Thursday, October 27, 2011


Karma sun worshiping.
She'll be playing chase the sunny patch on the carpet all winter.
We had a very restless sky for a couple of days.

Today is blue-blue-blue. Was in the 20s last night. Only 39 degrees right now. Not like it hasn't been frigid before Halloween before, but it always seems too soon.
Here's today's prompt:
What is the best part about being between two projects?
Being done with the first one! :)
Honestly, I seldom have only one project going. Born multi-tasker. And, since I have a lot of down time these days where my mind is the only active part of me, you may have noticed that I have a lot more planning time than actual doing time! Now days I'm a slightly frustrated multi-tasker with numerous projects lined up at all times. Well, all that planning makes me happy, keeps my mind busy, and pretty much keeps me out of trouble--LOL! And I do appreciate finishing a project even more than I ever did before. ;)
Dagan and Leah didn't come over last night. Poor Leah was sick. They didn't want to expose me so Dagan stayed away, too, just in case. We'll see about next Wednesday.
And, I couldn't say anything before, but Caroline got a promotion! She is now the supervisor of all the supervisors (needs a new title). She didn't want to give up coming to clean for me, so we had to switch to Wednesdays. No problem. I am so happy for her. She just kept a couple of clients and I am glad she chose to keep me! We were trying to remember how many years she has cleaned for me every two weeks. Been a few. Congrats, Caroline!! :)
We got a notice about random apartment inspections again today starting at 1pm. They only pick a few and don't visit all of them any more. I wonder if we were sold? This new random thing has been going on for over a year now and this time they mentioned a company I had never heard of before (that's doing the random checks). We used to have a yearly inspection of all apartments and now we have a few of these random inspections in a year. Whatever. Makes no difference to me. I'm here. I'm almost always here. ;)
I was sleeping sooo well. Going to bed before midnight and actually sleeping a total of 8-9 hours!! Then a couple nights ago--poof! Couldn't get to sleep for love or money until 3am. Same last night. Such is life. Set the alarm to get myself up early anyways both days--always hoping that might work one of these times--ROFL!
Has anyone ever taken the Myers-Briggs test?
I was peeking at the groups on BlogHer (many not active) and saw a couple groups based on their Myers-Briggs results. I guess they were looking for like-minded people. I did the complete long version test years ago for free and was an ENFP. I went to look for the test online and was surprised to find the first several sites I looked at were charging for it. Maybe if I look harder I could find it for free. Was just curious as to whether I might come out in a different category after a couple of decades. You know how your life views can change over time in a lot of ways--and I have been forced to slow down and relax my typeA side--well, I wondered if it would effect my answers or not? Just curious.
Anyone else know what their results are?
Have they ever been known to change?
I have been feeling just fine--my normal stuff--but been so lazy! I suppose it could be the change in the weather--makes one want to hibernate--or just that feeling so awful for a month wore me out. Whatever. I've been happily watching movies and TV--reading--playing with Karma--cooking--puttering a little...just not overly ambitious to do anything extra. The days have been flying by! Just feels good to be back to regular aches and pains, I tell you. Been catching up on combing Karma's thick fur...whew! (Can only do a little at a time anywhere but down her back--silly girl!) I am amazed at the amount of fur that comes off of her!
Got my Halloween candy ready. Wonder if there will be any kids this year? Some years I get a few and some years none at all. And then--ready for my blogging every day in November (or attempting to--LOL!).
Oh, and I made a late in the month small order from PaperWishes that should be here tomorrow. I'll show you, of course.
Already almost the weekend...almost end of October...can't believe how quickly this year has been going by. Shockingly speeding past!!
Well--have a nice slow weekend. :):)


Furry Bottoms said...

The Myers-Briggs test took forever!!! 400 questions or something like that on it. I thought it was ridiculous! I can't even remember what my score was.

Desiree said...

