Monday, October 10, 2011


Mostly cloudy up here the last couple of days--chilly with rain off and on.
I had forgotten to show you the other item I got with my JetPens order because it is a kind of surprise for Leah and I had already stuck it over by the door for her. She's been too busy to read the blog, I'm pretty sure. Anyways, she loves these corner clips, but hates pink. I kept the pink one in the last package and she said if I ever bought any more...LOL! So, I picked up another package and I'll keep the dreaded pink one. ;)
Sprinkled some catnip on Karma's little carpet square. She will be sitting quietly...
...and then suddenly paw the heck out of it. After this she did that cat jack-in-the-box thing they do bouncing randomly about...and then laid back down on top of it again like nothing happened.
Wanted to tell you that my dad made it home from hospice already this weekend! Good grief, it was just three weeks ago today that he had his hip replaced! Wow! He's really one determined 90 year old, eh? He'll have rehab come to their home three times a week and they're getting him a walker where you can sit if you need to so he can go farther without worrying. Cool! He's doing just great!! And he is soooo happy to be "out of prison"--LOL! Thanks to everyone for your healing thoughts and prayers!!! :):)
I was never good at meshing with the hospital type routine, either. Dad is kind of a night owl, too. They tell you when to get up, when to eat, when to shower, when to poop, when to sleep--ROFL! I didn't fit in when I was just a regular night owl and not the crazy, erratic sleeper I am today. They always wanted to give me sleeping pills before--hehe! I'd drive them crazy these days. They'd probably give me something to knock me out--LOL!
Speaking of sleep...I have been going to bed early (between 6-8pm) and waking up in the middle of the night (2-3am) the past couple of nights. Sleeping pretty decently, too. Actually starting to feel more human--LOL! Yay! In the past few days I washed clothes, got three letters I owed done & in the mail, and made a card & got that in the mail, too. So, I am definitely starting to feel a little bit functional. Nice! About time!!
Watched a 70 year old Chubby Checker on Dancing With The Stars. Goodness! Am I that old that Chubby Checker just turned 70! Well, Paul McCartney is 69 and just married a 51 year old. I hope he is much luckier in love this time than he was with number two. They got married on what would have been John's 70th birthday, I heard. Uffda! I remember sitting on the carpet in front of the console TV watching Ed Sullivan and getting chills...(no, I wasn't a screamer)...taping pictures of John all over the inside of my junior high locker, while most of the girls adored Paul. But over the decades Paul really grew on me. Paul was always the optimist...the happy one. This wedding proves he still is the hopeful one who believes in love and the goodness of people. I think I have grown to adore him, myself. He's still cute, too! ;)
Best wishes, Sir Paul!
May we all have a good, productive week. :):)
"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it."
Helen Keller


Desiree said...

It's good to hear you're getting a few hours' worth of fairly decent sleep, Rita! I've always tended to be of the early to bed, early to rise ilk, but as I'm getting older, the early to rise part is becoming later and harder to do. My husband is a bit of an insomniac and really only falls alseep in the early hours of the morning, so when I usually feel ready to wake up and be busy, he's still sound asleep. I've always liked to make the bed promptly, but this isn't possible while he's still in it...hence, I now lie in a bit later, too and read my book. I pretend to myself it's enforced, rather than voluntary, as that makes me feel less idle.

Karma has such gorgeous markings. She truly is a striking feline! I can tell she brings you great joy and comfort and she certainly looks sublimely contented under the spell of her catnip fix :)

I'm pleased to hear your Dad is doing so well! He's obviously a not only feisty and determined, but a fit 90 year old! Well done, Rita's Dad! He and my FIL would have got on well together.

Pardon my ignorance of stationery matters, but what are corner clips? How thoughtful of you to grant Leah's wish :)

Hope your day is going happily, despite the rainy, colder weather. At least you're comfortably warm and snug indoors with hopefully no need to go out.

Big hug,
Des xo

Deanna said...

I'm still scratching my head here. What are those corner clips used for?????

Sir Paul is a hottie - and only 10 years older than me... so I sure wouldn't kick him out!

Congratulations to your spunky ol' dad! What a trooper. I can just see him snarling at the aides saying, "just leave me alone.. I'll sleep when I'm tired - not when you think I should!"

Glad you are getting some sleep - no matter what time.

Toriz said...

It's nice here; cold but dry (we had a bit of rain over the weekend, but it didn't last long). Proper Fall/Autumn weather! :)

LMAO @ Karma! I love when cats do that. Megan used to do it and it always had me laughing.

YAY about your Dad! See, he'll be walking by Christmas! :)

I never got on with the hospital routines much either; I get that they need routine, but seriously... Some of us don't want to be woken up at 10:00 pm if we're asleep just to be asked if we need a pain killer. As I snappily said to the nurse, "if I needed one that badly I wouldn't be sound asleep. And, thanks very much, now I'll probably be up all damn night because I got woken up!" *Sighs and shakes head* I always think you can recover better when you get home and can rest.

