Monday, October 31, 2011


You know it is a dark day when you go to take a picture out the window in the middle of the afternoon and the flash goes off. Not enough light yesterday--LOL!
The prompt for today made me giggle.
What is between love and hate?
Well, indifference was my first thought.
But then...
...think of all the millions of couples who's stories would fit between those two words!
A doing laundry and puttering about day. Supposed to get into the 50s to be the warmest day in a while and the sun is shining. Good day for the trick or treaters.
Just a quick hello.
You will probably see quite a few of these mini-posts in November--LOL!
Happy Halloween!! :)


Desiree said...

I enjoyed your mini-post, although I admit to having felt cheated out of your usual full-length one :) It sounds as though winter is well and truly on your doorstep now. I loved your interpretation of what lies between Love & Hate. I'd enjoy reading a fleshed out version of your take on this :)
I hope you managed to get your laundry done. I had plenty to do myself, today, but gave up before I'd finished...guess what I'll be doing in the morning?
Big hug for you and Karma xoxo

Beth said...

I always enjoy your post Rita, be it a mini post or a long post.

Take care and pet Karma for me.


AliceKay said...

Happy Halloween!

Beautiful cold day here in northeastern Pennsylvania today. Rather chilly start tho (mid 20s) and still not that warm.

Our local area had trick-or-treating last night. We didn't have as many kids as normal. I usually try to keep count of what I put in the bowl to pass out, but Terri was doing the passing out most of the time and some kids got more than their fair share. LOL

I have a pic of Ryan in his costume going up in a blog post whenever I can sit here long enough to finish it. He was having fun last night. (told me about it again on the phone a little while ago. lol)

Linda Myers said...

Wow, it was Dark!

We have dark like that too, but with hills so you feel surrounded.

Rita said...

Desiree--Glad you enjoyed the mini post. :) I realized when I posted it that mine do tend to be quite a bit longer--LOL!
I did get everything done with the laundry, but I still have to finish making the bed before I can crawl into it. ;)
Hugs to you, too!!

Beth--Oh, thank you! I'll give Karma my special double neck scratch from you and a kiss! :)

AliceKay--I didn't have a single treater. Oh well. Been like that some years. Good thing I didn't buy candy special. I had some tootsie pops here and figured I'd just give those away. Now I get to eat the rest of them, I guess. ;)
Be looking for Ryan in his spooky attire!! :)

Linda--Being surrounded in the dark is spookier to me--ROFL!! Closed in. Where do you run? LOL! ;)

Carol C said...

Wow!! Dark day, huh? Thank you for your kind comments on my blog---I carved the rubber stamp out of Moo Carve, a really soft product made for that purpose. But you can also carve white erasers! Give it a try---it's lots of fun!

Serena Lewis said...

Those dark, gloomy days are just perfect for curling up with a good book or watching a DVD/movie.

What is between love and hate? A very fine line in many cases. ;)

We had 11 Trick-or-Treaters last night...that's a busy night for Halloween in this neck of the woods. lol

Serena xo

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

looks like a nice gloomy day...a fitting dark day for halloween!


why make the bed before you crawl into're just gonna mess it up again?! ha!

oooh, what lies between love & hate...THAT one can go on...for pages...

have a good day...and scratch karma for me...and milo says meow! :)

DJan said...

That sky could be an entire day here in the PNW, Rita. But I guess the sun came out eventually for you. Don't worry about the length of your posts, for me it's the nice little note from a friend that matters. :-)

Carol said...

Good Morning ~ It's All Soul's Day ~ I rather like your photo ~ there seems to a light image coming through the clouds ~ Carol ~ A Creative Harbor ^_^ ~ enjoy the day ~

Deanna said...

Any post is a good post. Mini works! Happy November!

1artsychick said...

Ohhh...spooky day!!

looks like a good day for sleeping.

I should write a post with this prompt...I have a problem normally with prompts...but this one, I'd life. Living with chronic illnesses, I feel I have a love hate relationship with myself.

mini posts are nice

Toriz said...

You know what I thought about that prompt? Life!

Hope you got some trick-or-treaters! :)

Anonymous said...

Mini posts are sometimes necessary!

Anonymous said...

Indifference is right...... and usually some children unfortunately. The sky is really pretty right now.... it's definitley a winter sky here in Alaska. I can't go outside to get a picture though. I wish you could see it.

Rita said...

Carol C--Moo Carve. Cutting your own stamps reminds me of when I took leatherworking when they let a few girl volunteers trade out of home ec for a week. The cool carving tools came immediately to mind. ;)

Serena--Ha! I finished another of Caroline's books that day! ;)
LOL@a fine line! True! A was in relationships where I kept falling back and forth over that line--ROFL!
I didn't have a single trick or treater this year. Oh well. Hugs!

Laura--Well, I did want my sheets and pillowcases on--ROFL!! Normally I just kind of "tidy" the bed a little. Can't say as I formally make it. Like you said, what's the point--LOL! ;)
Scratch Milo for me!! :):)

Djan--yes, we got a sunny day for Halloween, but I had no treaters, anyways. Quiet night here.
Thanks, I know I will have short and long posts. I hope folks don't mind visiting that often. :)

Carol--Yes, it wasn't totally grey and sunless. Little light behind there. :)

Deanna--Oh, I'm glad you be happy with any posts!! How sweet! hugs!

Wendy--Yes, write a post about the prompt! I had to chuckle when you said you have a love hate relationship with yourself...chronic pain has me in one with my body, too!! Totally relate! :):)

Tori--Yes, life. Wish there was more love and less hate, tho. ;)

Angela--When you blog every day they sure are. Even when I blogged more often, I never managed every day. :)

Donna--Ha! ...and usually some children... how true!! ;)
I wish you could get some pics of the Alaskan sky. Love to see it. :):)

Toriz said...

I agree; there should be more love and less hate!

Intense Guy said...

I bet there is more than a gazillion things between love and hate - and we humans are remarkable in that we can feel each and everyone of them in a matter of a few moments.

Rita said...

Iggy--Yes, we are fickle creatures...or should I say adaptable...or responsive...or... ;)