Thursday, October 06, 2011


A moody, multicolored sunrise yesterday...
...that burst forth into a bright blue 90 degree day.
Was forced to move the herbs again (because they were sitting right in front of the AC) so I could crank on the air conditioning. It will be a wonder if they survive indoors. Two of them have pretty much given up the ghost already.
Caroline came to clean on Tuesday and, afterwards, Angie came to check that nothing's changed in the past year. I was exhausted and tried to sleep after the company was gone but, due to pain, slept pitifully again. Decided it was time to crack open my discontinued Davocet stash. Enough is enough, right? I am used to handling pain while I am awake, but when it keeps me from sleeping...then it becomes a real problem.
So, thanks to modern medicine taking the sharp edge off, I was able to putter yesterday! TaDa! I didn't overdo...just puttered about off and on. Felt wonderful to get a few things done. I finished sorting the colored card stock! Finally got started on the organizing from three weeks ago--ROFL! How nice of those projects to wait patiently until I can get to them. ;)
Karma was observing the fact that I was up and down and here and there again during the night--LOL! If a cat could smile...well, she seemed happy for me...enjoyed keeping an eye on me--LOL! :)
This month I made an order to GouletPens and a small one to JetPens. My JetPens order arrived yesterday. I finally got the set of LePens that I thought I had ordered (but forgot) three months ago--LOL! And some more of the cheap Preppy Fountain I could get the free shipping for going over $25.00. Oh, and I forgot to take a picture of the other item. I'll try to post it next time.
Anyways, I've been thinking for some time about how to permanently store all my fountain pens...have been snooping online, too. I have found a cabinet I'd probably like to get one day...but that will not happen till next year sometime. I have been using my desk regularly now for writing since my desk computer bit the dust and got better lighting with the two lamps--so I plan to keep the future fountain pen cabinet on my desk, right?
Well, I was digging around in my bedroom for something else when I spied my wooden stationery cabinet. It used to house a couple of custom made "Soul Comfort" stationery notes and envelopes...of which I only have a very few of one it was virtually empty. Hummm...I wondered how I could adapt it? Even temporarily, it could probably hold more pens than the skinny crammed full box I was using?
So, I puttered about...and this is now the temporary FPpen home.
It even has these slats across the cover that can hold envelopes--that now holds my little spiral notebook to keep track of what pen contains what ink. Yes, I know. OCD. LOL!
I dug around and found two cardboard box covers that fit inside the deep top section of the wooden box and then I lined them with felt. The top cover holds all the pens that have sample inks in them from Goulet's Ink Drop club.
The one underneath has all the pens that have ink in them where I actually own the ink bottle and can refill them. As you can see, I will run out of room shortly--LOL!
Keeping the pens in the box tops will prevent ink from leaking onto the inside of the pretty wooden cabinet.
There are also two small side draws...actually meant for storing pens and stamps, I believe. Yes, I do need to line them, also, with felt. Maybe today. Just ran out of steam yesterday. This side drawer on the right has all my calligraphy fountain pens.
The left side drawer has the empty new Preppy pens.
I love that I can close the top and my little notebook doesn't fall out!
And since I now had all the rest of the LePens...well, I couldn't fit them into the designated pen I had to juggle around some pens and cups. And I decided these will have a new home on the desk now--the gel pen cup (purchased from a local potter) and the Triplus/Sharpie/LePen cup (Leah made in pottery class). TaDa!!
Ahhh! The little pleasures in my small life. :):)
What special little things make you happy?
I am delighted to have made the first steps with the organizing. Been a long time coming. I made the decision to use up some of my Darvocet stash the next couple days. I slept pretty well last night, got a little something done yesterday...I need to try to break the pain cycle if I can. Not being able to sleep causes pain increase and pain increase causes less's a chicken and egg thing--LOL! I'm a patient person, but these flares...well, I want to see if I can break the cycle. Wish me luck. Pray that I can putter. Putter prayers needed--ROFL!! ;)
I'm watching Season Six of Supernatural. I think I'll be starting disc three out of six from Netflix. I have gotten several letters into the mail the last few days. Supposed to be around 80 the next couple days and then drop back into the 60s. I hope everyone who has it is enjoying the Indian Summer. Some of you are being lifted into spring right now. With all the crazy weather all over the world this year, I am so grateful for calm weather. :)
Happy Thursday!
May it be a good one. ;)
"One can never be content to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."
Helen Keller


DJan said...

