Friday, January 13, 2012


Karma tried a couple more times during the night to track in some edible no settled for begging for ice cubes in her water dish.
I got quite the package filled with extra surprises yesterday from Italy!!
Okay, I have to explain. Jeannie went to a Stampin- Up convention in Paris and took all these pictures of displayed crafts and cards and demos--a card crafter's delight. In her first post about the convention I saw this card (below) with a trail of multicolored butterflies across the front and fell instantly in love!
I hope you don't mind that I swiped the picture and posted it here.
I had saved it for a reference, of course.
Anyways, I made a comment on her blog saying I absolutely had to make one of those sometime--what a perfectly lovely way to use up small scraps--just needed some different sizes of butterfly punches. Jeannie emailed me and told me that what they had used on that card was this one small die that cuts five butterflies at once!
Cool! I wondered how I could give her credit from Stampin' Up if I bought one when I had money in thing you know Jeannie said she had put in a big order and gotten it for free and she'd just send it to me...and would I also like a set of cupcake dies she no longer!
(The three on the right side below.)
So, I didn't want her to have to pay the postage--good grief! So I surprised her and stuck some money in with her Christmas card, right? So then she tells me that now she'd just have to send me some more goodies. Well, look at them all!! I was shocked!!
More small dies...
And look at these dies!
And all these little embossing folders!
Here's a close up of a few.
And this larger scroll-y embossing folder, too. Wow!
I don't even know what to say, Jeannie! You truly surprised the heck out of me!! Really, really made my day! Especially since I was bummed out yesterday because I'd somehow twisted my left knee again (probably one of the times the foot got stuck in the up position on the chair), it was terribly swollen, and I was hobbling about feeling decrepit--LOL! Thanks so very much, lady! Feels like a late Christmas present!! :):)
The hobbling meant I didn't get anything done yesterday. I watched the end of the final season of Big Love. But with time on my hands...I decided to check out ClearBags. I buy my larger envelopes for my bookcards in bulk in need of some regular sized card envelopes...remembered quickly that those aren't much cheaper than at Office Max...but not before I had stumbled onto ClearEnvelopes (don't ask me how these things happen--you start in one place and end up in another--divisions of the same company). Anyways, I fell upon handmade papers that are being discontinued...both 8.5 X 11 and 12 X 12 (and even larger sheets) know how I love paper...and variety...
I believe I have close to 90 different sheets of handmade papers coming...for less than $35...including shipping...which was only $4.95!! Is this a good Christmas or what!? Of course, I bought these myself--but I am still counting it--what the heck! ;)
They're due to arrive this coming Wednesday.
You know I will show you!! :)
Any of you crafters who are interested should check them out quickly. I got a call from them the same day because four of the sheets I had ordered were already gone. The computer couldn't keep up or amounts were miscounted. He thought I was going to be upset, but I told him I was just thrilled to get whatever I could before they are gone. :) They had adjusted the bill properly (I checked online) so they didn't even bill me until they had already pulled the order.
Anywhoo--paper lovers, get ready to drool! Backgrounds, bookcard covers...I am envisioning....ahhh! I wonder if the handmade paper is too thick to cut with the dies? Hummm....
Tomorrow afternoon is the first Saturday of three for that streaming art class on how to paint skies. I hope I can figure out how it all works. I do love my skies, as you know, but whether I can try to create something decent looking is another story--LOL! Wish me luck!
Sunday--hopefully the loveseat will arrive. Snow in the forecast is supposed to be for Saturday. Fingers crossed. ;)
Monday Leah and I have tentatively scheduled a trip to the fabric store. Best laid plans, eh? My knee will definitely be a huge factor in that decision. We can always postpone on the fabric store, though--nothing essential or anything. Anyways, I'm okay. Just taking it easy and staying off my feet as much as possible. Didn't even think of doing energy work on my knee until almost morning--duh! (Yes, I was up all night and only took a nap today so far.) So, I shall do some more work on my knee, too...promise. :)
Have a really great weekend!
Stay warm or cool as the case may be. :):)
"Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not."
Vaclav Havel


TexWisGirl said...

sorry about the knee! try to rest it!

DJan said...

Well, I know somebody who does great energy work... oh right, that's you! Hope the knee is better soon, Rita, and that the chair gets their on Sunday. I know how much you are hoping that the chair will help you get up and down without injury. Sending out lots of virtual hugs. And now all those wonderful stamp things! I look forward to what you do with them. :-)

Rubye Jack said...

My doctor just gave me this menthol stuff called BioFreeze to use on my knee. It really does help, but I don't know how.
Lots of new goodies!

Beth said...

I hope your knee gets better right away.

You really got a bonanza in the mail you lucky lady! Enjoy!

Rita said...

Theresa--Thanks! It's a little better, but I somehow really did a job on it this time. I'm being good. ;)

Djan--I've been working on it off and on. I really pulled a muscle or something, so I am taking it easy. I think getting the loveseat will be easier on my knees and hips, that's for sure. This old chair has become a royal pain--quite literally--LOL! ;) *hugs back*

Rubye--BioFreeze. Do you have troubles with your knees, too? I wonder if you can get that over the counter...or something like it. Not that this has happened very often, but since it has happened more than once now...wouldn't hurt to have something around when my knee swells up, eh? Thanks so much!

