a dull little chest but after I had painted it up it looked quite exotic, like a magician's chest or something. We still use it for keeping socks and hankies in :)
Have fun with your journaling!

Deb Shucka said...

Love your cat and her adventures! Love those templates, too. I've avoided scrapbooking because I know what I'd be like in a land of paper and color and endless choice. It makes me drool just to consider. :-)

AliceKay said...

Love the "big sky" pic. :)

I've never heard of suede paper, but I bet you can create a lot of nice things with it. Those templates look really nice. Love the flowers and birds.

Karma cracks me up. I love seeing her antics, too. Sorry to hear she was "evicted" from her saber-toothed tiger cave. lol

I'm glad you were able to get some needed sleep the other night. I hope last night was the same.

Bright and sunny here this morning with glistening snow on the ground and trees all around me. The sun is melting the snow and ice crystals from the trees, so I took some video. You can hear it falling thru the tree branches and hear it hitting the porch roof. Toward the end, you can hear the turkeys up in the cornfield talking and gobbling to each other. (it's still on my camcorder)

Enjoy your Sunday!

carol l mckenna said...

Google is out of whack today ~ second time posting this ~ Love all the goodies that you got to be creative and have fun with ~
You might check out my other blog today ( Have page on Spirit Collage ~ using recycled magazines or whatever and creating a collage page or card on matter board, cardboard or whatever you like ~ Let me know what you think ~ Karma sounds wonderful ~ Her and Zoe have wonderful homes! ~ namaste, cArol ^_^

Rita said...

Tori--LOL! I've done things for months that easily fell by the wayside and never became a habit. ;) Stay warm!

Donna--Oh, I hope you are feeling better. When you feel like that you should just stay in bed. :(
Karma is the perfect cat for you since you're allergic. I will share her with you. :)

Jeannie--LOL! Yes, a store named PaperWishes has to be good for an order or two. ;) *hugs*

Jenny--A vintage album!! Yes! Yes! If you get it out to play please take pictures! I'd love to see the little chest, too. :)

Deb--I've never gotten into actual scrapbooking (which is THE big thing these days) and have stuck with making cards all these years. This collage-type art journaling is brand new to me, but that's been around for years, too. Not sure if that's something I'll stick with or not. Who knows? :)

AliceKay--OMG! You guys got snow already, too? I'm surprised we haven't had any here yet.
Yes, they actually make paper that feels like suede to the touch. This just has the look, but no texture.
I got sleep, just not at the time I wanted--LOL! Stay warm!! :):)

Carol--Using magazines, fabric, tissue paper, rubber stamps, and all that stuff is what I have thought about trying. :) I will definitely check out your other blog. Sorry you had google trouble.

1artsychick said...

I agree about the NaBloPoMo badge. Too much. I've signed up for both too, on both of my blogs.
hope I can keep it up.
I just don't understand whey they ever chose November? November is a busy month.

Good luck.
Our cat Max just loves to chase the laser pointer! But he's a lazy cat, and doesn't play with anything for long. However, I did buy this lady bug looking thing, that's hard to describe, but it's kind of a bag thing, and it sounds like crumpled up paper, he loves to pounce in it...then he just lies down on it and sleeps...such a lazy cat.


Rita said...

Wendy--I was really disappointed with it--just too busy. Oh well.
I can't understand why the write a novel in a month one and the art for a month one chose November, either! Why not some quieter month after the holidays like February! Duh! Totally agree!
I'm not sure if I will keep up all the time with them, either, but great motivator. ;)
Max sounds as lazy as Karma. Her spurts of energy don't last long--LOL! That's why I'm surprised she is still interested in a long strip of plastic. It's only because she is convinced it moves by itself--ROFL!! But she plays for a while and then lies dwn on it, too--just like Max. Cats. Gotta love'em. :):)

Toriz said...

Fair comment, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the craft goodies you got, so pretty! It is getting cooler here and it is always fun to watch the color change in the trees around us, but not fun to watch them fall on the ground in my yard because I have to rake them, hehehe. Take care, hugs!!

Rita said...

Lynn--Yes, I'm excited to try an art journal and play with the new goodies. :) You're right! The leaves are gorgeous in the fall but raking them is another story--LOL! Stay warm! :):)

Intense Guy said...

Those cut out trees look really super cool!!

Hmm.. no more sabre tooth cave? why? did batman and robin need the bat cave back?


Rita said...

Iggy--The trees do look cool! I will be trying them out for sure this month. ;)
The box was big but I don't think the batmobile would have fit in it--LOL! Just needed my art table back...a place for my legs to go...and she didn't seem to want to lay inside when the box was anyplace else in the apartment. Silly girl. I'm sure another box will show up one day. Maybe one day soon. ;)