I'm glad you felt well enough to putter, Rita. And all those pens must make you feel rather wealthy. Pen wealth anyway. I like that stationery box, it's perfect.

I know what you mean about pain causing an inability to sleep and then causing more pain. Glad you are taking steps to break the cycle. You're doing great! :-)

Intense Guy said...

I hate it when you are in pain. I hope someday soon, there is a cure (a real cure) for the fibro. From what I've heard, in the backrooms of the drug business, there are some likely prospects - the development times are so long though.

Can you send me the link for the pen cabinet you were eyeballing? I've never seen such a critter!

Goodness.. you will need two or three...



Furry Bottoms said...

I love that wooden stationary chest! I don't think I've seen anything like it before. It is gorgeous! And that moody sunset? MY kind of sunset.

Isn't it funny how sometimes pain killers can knock you out and other times it can make you feel like getting real busy?

Deanna said...

You are the queen of pens! That box is perfect. It is very pretty, too.

Hopefully your current flare will leave you alone soon. It just isn't fair.

Santosh Kumar said...

Very beautiful pictures, Nice shot. You have got a good flair of writing. Your text and graphical content spells that you love and enjoy writing very much. I am getting inspired.

Loved to observe your decorated and creative desk, it attracts me , I would love to share your Desk for soulful writing if i had been your neighbor. If I get a chance, I would love to visit your place and learn from your experiences.

God bless you with good health.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh my...what a collection of colorful pens!!! Looks like ya'll found the perfect solution to your pen dilemma. Great!!!

I'm thrilled ya feel like putterin' again! God is good.

God bless ya and have an incredible day sweetie!!! :o)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita. Like you I get a peaceful feeling when I have around those things that provide security and comfort and beauty. Like your box and the pens within it. A treasure trove.

I'm so sorry to hear about your pain and the sleeplessness. But you surely do make lemonade out of lemons.

Several questions:
What do you write?
What do you use your calligraphy pens for?
Do you use some of these pens for drawing?
How did you get started collecting and using lovely pens of a variety of hues and also such fine and wonderful paper?

I'd love to know all of this. Maybe your postings before I started to read your blog would tell me.
But I'd love to have you tell all of us more about your passion.


Carol C said...

What a nice set of pens! And I love your sunrise pics. I can't believe you're having 90 degree days though. Hope you manage the pain so you can sleep a little better--that problem with sleeping makes everything seems worse.

AliceKay said...

I can never get enough of your sunrise shots. They are beautiful. Even the cloudy ones that threaten of an approaching storm. (keep 'em coming)

My word. Look at all of those pens. :) That box works pretty slick.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. And sleep when you can. *hugs*

(p.s. thank you for the beautiful birthday card i received in today's mail)

Serena Lewis said...

OH you poor thing...I know you only reach for the Davocet when it's bad. Glad to hear it was effective enough to let you putter around here and there and I hope it continues to help.

LOL at your OCD comment...I only wish I was as organised as you. You DON'T want to see my art desk right now after I painted the abstract last week. I still haven't tidied it up. lol

I adore pottery pen holders! I used to have one for my paintbrushes but sold it in our garage sale before going to the States. Must check to see if there is a pottery store nearby.

I used to enjoy watching Supernatural until they put it into a late night time slot and I was just too tired to stay awake.

Pain-free putter prayers heading your way, dear friend,

Serena xo

Queenie Jeannie said...

You are so right - the pain is bad enough without losing your sleep too!! I'm glad you have a bit of a "stash" to help you out. I do too and I guard it with my life, lol!

I'm glad you got some puttering done but didn't overdo it! I know that's hard to feel better and want to catch up on stuff and the next thing you know, you've done way too much. Nasty cycle!!

All your neat paper makes my heart pitter patter in happiness!! LOVE neatly organized paper...or anything else, lol! What a lovely collection of pens too!! I remember when the LePens were really big and I had a pink one. So thin and least to a 7th grader, lol!

Big hugs and I wish for you a great weekend!!!

Rita said...