Rita said...

Desiree--Waking up slowly to a little book time in bed sounds pretty good to me. ;)
Karma's plainer looking on the other side. This is her good side--LOL!
Sounds like your FIL was a determined sort, too.
The corner clip is like a great big paper clip that fits right over the corner of a stack of paper.
Yes, I am inside, warm, and dry with no plans all week. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week! *hugs*

Deanna--The corner clip is just another version of a paper clip but it covers the whole corner of the papers. :)
I know what you mean about Paul! I'm 60 and, as they used to say, he could put his shoes under my bed anytime--ROFL!! ;)
My dad tries not to be actually snarly--LOL! He's a good patient and does every thing they ask him to do, but he can get mumbly grumpy--LOL!
Yes, thanks--I am glad to say I have been sleeping pretty well and am feeling better every day. I hope you are doing okay, too, and have a super fall week. :)

Tori--Ha! Yes, cats are so silly when they are all hyped up on catnip--ROFL!
I hope my dad is walking without the walker by Christmas. But even now, he doesn't have the sharp bone on bone pain anymore and he is so much happier already. Nice!
That never made much sense to me, either. I've heard of that before--wake someone up to ask them if they want a sleeping pill--LOL! How dumb is that?!
Won't be long and you're stuff will be delivered at your new place!! Going to be a busy week! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Karma is SO funny!

Silly question but what is the purpose of the corner clips? Are they similar to a regular paper clip, holding numerous sheets of paper together? Ooops, ignore that, I just read the answer to Deanna. ;)

That's so great that your Dad is recovering so well after the hip replacement! I would hate having a stay in hospital...I'm a real home body.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling a lot better. :)

I never liked the Beatles too much though my Uncles were major fans. I did, however, like John Lennon and Paul McCartney's group - Wings, after the Beatles split. I liked John's hippie and caring outlook on the world...the song, Imagine, still gets to me. I liked Paul for his happy, caring and positive attitude...him being vegetarian was also a winner for me. lol I honestly didn't think he would re-marry after the last horror of divorce but, yes, a true optimist he must be. I too hope this time around will be happier for him.

My week won't be too productive as I've got a few medical tests and specialist/doctor's visits lined up....but I'm hoping to squeeze in some time for art. I want to do a small painting for the spot above the Buddha in my room.

Have a lovely week, Rita.

Serena xo

Rita said...

Serena--I am feeling better every day, thanks!
I liked John and Paul for the same reasons. But when they first came out John was kind of the bad boy...and I had a thing for bad boys when I was young. Well, for a while, shall we say--ROFL!
I hope all your tests go well. Please let me know, okay?
A painting for your sacred space--ahhh! That would be nice.
I hope your week goes really, really well!
Love and hugs! :):)

Elena said...

Glad to hear your Dad is home! Love the cat and LOVED that video in the previous post. I was rolling laughing. Oh and thanks for the great comments in my blog post :)

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad to hear your Dad is on the mend. Its nice hearing he isn't hurting like he was - so that is a plus all in its own.

I'm glad you are sleeping - even if your internal clock is off - perhaps you need to live in England, then you would be in the right time zone.

Hmm... so you through your panties at the TV during Ed Sullivan? no wonder you got chilly....

AliceKay said...

Cute corner clips. (I'm not a pink person either)

Sounds like Karma gave you quite a performance from that cat nip. LOL

I'm glad your dad is back home and doing so well. Sometimes we don't know what will happen with surgeries. I'm glad his was a success.

Also good to hear you're sleeping and feeling better now. Sleep...something we all need to feel up to our potential but not always easy to achieve.

I was never a big Beatles fan, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Ringo (only because he was the drummer). Best wishes to Paul and his new bride. They looked very happy in the pictures I've seen on the news.

Have a good week!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I've never seen a corner clip but they look very cool!!! Maybe I need to get out more! Heehehehe!

I'm glad to hear your daddy is gettin' along well. Wow, that's unheard of...hip replacement at 90!

I'm sayin'! How did all these stars get sooooo old??? ;o)

God bless ya and have a beautiful week filled with 'sweet' dreams!

DJan said...

I also go to bed often before 8:00 pm but I don't wake up until 5:00 or so. I guess I need more sleep than you do. Have you tried melatonin to help you sleep? I use it often.

I will never learn to love Paul over John. He was always my favorite and I thought Paul was just much less cool. However, I'm glad to hear he's grown on you.

Karma is just the coolest kitty ever. Calico is my favorite of the cats.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I've had cats that just go BONKERS with catnip and it's so fun to watch them! And I've had others that just couldn't be bothered with it. You can never tell!