This was a surprisingly newsy post considering you say you've been feeling lazy. You certainly do fill up your days. So sorry to hear you're back to sleeping poorly again, but glad to hear you're allowing yourself to take things easy. I hope Leah gets better soon. Caroline's news is very exciting! Karma wears a carpet. No wonder brushing her is such an effort! I have never taken the BM test so cannot offer any comment. Till next time, take care. Big hug xo

Barbara said...

The cold always comes too soon. Did our storm skip you?
I was sleeping good for a while too and then the last couple of nights I have been waking up every hour. It's like my brain thinks I am missing the start time for something. lol
It is nice here today, sunny and 40s, the snow is melting off the poor trees and they are standing upright again.

Serena Lewis said...

Poor Leah...I hope she feels better soon.

Congratulations to Caroline and so nice that she wants to keep you as one of her clients.

How odd that they don't do a yearly check of the apartments...what if they overlook one that has a safety issue?

I had to google Myers-Briggs test. lol I may have done it because I do remember getting a four lettered personality outcome on a test I did over ten years ago. Can't remember what my letters were though.

I need to buy the Halloween candy you, some years, we get no trick-or-treaters while other years we might get as high as a dozen. As you know, it's not a celebrated holiday here in Australia.

I'm in shock at how fast the year has flown by...almost into November!!! It'll be Christmas before we know it.

Enjoy a lovely, peaceful weekend too, Rita.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Rita said...

Nikki--Yes, I seem to remember it was a long test when you did the complete one. They have some short versions, but they're not supposed to be as accurate. I am not sure why I have always remembered mine. I forget sooo much--LOL!

Desiree--Thanks! Yes, I'm happy for Caroline. She was so excited! Karma does have such think fur it is like a carpet--LOL! Happy weekend!!

Barbara--We got cold that's for sure, but the storm missed us up here. Sounds like you got dumped on!!
You couldn't sleep either? Maybe it is something in the air...or in the stars...or something--hehe! I don't know what my brain is thinking! :):)

Serena--Leah was hoping to be feeling better before next week. I think she ran herself ragged this last month with her mother's house being sold and the convention. I hope she is taking it super easy.
Caroline kind of talked herself into a new position! I am so proud of her. :)
I forget so many things that is really is odd that I would remember those letters.
I think the most kids I have had has been about a dozen, too. Many years I haven't had even one. Most people go to Halloween parties these days. Afraid to go door to door. Things have changed a lot since I was a kid.
I know! Christmas will be here! I have to make Christmas cards! LOL!! And I need to finish the birthday cards for 2012 before January hits. Where did this year go!?? ;)
Hope you have a peaceful, calm weekend, too! :):)

Beth said...

Thanks Rita, for the pics of Karma and the photos are all great.

Have a good weekend, pain free I hope.


Carol C said...

Great sky photos!! That Karma, a cat after my own heart. What better to ask from life than sunny patch of floor to lie on through the winter?!

DJan said...

I took the test several times and it never changed. I am an ENFP too! Great minds and all that... :-)

Rita said...

Beth--Thanks! I hope you have a pain free, stress free weekend. :)

Carol--I know! And Karma thinks her life is stressful--LOL! Well, I think that's because she wishes she were human and could open the porch door and get her own food. She doesn't realize that then she'd also have to scoop her own cat box! ;)

Rita said...

Djan--Aha! You're an ENFP, too! Well, knowing that it never changed for you, I won't bother to try to take it again. Thanks! Yup! Great minds and all that. ;)

Toriz said...

"She'll be playing chase the sunny spot on the carpet all Winter." Love that! :)

We had a nasty storm the other day, and it's been chilly most days since we've moved here... The sea wind, I think!

Wait... People only do one project at a time? Guess I missed that memo! ;)

Hope Leah is feeling better.

