Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday-9:45am: New Year's Day

Happy, happy New Year!
Hope you are having a great start to 2012!
Warning: Very long post. Lots of photos. So much to tell you! Turned out it was an amazing New Year's Eve session and was up till 2:30am!
What a grand beginning to the new year!!
First of all, ever since I posted the links to the energy work posts from a year ago, I've been feeling awfully guilty that I had such totally mixed feelings about the new long distance Soul Comfort stuff that GA wanted me to start learning in 2011 that I just petered out and faded away early on. All the self-worth issues came to the surface...the what is my do I even do this...fear of failure...fear of success...all of it. So I decided I needed to focus on forgiveness...of others...of myself. Get myself right with God...right with the universe...right with love. That's why I was reading, listening to audios, and journaling most of 2011.
But then I cut my finger on Christmas Day and had to do something time to think, right? And I could feel that energy and see it working (on me). When I reread the posts from last December...well, I knew that is what I was going to be asking about on New Year's Eve. I knew I had to try again in 2012. Time for a do-over. ;)
Anyways, I was reading post comments yesterday and Jeannie asked for help with her arm pain...and I got this intense "Now!" from GA. (He's a kind of sh*t-or-get-off-the-pot type of guardian angel so I must be sooo very annoying for him.)
Well, I put on my Music To Disappear In...

...and handed myself over to this long distance healing stuff that I am supposed to learn how to do. Honestly, I have never felt comfortable with it. I have tried to do it, but haven't known what to do or how to go about it. I have to say that with my focus on forgiveness over this past year...well, it felt like I was just supposed to surrender...just "be" and the energy will go where it's supposed to go, I guess. That maybe I feel a little more forgiven...a little more worthy. That just my being and handing myself over is enough. (See--now I'm crying....)
Goodness! This is going to take a long time to get through this post today with these crying breaks--LOL! ;)
I always preface any request with "if it is in the best spiritual interests of this soul and the other souls involved"...and I asked for healing of Jeannie's arm...but I didn't try to direct or control anything...just let the energy pass through me. And as the energy washed over me...after while, all these other people passed through my mind! Family, friends, many of many that I don't want to name names because there were too everybody! But you know who you are. If I have ever wished you good health...laughed with you...if I love passed through that energy, I guess. It was wonderful! What a perfect start. :):)
Anyways, back to earth--LOL!
I started getting ready in the late afternoon. Here's the colorful lined, square cloth that I bought from the Tibetan monks. Normally it hangs in my bedroom alongside the head of my bed.
I emptied the craft table. (Only time it is completely cleared off all year--LOL!) Then roamed the apartment gathering my "spiritual stuff" from here and there, brought them to the kitchen, cleaned them, let them dry, and then placed them on the cloth.
I gathered some candles, some decks of cards, books that go with them, rune stones, paper, pen, sage...anything I thought I might feel like using last night...if I could stay awake.
The jar in the left corner has a bunch of small stones in it...various angels...crystals...
...the flat brown stone is a new additional this ancient rock John/Spruce sent me from Nain. :)
My Tibetan bowl and bell...the chime...
...ting shaws...the box in the lower right hand corner Dagan bought me in Turkey and it holds many small stones. The small amber pot in the middle with the ornate silver cover holds some of the destroyed mandala sand that was blessed by the monks.
A couple sage wands for burning...and the two little bowls contain my pendulums on the left and Dagan and Leah's on the right (we use them to pick cards).
My copper burning bowl.
All set. Seemed like a hundred trips around the apartment. Karma tried to stay awake, but just couldn't manage.
I started about 10pm. Lit the candles, put on the music again...
(never tried to add one of these audio things to my blog--curious to see if it works)... the paper and pen ready, and had my coffee at hand.
The first thing I did was write down all the things I wanted to release or send off to the universe. Because of the impromptu energy session that afternoon, most of the burned requests were for healing for a lot of different people. ;)
Next I decided to smudge and cleanse the whole apartment with sage.
Then--my very favorite angel card deck--Angelic Messenger Cards by Meredith L. Young-Sowers. I've used this deck for going on 20 years now. I asked what I needed to focus on this year in regards to this new task (the energy work).
This is the card I got: Courage.
So perfect! All about persevering even when the work you've begun seems to falter. "You have drawn this card to fortify your resolve and to let you know that you are on the right inner path whether or not the outward signs in your life suggest success." (I shouldn't worry about whether I am doing it right or whether I get feedback...just trust.) "...focus your attention on your full acceptance of your personal gifts and abilities, the spiritual and physical resources available to you, and your vision that is forever your guide." Lots of other nice things, too.
I had to chuckle.
There was a kind of prayer at the end:
"Dear guardian angel, please allow me to benefit from this change and to know the course of action I should take. Allow my guidance to be shown to me in such direct and obvious ways that I can be at peace, knowing I won't overlook or fail to see the guideposts. Let my intention for service and right choices be heard clearly, and let me trust what comes to me will benefit my life appropriately."
How perfect is that?
To make sure GA was listening I said it out loud! ;)
All that energy yesterday had me pretty wide I decided to also do The Healing Runes by Ralph H. Blum and Susan Loughan...
...which came in a boxed set with these white rune stones.
But I usually prefer to use my (acrylic?) sparkly ones.
Half are transparent and they are flat on the bottom, so it's pointless to lay them out to choose because you can see what they are (not that I have them memorized--LOL!). So I use them inside of the green bag and feel around for the "right" ones.
Did the five spread--left to right. Wow!
1. Overview of where my heart has been in the past in regards to this issue or challenge: Love.
Reminding me of divine love, unconditional love, listening with love, love is everywhere...either love is present in our every act and word, our every thought, or it is not.