So glad you are sleeping better, even if it's at odd hours. Sleep is wonderful!!!! LOL!

It's going to be a busy week over here - so much to do!!! - but I'm feeling like I might just get it all done. (maybe!) Big hugs!!

Donna Jean said...

Hey Rita, this is Donna ( It's been a LONG time since I used blogger but somehow it remembered me and is showing me as icepoppy.

Anywhoo... I have never seen those corner clips before but I love them! I love stuff like that! Where did you order them from? You know I hated pink when I was a kid and it was only recently that I started to like it. Sometimes I like soft cooler pink especially mixed with grey but mostly I like FUSCHIA!! It makes me think of that commercial a while back about lipstick... gosh, maybe 10 years ago or maybe 20... it said "here comes Cindy's lips!" LOL Anyway, I'm a brunette so I can wear it (as long as they keep making hair dye that is).

Your cat is so cute! I can't have a cat since I'm allergic but I have a cute beagle that's my best buddy in the world. She's my rescue pup. I rescured her and then she rescued me. She can tell when I'm hurting and comes over to me and gives me these sad eyes and makes this sweet little whining noise... cause she knows I feel bad. If I whine back she'll keep going....... kinda like a sad country duet. :O)

Rita said...

Elena--You're welcome and thanks re: my dad. The Simon's Cat videos crack me up, too. :):)

Iggy--LOL! I don't think it would matter where I lived. But I guess I can look at it that my crazy hours are always the right and proper hours somewhere on earth--ROFL!!
I was way too young to have the foggiest clue about throwing panties (did they do that to the Beatles? thought that was Tom Jones-LOL!) and, besides, my parents and two younger siblings were right there watching, too (my folks loved Ed). I'm laughing at the shocking picture that would make--ROFLMAO!!! *shakes head*

AliceKay--not a pink person...but it looks like your shirt is pink in you photo--LOL! It's small. Maybe I'm wrong. ;)
Ahhh! So you have a thing for drummers! Drummers are usually known as the wild and crazy ones in the band. Your secret is out! LOL! ;)
Hope you get some decent sleep this week, too. :)

Nezzy--Yup, my dad got turned down because of his age, but he finally found a surgeon. I'm so glad he did. I can hear in his voice how happy he is. (They live in Florida.)
Oh--and sweet dreams to you, too!! :)

Djan--I have no doubt you need a good long sleep with all that you do! ;) Yes, I've tried melatonin and sleeping pills, too. Apparently it is one of those fibro things beyond logic or medication--LOL!
I will always love John best...always! ;) Paul was always more conventional and safe. I've just grown to respect and appreciate him more over the years.
I love so many kinds of cats, I don't know as I have a favorite...maybe calicos, black, and black and white spotted. But I love all kinds. You know me and variety--LOL! ;)

Jeannie--Yes! Cats either like catnip or ignore it. Doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground. But some go absolutely c-r-a-z-y! I've seldom had one of those cats, but they are really a hoot!! Karma's just an average liker of the nip. ;)
I hope you get lots done this week!! :)

Donna--Your old blogs are still there on blogger even if you don't use them. I imagine you'd have to delete them somehow if you didn't want them up any more.
I ordered them from I order a lot from them,, and the newest one is My favorite pen, ink, and paper places. :)
I chuckle because until I was 38 years old, I hated anything pastel, lacy, ruffly...well, anything "feminine" really...a lot like Leah. I still don't wear things that have lace or ruffles, but I do wear pastels all the time. And I have discovered I love victorian and shabby chic with my crafts! I would have sworn on a stack of bibles....ROFL! ;)
I do love dogs, too. But as I got older my love of cats became stronger. I guess change is the only thing we can count on. ;)

Cindy Lane said...

So good to hear that everyone is on the mend. Karma cracks me up.

And yes, Here Here to much sleep and much productiveness this week!

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Not only is your post always interesting and restful to read. And not only are the photographs of Karma always a delight---But the comments people put on your blog are truly reflective and show how much people treasure you and your writing about the simple joys of life.

When I came to your blog today, I had just finished visiting Rubye Jack's. She has a video of Patsy Cline singing "I Go Out Walking After Midnight." I had also visited before that the posting from the blog "Starting Over, Accepting Changes-Maybe," which featured a video of Paul Simon and Chevy Chase.

So both music and Paul Simon were on my mind when I came to your last paragraph. Instead of reading "Paul McCartney" I read Paul Simon and was missing exactly what you were saying.

I went back and read because I was sure I'd missed something! And indeed I did.

During the late sixties, Simon and Garfunkle spoke to me much more clearly than the Beatles. When I think back to those years and the singers and the hippies and the war protest I find myself longing to be once again so caught up in life. So ardent.


Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Dee here again! Thank you for commenting on my convent posting today.