Congrats to Super-Supervisor Caroline! ;)

Same thing with me and sleep; was sleeping great (about midnight until about 7:30 am) then suddenly I'm awake until some time between 3 and 4. I wasn't setting an alarm, because Kero gets me up about 8:00 am (or a bit before) anyway, but I started setting it again today after what happened yesday... 7:20 am there's a knock on the door (which I wouldn't have noticed if Kero hadn't gone mental) so I jump out of bed and run to the door - grabbing a dressing gown on the way - only to have the postman's van drive away as I opened the door. Knowing what it meant, I searched the floor and letterbox... No little "sorry we missed you, collect your parcel from the sorting office," piece of card. I "knew" it was the post van though. Don't know how, I just knew. So Kelly went to the sorting office anyway; they said we were mistaken (but wouldn't check because of us not having the card). About 3:15 pm though I heard what sounded like our gate. No knock on the door though, so I thought maybe I was wrong, but then Kelly spotted that the bottom gate was open, and when he went to go out to close it there was a little piece of card sticking out of our letterbox (placed in such a way as to stop it falling on to the mat; as though to make it seem like we just missed spotting it). On the card was the time "7:20 am" and instructions to go to the sorting office for our parcel. I know for a fact that card wasn't there before (and if it had been Kelly would have spotted it... He'd been out of the door three times - not counting when he was going out to shut the gate that time. So much for us being mistaken about the parcel van coming at 7:20 am! So, I'm setting my alarm again (making it a 7:00 am get up, since - despite what the post office tried to tell us - this is the third time the post has come in the 7:15 to 7:45 time scale), and we're buying a doorbell, which Kelly is picking up on Monday "hopefully" (as long as it arrived, like they said it would).

I don't even know what the test is, let alone what my results are!

Hopefully the things your involved in during November will help to motivate you in to not curling up to hibernate for the Winter! :)

Hope you get some trick-or-treaters!

Rita said...

Tori--That is awfully early for the post! Wow! Sounds like somebody was covering his a$$--LOL! I hope they are better about shutting that gate, tho! That's not good with Kero!
The Myers-Briggs test is a kind of personality test.
Yes, I needed a motivation for getting going on all the cards--LOL!
I hope you get some trick or treaters, too!! :):)

Toriz said...

That's what it sounded like to us too; trying to make it seem like we just missed spotting it. Thing is though that I ALWAYS stick my hand in the letterbox to check if anything got shoved in there that didn't fall out!

They usually close one or the other of the gates. Personally I'd rather they closed the bottom one, since it's actually harder for Kero to squeeze through that one if he was to decide he should try; the bottom one is wooden slats with small gaps between them, the top one is similar to the gate we had at the old place. Still, at least they close one of them, which is pretty impressive for post people over here (it's a common thing here to check for post if the gate is open, LOL!)

Intense Guy said...

Congrats to Caroline the supervisor of all the supervisors!!

I guess that makes her the super-supervisor!

I remember taking the "B-M" test (snickers) and thinking it was a good match to how I saw myself. I'm sure that the results change - but you got to want to change in order to do so. I think I was an "ISTP" or something... but was close to the center.

When my Dad had his heart attack - it knocked down his type-A-ness (thats a kinder word than I think most folks would use) at least for a while... When he recovered, he seemed twice his normal type-a-ness because he had a huge list of things he wanted to do - get done!

ENEPs sound nice....

Intense Guy said...

I hope Leah is feeling better today.

Rita said...

Iggy--Super-supervisor--LOL! I wonder what her title will be? Supervisor of the supervisors is a strange mouthful. ;)
Now I'm going to look up ISTP!
If he was knocked out of the typeA race long enough, he'd either have to change or be super unhappy. I had to adapt. If I sat and thought about all the things I used to be able to do and how much I used to be able to get would really get me down. Life changes. Shit happens. Adapt or die, I guess, eh? ;)
Leah's still tired and coughing (Tuesday). It sounds like it is one of those bugs that hangs on. Dagan hasn't gotten it so far, though. I'll willingly take my chances this week to see them. :):)
Hope you are feeling much better. Love and hugs!!