Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When I first get up I check online for a bit and then I guess it is pretty obvious that lately I've been heading for the table next and not the desk--LOL! Karma was patiently waiting for me under the table...where I give her foot rubs. ;)
Wow! This was a great sunrise!
The dark clouds look powerful and majestic...
...surrounded by a golden-orange light.
A couple days ago I got a surprise card and gift from one of the ladies in the Circle Letter group. She just thought since we've had to wait so long that she'd send a fall gift for the heck of it. How sweet!
I will use this tag as a bookmark, of course.
The last I saw the Circle Letter was the end of May. It got waylaid for so long that there were emails trying to find out where it was. One of the ladies had to rush off on a medical emergency (her mother) across the state and the letter was left at home. Perfectly understandable. It is on the way around again, I guess. I made a thank you card and sent one of my laminated bookmarks in return to this sweet lady, Melissa. :)
I've just been puttering about. When I was writing letters at my desk and didn't want Karma lying across the paper, I banished her to the floor. Well, she was crying and flopping herself around dejectedly on the carpet--so I pulled up a chair nearby and she was happy. Well, let's face it...placated.
To later make up for my animal cruelty (in her eyes) I parked the chair right under the TV and entertained her with the mouse cursor. Luckily she has no claws or this wouldn't be good for my screen--LOL!
At dusk I saw the moon looked so full and thought that maybe I could take a picture later... the dark. ROFL!
This is as close as I can get with my camera.
No need to try that again--LOL!
Hey!! Guess what?!
Remember how I was wondering about all those missing shingles on the garage roofs. Well, the roofers showed yesterday with a flatbed full of shingles.
We actually had one sunny day.
The crane noise scares Karma and she apparently immediately remembered how she hated the hammering--LOL!
They piled shingles on that garage right across from my window perch up here...but I didn't see anything wrong with that one from this side?
They piled new shingles on that back garage to the left...
...and then they proceeded to rip off the old shingles on both those smaller garage sections...
...and the garage beyond the one directly in my view.
So I wondered if they are going to replace them all?
When they left yesterday they had already removed all the shingles and tar paper off those three garages and replaced the black tarpaper.
Today is chilly and completely overcast with predictions of rain, but they showed up. They're ripping off more shingles and putting on new ones. I wonder if they will do my garage? Mine is the next one over to the right from that back one peeking out there--straight in back of the one under my window. You'd think with rain looming that they'd work on putting new shingles on instead of ripping more off--but maybe that is too logical. Or maybe they have roofer specialists who only do one thing--LOL! Have to wait and see how it goes.
I've been on day hours--not sleeping very long but pretty well. Then last night I slept nine hours and was only up three times--ahhh! Now we're talking! ;) Regardless, my puttering has been picking up speed since I've been on days again. I forgot to take a picture of the very simple thank you card, but it sure felt good to do a little crafting! :)
I finished the last DVD of Season Six of Supernatural. Now I am finally caught up since back, at least a couple years ago, when Dagan and Leah told me about the series. I've been recording the current new shows (season seven) and can now actually watch and keep up--tada!
I was just thinking how I'd rather hear roofers than that darn dryer flap--ROFL!! ;)
Happy Wednesday!! :):)
"Happiness is not what makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy."
David Steindl-Rast


Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are sleeping better now!!! Nine hours - wow!! You must have felt DRUNK on sleep, lol!

Crafting too? Heaven!

Karma thinks she's a human, lol!!! Love that silly cat!

I love your bookmark! I have one of those stamp sets and it's really handy.

Intense Guy said...

Roofers.... a truly inscrutible lot...

I call them "Poofers" since they do more poofing than roofing...

I hope you are feeling better - it sounds like you are.

DJan said...

I love your golden dawn pictures, Rita. And the quote at the end of your post is so true. I don't think I would like to listen to either the roofers OR the dryer flap. Hope they both are done soon. :-)

Desiree said...

I do so enjoy your posts, Rita. They seem to flow so effortlessly and give the sensation of happy conversation over a nice pot of tea (or cup of coffee).

Rita said...

Jeannie--Yes, it was wonderful! I had to double check the clock--hehe!
Even a little crafting is good for my soul. ;)
LOL! Yes, Karma does think she's human!
I love the gratitude quote stamp. That was so sweet of her! Have a great day! :)

Iggy--Yes, roofer poofers! This crew has been amazingly diligent and working hard. It's not the same crew we had on the apartment building. Maybe they will get it done quickly--hope-hope! ;)
Yes, I'm feeling better every day, thanks! :):)

Djan--I'm so glad you love the sky pics. I love the dramatic dawns. They come and go in just a few minutes but they are really gorgeous some mornings. :)
The dryer flap just went nuts for those couple days. The wind has to be coming a very specific direction and hard enough for us to listen to the incessant pounding--LOL! ;)
Best to you, lady!! :):)

Desiree--Oh, I am soooo glad! That is just the best, best compliment! Thanks ever so much! Always happy to see you. It would be coffee at my place. ;)

AliceKay said...

Karma looks content under the table. :)

Sometimes the sky looks like it's on fire, and your pictures show just what I mean by that. Beautiful.

I was looking at your desk chair. I think I need something like that for me to sit in at this computer of mine. I was told last Friday I needed more back support than what I have.

The picture of Karma in front of the TV was comical. Reminds me of when I used to point the laser light on the floor for Abby to chase around. Cats are easy to amuse most of the time. :)

The moon is hard to capture on a digital camera unless you have a lot of zoom. Most of the time, mine look just like yours do. I took pictures of the moon rising over the mountain (and our trailer) last week but never blogged them (i don't

Hmm...the roofers are back. I hope they get the job done faster this time around.