Djan--LOL! Yup! I don't care if the majority of my fountain pens are $3 pens...I do feel pen wealthy!! ;)
You'll see in the next blog that breaking the cycle wasn't in the cards. I didn't waste any pain pills--hehe! ;)

Iggy--As I emailed you, it is a cabinet I would "repurpose" into a pen cabinet--LOL! Real pen cabinets that could hold as many pens as I have are way too expensive for my blood. ;)
A cure would be nice!! :):)

Nikki-This is a modern copy of an antique style stationery box. I fell in love with it a decade ago and saved up. ;)
I think I've been on pain pills off and on for so long that they never knock me out. All they do is take the sharp edge off the pain...kind of dull it up a little. It doesn't get rid of the pain, but makes it more tolerable. The stronger stuff that might knock me out (anything related to morphine) makes me sick. I had oxycoden (not sure if I am spelling that correctly) after my jaw surgery, though, for three days and that didn't make me sick and was the first time in maybe 15 years I was totally without pain. Super addictive! It was awesome to remember what it used to feel like to have no pain, but I was also a bit spacey--LOL! That stuff could turn me into a drug addict! ;)

Deanna--I hope I can get some sleep and this goes away here pretty soon, too. Have a super day!! :)

Santosh--Thanks so much! My entire small apartment is like my sanctuary. It is very peaceful here...well, most of the time--haha! You would probably love writing at my desk. :)

Nezzy--Oh, yes! I have a lot of colorful inks! I am know to sometimes write my bookcard letters with a different color on each page--LOL! You have a great weekend, lady! *hugs*

Rita said...

Dee--I'd need to write a post about me and pens and inks to answer all your questions. No, I don't think I have gotten into it in any great detail on my blog, unless I forgot--my memory isn't what it used to be--LOL! Guess I'll have to do that. You'd be shocked at the number and variety of different writing and drawing instruments I have here. I think I need to take some pictures when the sun comes out. Be one long post, I warn you! ROFL! May have to split it up. ;)

Carol--Yes, we had an Indian Summer week of hot days again. One day was in the 90s and the rest 80s. I think tomorrow it is supposed to drop back to the 60s after the thunderstorms roll through.
I know! I never had such sleeping problems until I got fibro. I was always a night owl and had things that forced me to ignore being tired, but when I had the chance to sleep I used to be hard to wake up and could sleep and sleep! Those days are long gone apparently--LOL! ;)

AliceKay--Glad you got your birthday card! I'll keep the sunrise shots coming! :):) Thanks! Hope you had a special day.

Serena--When you read the next post you'll laid plans, right? Murphy's Law and all that--ROFL! No rest for the wicked.
I love handmade pottery! I even have a huge pot I bought over three decades ago from a potter in Anoka, Minnesota that I keep all my big kitchen utensils in. It's just a part of my kitchen. And Leah--she made me all kinds of cups when she took that pottery class! And bowls we could use when we paint. Ahhh!! And she even made me a candle holder and dishes for Karma! :):) What a sweetheart she is. Yup, you should find a local potter!! ;)
LOL@painfree putter prayers...just sounds so funny...but I do need them.
Have a great weekend!

Jeannie--Sounds like you are in a similar pain boat. Do you have fibro or OA or something like that? I swear just having the sharp knee pain for all those days set my whole dang body striking a pain gong--LOL!
When they came out my favorite was the burgundy LePen. They were the thinnest, most elegant disposable pen I had ever seen. Ahhh! I discovered still love the feel of one in my hand.
Happy weekend to you, too, and I hope you are feeling tip top soon, too. :):)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i THINK i might have mentioned before...i too lOve pens! i've never ordered any online...i think i'd be a little nervous to let myself GO like that...i would spend way too much time browsing...and then prob spend too much ordering. as it is...when i get to the art store...or office supply's tough to tear me away from the PENS! i have all you...((but i did glance at your newest post...and i have NEVER seen a glass tipped pen like the one you showed!! WoW!!))

also...i just love your wooden stationary box!! what a perfect home for your pens...and it's nice to have the xtra drawer space...and the holders in the top lid to keep your pads from falling out!! perfect!! OH, and the pottery pen holders...very nice too!!

have a wonderful (pain free) weekend... :)

Rita said...

Laura--You'd love to come play with pens at my house--LOLOL! Those are just the fountain pens. ;)
The glass pens--fell in love with them when I first laid eyes on them...even if the set I bought didn't work, it was too pretty to throw away. Now maybe I will have one that actually works! :)
I have certain odd things like the stationery cabinet that I drool over and will save up for. Most people don't understand it...but then there are always other droolers around who share the passion. ;) I think that's what I love about the internet. You can run across people who might share some of your interests or whose interests fascinate you. Glad I ran across you. Every time I follow you around in the woods it brings back memories and smiles. :):)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you felt well enough to putter and organize. :)

Rita said...

Tori--Thanks! Glad your move went well! :):)