Beth--Well, it's not right away better, but slowly improving. :)
Yes, more fun things to play with. I'll have to live to be 300 years old to do everything I would like to do. Well, at least with this body--LOL! ;)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

wow!! LOTS of fun new stuff to work with...yay!!

i hope your knee feels the time i read this, you've had a couple of days...
bio freeze has to be purchased through massage or physical therapy supply...i don't think they sell it through stores. another thing that might help is 'stop pain' and it comes in a roller can get it in of my clients used that stuff regularly and sweared by it!!

Rae said...

Those are terrific dies. Love that butterfly one especially. Our local crafting store closed and moved away. I used to spend lots of time browsing the "stamp" aisle and thinking of creations to make. It is a fun hobby.
So sorry to hear that your knee is still hobbling you. I've experience that knee pain and I know how bad it can be.

Trixie said...

All very keel things. I haven't gotten into cuts yet. I usually just use them at the store.

Hey I missed a discussion somewhere, I hear you talk of Leah all the time but who is she?

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm so happy you got them!!! I wanted to include a card...but would have had to take out goodies, lol! Those circles are the "sprinkles" for the cupcake dies (it's a set of 4!) Be happy, enjoy and I hope your knee is better SOONEST!!!

Rita said...

Laura--I'll check out the "Stop Pain". I like the name right off the bat--LOL! ;) I did a lot of energy work on it yesterday and it feels better today than it has for three days. :)

Rae--I love that sample card with the butterflies! And if you use scraps every one you made would look different. :)
Sorry to hear you have had to deal with the knee pain, too. It is so annoying!

Trisha--The local craft store here (K&Krafts) lets you use any of their dies at the store as long as you buy your paper there. I've never actually done that. (Mainly because I can't stand for any length of time anymore-knees, feet, and back.)
Dagan and Leah are my son and daughter-in-law. Leah and I craft together, love to organize, and are a little OCD in our own unique ways--LOL! Love her to death! :)

Jeannie--Oh! I'm glad you told me the circles were the sprinkles--LOL! You really blew me away, lady!! Thanks soooo very much!! Hope you're having a great weekend!! :):)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
From your blog I learn so much about a whole array of artistic endeavors. I feel as if you're offering me a free class here.

I hope that Saturday class that started today teaches you a lot about sky painting. I'd like to see what you do that will top your sky photographs.

Take care of that knee. Within you is so much positive energy that the knee pain doesn't have a chance. Or so I hope.


1artsychick said...

What a great surprise!

Rita said...

Dee--Us craftin' folk are always up to somethin'. ;) You should see what you can find on youtube!!
I actually did get to "attend" the online class and learned several things about painting skies!! He's posting our homework tomorrow, so I bet I will be trying to paint a sky this week. Eventually I would love to try to capture some of these sunrises! One needs to dream. :):)

Wendy--It really was a great surprise!! :)

AliceKay said...

Aww...poor Karma. (i bet she is praying for snow)

Jeannie is a special friend. She sent you some very nice things, and I'm sure you'll have fun using them. :)

I hope your knee feels better soon. Hope that loveseat arrives tomorrow as planned, too.

How did you like the streaming art class? Good luck with the sky painting!

Have a restful weekend.

Jennibellie said...

Bless Karma, my pup was really annoyed that this year brought no snow I think, he loves ice lol no I'm not fussed with the new youtube either, scowled for 2 days having to sort my channel out tee hee x

Toriz said...

Poor Karma; she wants some decent snow too! ;)

Sounds like you got a great package from Jeannie; enjoy all the new goodies!

That's great about all the paper; have fun with it! :)

Hope your knee stops hurting in time to go to the fabric store on Monday with Leah, and that your loveseat comes today.

How was the class?

Rita said...

AliceKay--The loveseat has arrived! I am so tired from lack of sleep. Once I catch up on my sleep I will have to try painting a sky. He had some helpful hints and demos. It was oils, though. Next week he is supposed to show watercolors and pastels. Lots of troubes with the streaming, but it was pretty good, though. :)

Jenny--I haven't tried to do anything with my youtube yet. I'm finding it harder to navigate. Arg! About the time I finally fingure it out they will change it again--LOL! ;)

Tori--Yup! All kinds of goodies from Jeannie!! :)
My knee--I think I'll know more if I get some sleep, but it seems to be lots better than it was. The class was a good one in that I learned some things...his way of doing things, I guess, but I liked them. It was just watching and then you try it on your own during the week. Cool! :)

Intense Guy said...

Wowsers look at all the stampin' stuff....

You need to put Frank Zappa's Stampin' Fool on realy loud and dance while ya stamp!

Toriz said...

That's good about your knee; any improvement is a good thing, even if it's not much, right?

And I'm glad you enjoyed the class.

Rita said...

Iggy--Oh My!! I am going to go listen to that right now. You are so silly!! ;)

Tori--Yes! Any improvement is good when you're hurtin', that is for sure! :)
I'll have to tell more about the class this week in another blog. I did learn some things, though. :)