My friend-in-laughter and I both made final vows on January 1, 1963. I left the convent three and a half years later. She left a few years after I did.

We lost touch so I don't know where she is now but I still chuckle when I think of us giggling in the choir chapel.

You are so wise in your belief that God is everywhere. I use the word "Oneness" instead of the word "God," because that's how I feel--there is a Oneness to all of life--my brother imitating Elvis, the maple in my yard, the cat on my lap.

Peace always.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

What a thoughtful friend and daughter you are... my daughter has a new kitty named Alice. We adore her (and Karma is a GREAT name for a cat!)

I am grateful I found you here today via CED2011. Made me smile...

I am grateful I found you via CED2011 ~ oh, and I don't blog my art on my Blogspot much, to see my post for the week, visit here.

Rubye Jack said...

Karma is incredibly beautiful. I need a new cat friend so much.

I always liked John best, and remember their first appearance on Ed Sullivan. We skipped evening church to sneak over to the local downtown hotel just to watch the Beetles.

I'm glad your father is doing better and was able to come home.

Jenny Woolf said...

So glad your dad is out of hospital - that is really good. I thought again when I saw the pictures what a truly beautiful and unusual cat you have, I don't think I've seen one with such beautiful markings before.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i'm glad i scanned through the first few comments...i was going to ask...corner clips?? for what corners?? table corners? OH!! paper!! they look BIG in the picture...i thought for sure they were for anything other corner than paper!
karma!! cute as always!!

i didn't know that about your dad...NINETY!! wow!! and doing so good , especially after a hip replacement! that's great news!!

i know you get tired of those cloudy days...but i do love your picture!

i'm also happy to hear of you're feeling GOOD and sleeping GOOD!! i hope this becomes a regular thing, huh?!!

yeah, it was hard to believe that John would have been 70!! wow! time flies, eh?!! and good luck to Paul...i hope he's happier this know...

have a great week Rita!! :)

Rita said...

Cindy--Karma cracks me up every day. Yes, more sleep really helps a lot!! :):)

Dee--Yes, we do tend to have conversations gong on in the comment section sometimes--LOL! ;)
I had to go check out Rubye's blog. I've seen her commenting on several blogs I follow and now I am following Rubye, too. :)
Funny re:Paul Simon. I loved Simon and Garfunkle!!! And the Moody Blues!!!
I wonder if you could google your giggle friend? Wouldn't it be exciting to find out what happened to her?
God/Oneness/The Source/Allah/The Universe...all the same to me. ;) Have a wonderful day!

Julie--Hi! I will check your post. *big smile back*

Rubye--Greetings! I hope you find a new cat friend soon. They're such good company and pretty low maintenance, too--LOL! Thanks re:my dad. He has surprised us all! Stubborn Swede! ;) So glad you came to visit me!! :):)

Jenny--Thanks re: my dad and Karma's markings. :) Karma is the weirdest cat I have ever had--personality and quirks-wise--LOL! My son teases me that it is because I've never been home 24/7 with a cat before and my weirdness rubbed off on Karma--ROFL!!

Laura--LOL! Yes the closeup of the clips made them look giant sized--hehe!
Yes, my dad is doing great with the new hip at 90! So happy for him. He was in such pain.
I think I have become a sky fanatic since moving here in 2005 and having such a great view. Recently started to post a lot of sky pics. I was taking them, but not always posting them. Just love the sky some days. :)
I really slept well finally last night (Tues) and sleep really makes a world of difference.
I really do wish Sir Paul the best. He went through a lot with the last one--LOL! ;)
Hope you're having a good week, too.

Desiree said...

Just popped back here to see if you'd answered my foolish question about the corner clips. You have, thank you, and after seeing how many others didn't know either, I'm feeling a lot less foolish/stupid :)

My FIL is still very much alive. He had a hip replacement at 92. He'll be 95 next birthday (February). Love your comment about your own Dad's "mumbly grumblies" - that's just how my FIL is, too :) Generally, very sweet and charming, but can be quite a grump when he chooses! I suspect it's a bit of attention-seeking behaviour that is done somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Rita said...

Desiree--Yup! You weren't the only one--LOL! I should have showed my pink one clipped onto a corner of some papers, I guess. I assure you, you can never ask a foolish question here. ;)
Your FIL does sound a lot like my dad. If they are so much alike they either would get long or not like each other--ROFL!! You know how that goes. ;) MY dad will be 91 in November. And I can't believe my son will be 37 in November, too! How did I get this old--LOL! ;)

Toriz said...

That's a great start with your Dad... Things still going well with his recovery?

Yep; stuff's all here now, and I've had a busy couple of days working on unpacking it. Exhausting work, but it's got to be done!

Rita said...

Tori--Yes, my dad is doing well. Now that he's back home he sounds much happier.
I'm glad your stuff arrived and you are unpacking!! :)