2. What is the challenge to my heart in the present: Fear.
Fear usually carries with it a self-fulfilling prophecy...have patience with your healing...don't listen to the cries and whispers of your past...calls for profound recognition-admitting to yourself something you have long denied...have compassion for yourself.

3. Appropriate action: Denial.
Drawing this rune is a call to take control of your life and begin living it as God intended...time to come out of denial, out of hiding...make a fearless personal and moral inventory of your yourself up...let the light in...let no false boundaries separtae you from the Will of Heaven.

4. The obstacle or what you need to surrender: Surrender.
(Could that be any more obvious!?)
Recognize a force greater than ourselves...limitless power that heals is available to you...let go of your need to control the situation...surrender is the highest form of conscious contact with the Divine.

5. New clearer view of the situation or opportunity: Honesty.
The days of hiding from yourself or from others is over...honesty opens locked cupboards in the heart...ask God for the courage to try again...honesty nourishes the soul even as it fosters healing...there is honor and power in speaking the truth.
Cry break.
Whew!! I have never had a rune reading that was so slap-in-the-face direct. Wow!
I haven't used these two new decks, so I decided that I'd also go for those because I just had to pick one card and I was quite alert at this point after all the heavy duty information and the crying. ;)
With the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Linn I chose...
...Compassion. About allowing the light of my goodwill to shine to the world...that when I can unconditionally accept myself I will be more compassionate to others...release guilt and shame for they no longer serve you...forgive yourself and others...cherish who you really are.
The last deck was Enlightenment Cards by Gary R. Renard.
This is the card I chose:
"You must be vigilant only for God. This state of mind doesn't come all at once; it takes a lot of practice. You don't learn anything worthwhile overnight."
This was one of the most amazing New Year's Eve sessions I have ever had! I decided to end with sound. I gently played the Tibetan bowl, the Tibetan bell, ting shaws, and ended with the chime.
Barely woke up Miss Karma. She totally conks out when I put on MTDI or any of my meditative type, new agey music. :):)
And I finished my goal list for 2012. I kind of cheated and added a few more things to the 2011 list in November, but all the black ones are the checked off ones. The red ones--never got to. It's just kind of a to-do guide for the year, but I usually get to about half of them. As usual, I have way too many to finish for 2012, too--LOL! Which is fine with me.
Anyways, I am exhausted. I didn't sleep very long and (with crying and back & shoulder breaks) I have been working on this for four hours! Good grief! Time to eat lunch. No quote today--this is way too long as it is--ROFL!
My very, very best to you this grande new year!!! :):)
Goals for 2011
  1. YouTube--buy taller tripod
  2. Calligraphy--practice and try new alphabets
  3. Keep up with various online audio classes
  4. New spiritual journal
  5. Read the Angel Books
  6. Angel Books--make notations (decided against it)
  7. Read the Dream Journals
  8. Read Morning Pages notebooks
  9. Read TBR book stack
  10. Bookbinding--make a journal with the 90 lb. paper
  11. CBP--finish bird and flower paintings
  12. Watercolors--wildflowers and botanicals
  13. Watercolors--paint paper for journal and bookcard covers
  14. Sketchbooks--EDM
  15. Sketchbooks--Ink and watercolor
  16. Handmade Paper--set of red Christmas cards with white snowflakes
  17. Handmade Paper--try new techniques (we never got to any handmade paper at Leah’s this year)
  18. Cards--set of birthday cards
  19. Cards--set of Christmas cards
  20. Cards--new techniques
  21. Bookcards--handmade paper covers
  22. Bookcards--painted watercolor paper covers
  23. Bookcards--regular covers
  24. Soulcomfort/Meditation--establish a regular practice
  25. Sacred Circle--once a month
  26. Organize craft bookcases (buy shelves and corner shelf)
  27. Clean and organize desk and files
  28. Clean and organize pictures and documents on McLap
  29. Start an Art Journal
  30. Start a Doodle Book-Zentangles
  31. Mandala Class
Goals for 2012
  1. Spiritual: Soulcomfort/Meditation-establish routine
  2. Spiritual: Read ACIM daily
  3. Spiritual: Read books from Spiritual bookcase
  4. Spiritual: Journal/Diary
  5. YouTube: make more videos
  6. Bookcards: painted watercolor paper covers
  7. Bookcards: printed paper covers
  8. Bookcards: make some envelope style
  9. Bookbinding: 90 lb. drawing paper journal
  10. Bookbinding: larger watercolor journal
  11. Cards: set of Birthday 2012
  12. Cards: set of Birthday 2013
  13. Cards: set of Christmas 2012
  14. Drawing: EDM sketchbook
  15. Art Journal: continue with my first one/collage
  16. Art Journal: start a larger one
  17. Doodle Book: Zentangles
  18. Mandalas
  19. Calligraphy: practice italic
  20. Calligraphy: try new alphabets
  21. Watercolors: wildflowers and botanicals
  22. Watercolors: CBP-finish bird and flower paintings
  23. Watercolors: paint paper for journal and bookcard covers
  24. Watercolors: Ink and watercolor sketchbook
  25. Handmade Paper: set of Christmas cards-red paper with white snowflakes
  26. Handmade Paper: try new techniques with mustard bottles
  27. Sewing: catch up on old repairs
  28. Sewing: make book/journal covers
  29. Sewing: help Leah with her projects
  30. Organize: bedroom bookcase
  31. Organize: cube shelves for corner of bedroom
  32. Organize: bedroom closet
  33. Organize: craft bookcases in living room and re-label
  34. Organize: go through all the pictures/nostalgia and scan to laptop
  35. Organize: shred the box of trash in bedroom
  36. Organize: go through garage/give away