I'm glad you're sleeping better and feeling better. I bet that's a big help. *hugs*

Loved the quote, by the way.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I just thrilled ya got some badly needed sleep sweetie! I do hope it continues!

I love the last quote!!!

God bless and have a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Once again I find that Desiree says just what I've been feeling. So thank you, Desiree!

Your photographs always draw me into the sights you can see from your balcony and the rooms in which you live.

So, like Desiree, I always feel as if you have served me a deliciously hot cup of tea and maybe a scone or two or three and we are sitting and chatting and catching up on our days.


Desiree said...

I want to be reincarnated into a Karma! Love the sunrise pictures and you get way better moon shots than I do on my camera! I am so behind don posts, reading and I owe you a letter! :D

Rita said...

AliceKay--Yes, the sky really does look like it is on fire sometimes!
I got that chair for somewhere around $100 about ten years ago at Office Max. It has held together well and it does help my bad lower back. Yes! It would be really nice if you could get one!
Karma likes the laser pointer, too! ;)
I've seen some pictures you got with your good camera that are real close-ups that were just beautiful. I'd need a different camera--LOL!
I hope I sleep as well tonight, thanks! You, too! :):)

Nezzy--Oh, I hope so too, sweetie! It may not seem like to anyone else, but I did have a magnificent day. :):) You have a truly magnificent Thursday!! ;)

Dee--Oh, thanks so much!! That is just the best compliment I could get. Sometimes I have to giggle as to how I can have so many pictures from these four walls-LOL! I guess I'm lucky I find so many things interesting. I'm just glad at least a few other people aren't bored to tears--ROFL!! :):)

Desi--I wouldn't mind coming back as a much loved feline companion, myself--LOL! ;)
Ha! You got my letter! I couldn't resist when you joked that you needed a pen pal. Have a great day!! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Yes...a beautiful gold sunrise!

Lovely tag and, of course you would use it for a too! ;) Btw, I don't think I mentioned it but, remember the laminated bookmarks you sent me? One for me and one for Michelle? Well, Mikayla absolutely LOVES the one Michelle chose....the blue one. She holds it in her little hands and studies it intently while touching all the shapes within the design. Too cute! Michelle said it's one of her most favourite things at the moment.

Animal cruelty? LOL As're a big softie, girl! I love the pic of Karma watching TV!

Re. the roofers - Wonders will never cease! LOL Hopefully, this lot will get the job done and finished this time around.

Glad to hear you had a decent sleep at last.

Roofers?? Or dryer flap banging??'s a tough call. LOL

Have a lovely evening,
Serena xo

Anonymous said...

You always capture the most magnificent sky pictures. These are amazing!

Poor Karma not loving the roofers making noise. I don't blame her. Why are men so noisy anyway LOL.

Cute bookmark- that was very sweet of your friend :)

Have a good night friend & I hope you get some more good sleep!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Are you still sleepies??? I hope you are happy and busy...or sleeping well, lol! Anything but NOT in pain!!!

Rita said...

Serena--Oh, that is so cute that Mikayla examines the bookmark. You should tell Michelle that she could take a scissors and round off the corners if she hasn't done that already. With what Mikayla's been surrounded by since birth it is no wonder she loves art and bright colors! I'm honored that she loves my bookmark. :)
Ha! Well, in Miss Karma's eyes whenever she doesn't get her way she thinks I am cruel-LOL! ;)
The roofers have been working hard this time. Trying to beat the weather and finish up on whatever smaller jobs they have, I would imagine.
By the time you read this it will be have a lovely morning, I would imagine. :):)

Angela--Glad you like the morning pics. Now that I am sleeping later there won't be any for a while again--LOL!
The roofers also play the radio really, really loud so they can hear it over their pounding and the wind. This time I am fortunate with the wind--it's carrying the sound away from the building--LOL!
That was a sweet surprise. All the ladies in the Circle Letter are brand new folks to me. Have only had one short intro letter from each so far. Takes a long time for the letter (actually nine separate letters in one envelope) to get around to everybody.
Have a great day!

Jeannie--I am always in pain--LOL! But I did sleep really well again...ahhhh! Was wonderful! Thanks! Hope you are sleeping well, too. :):)

Beth said...

Your photos are all great. The sky ones are awesome. As you know, I am in love with Karma.

Thank you Rita for your kind words and support. I appreciate it so much.

Furry Bottoms said...

*Purrrrrrrrrr* at Karma!

Those sky shots were beautiful!!!

Didn't they just finish the roof?!

Rita said...

Beth--Thanks! As you know, I am in love with Karma, too! ROFL!! ;)
You're in my prayers, Beth, and I hope everything goes smoothly. *hugs*

Nikki--They redid the roof on the main buildings, but never did anything with the garages. There were a couple of them that had shingles missing most of this year, so I am glad they are finally tending to it. And--selfishly--that mine hasn't leaked. But then, it doesn't look like they are re-shingling all of them and mine is untouched. Hang on shingles! ;)

Trixie said...

My cat dude loves to watch my cursor too and he is a BIG cry baby.

Did you find my other "Regular" blog as you say it? I am gearing up to write for NNWM again. Was reading through my last years posts. I think it is best that I write from the heart. Just trying to decide what that means. :)

Rita said...

Trisha--I'm not sure. You have eight of them on blogger. Can you tell me which one you use the most often and post in regularly? I think I see the one you have set up for NNWM and I will follow that one for sure. :)