Beth said...

That was a long post Rita, but very interesting.

I went to bet at 10:30 PM and when I woke up it was 2012.


DJan said...

I feel as if I have been given the privilege of being in your home while you prepare for the coming year, with all the wonders and miracles that await your healing energy. Wonderful!

I do hope you got rested last night. You've got a lot of work to do this year, it seems. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

holy smokes this sounds long and intense! i'm with karma - i need a nap! :)

truly, i hope you get the guidance and courage you need in 2012 to make all of your soul improvements and dreams come true. :)

AliceKay said...

Very peaceful, very soothing music. Thank you for posting it. I'll have to see if I can find some of this for myself. :)

Your New Year's Eve session sounded like it was very intense, and well worth the time you put into it. I hope you reach your 2012 goals.

Happy New Year, Rita. *hugs*

Rubye Jack said...

Thanks for letting us in on a major ritual in your life. This is so great and you are an inspiration to me to remember my spirituality.

Keep on keepin' on sister!

Rita said...

Beth--Well, I'm glad you didn't doze off or anything--LOL! It was a long one. ;)
I didn't think I was going to make it to midnight and then was up till 2:30! Happy 2012! :)

Djan--It would have been nice to have you here. We could have started a lot earlier--LOL! ;) The energy just passes through me...that's what I have to focus on...just the showing up and surrendering. When I thought I had to do something or control it--didn't work. Wish me luck! :)

Theresa--Yes, it was! I need a nap, too! :) Thanks so very much, m'lady!

AliceKay--When I put music like this on I can feel my entire body relax and slow down, you know. You might really like it. :)
I really do hope I get more things done on my list this year than last year. But I am prisoner to my body's whims--well, you know all about that. So I hope that we both have better body years this year!!! ;) *hugs*

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

What a neat post! So interesting :)

That square cloth is GORGEOUS :0)

Deanna said...

What an emotionally draining, special post,Rita. Amazing. You accomplished so much in 2011.

Happy New Year!

Serena Lewis said...

As usual, I love reading about your New Year's Eve ritual, Rita. It's interesting that when I read the spiritual parts of your post, I got all emotional and teary. Maybe I need to utilise my spiritual tools a lot more.

Your reading was perfect for you!!

And sweet Karma slept cute!

That's quite a goals list! I wish you well in achieving as much of it as you are able. It sounds like a very creative year is in store for you. May your spiritual pathway strengthen even more as you work through your daily routines.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

giddy up said...

Happy New Year Rita! I hope that you are successful in achieving your goals this year and you continue on your healing path.

Rita said...

Rubye--Oh, you are so welcome! It was such a great night...mind blowing! As they used to say--keep on truckin', mama! ;)

Elisa--Thanks! Glad you were interested. I loved that cloth the minute I saw it. Seems like it almost glows with color. :)

Deanna--It was quite an evening. I'm pretty tired now tonight and heading for bed soon. Happy 2012!! :)

Serena--Well, I sure got emotional and teary many times that night and several times while I wrote about it. That means a lot that it touched you, too. And Karma slept through it all.
I hope to do a bit better on my goal list this year. Lots of fun stuff on there--if my body will cooperate. You know how that can change everything beyond your control. But I think it's going to be a very good year...and I hope for you, too!! :)
Love and hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

That was a very spiritual post Rita. I could feel it over here. I loved the music and seeing all the pictures of your treasures. That brown and white box with inlaid mother of pearl (I think) - I have one very very similar. I bought it at a booth at the fair on year and it called me. I have a lot of boxes that were gifts from various people but a few literally call to me and I can't walk away. I remember it had a bad smell inside so I put a little baking soda in it but I love that box. It is in my treasure box (curio cabinet that holds my other boxes). I absolutely loved those pretty stones! Those colors are beautiful! And your cards are so neat. I love the painting on the courage card. It looks like the center of a poppy. I love details like that. I have started a list like yours but I think it might take me 5 years to do it all. I meant to work on my journal for 2012 but I slept most of the day today. I needed to go buy some of those rings for making journals but it was -33 below! No one was going out and of course I didn't make it to church on the 1st day of the year. I really wanted to but if I can't I can't. At one point I woke up and I was hurting and I started praying that the pain would go away and that I would be able to go to church. After a while I felt the pain start to fade some but I had this feeling like It was okay to not go. I fell asleep again and woke up at 6pm. I still felt wobbly but better. I actually felt okay enough to do 15 minutes on my stationary bike at a pretty easy pace. Maybe if I keep up the gentle exercise I will start to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have some plans for this year! Wow! Hey don't forget I'm moving so If I don't get right over I will get here as soon as I can! Big hugs!

Rita said...

Karen--Thank you so very much, lady!! You, too!! :)

Donna--The Angelic Messenger Cards--those are actually photos of flowers...close-ups.
My goal list probably takes me several years to complete everything. Some just keep getting shifted to the next year--LOL! ;)
Yes, even a little time on your exercise bike would probably be good. I hope you have more energy this year! :):)

Melynda--I know! You're packing and getting ready to move. I'm so thrilled you found a place where you can keep the dogs!! And that you didn't have to move very far. May this be a fabulous year for you and yours!! I'll see you whenever you get a chance to stop by. :):)

Carolyn Dube said...

You are worthy just the way you are right now!

Deb Shucka said...

I hope this foundation leads you to a year full of growth and love and wonders. Thank you for sharing this most amazing process and your inspiring goals.

Trixie said...

Did I miss it? I don't see it? What are the other colors for?

Hey I signed up for something and you said FREE was in your price range. You CAN donate to this but you don't have to.

Check it out.

Thanks for your comments always and I enjoyed seeing your version of cleansing etc.

Now I want to find my card to pull one out and see what it says. Mine are different though. I will show it on my blog.

I almost poked my finger today with a pin putting up makeshift curtain and thought about your finger. Hope you are doing okay? Sending you love light and healing!

Rita said...

Carolyn--That just made my eyes well up! Thanks so much! :)

Deb--Oh, thanks so very much! Best to you this year, too. Sorry about the loss of your sweet cat companion.

Trisha--Oh, the colors in the goal list for this year are just to help me group into categories. I had the same thing originally for last year's list but I don't know how to do that crossing out thing people do, so I just switched everything to black and red. Sorry to be confusing. ;)
I'll check out the freebie. I want to see what card you pick from whatever deck you have.
Careful with those fingers. Mine is doing amazingly well, thanks!! Have a happy day!! :)

Desiree said...

This was a wonderful posting of all kinds of loveliness! I am glad you brought the new year in refreshed and goal oriented. I look forward to this year where we learn each other even more! :D

Rita said...

Desi--Thanks so very much! Me, too!! Glad we connected! :):)

Intense Guy said...

of all the words in this wonderful post, the ones that struck me most forcefully were "if it is in the best spiritual interests of this soul and the other souls involved"

I've been thinking (ut-oh) a lot about "the power of prayer" and when I think about the prayers I've said, those that start out with "if it's for the best, please help xxx (someone and never me) heal/get better/what have you ...."

I think there is something in both the "unselfish" and the "unassuming". I can't assume to know what is "best in the overall, big picture" - All I can express is my desire and hope that someone else be made whole once more.

And looking back - I think these are the only prayers that are "answered" in any obvious (and positive) way...

Your thoughtful, unselfish, actions not only "earn you karmic brownie points" but may be the most effective way available to "help someone else in need."

*Hugs* Thank you for helping me clear up something that has been jumbled up in my head lately.

Be well Rita.

Toriz said...

Happy new year!

What a list! Good luck with all of that!

Very interesting session you had there.

I didn't know you did runes too. Hmmm... I wonder if you can help me with a project? I'll e-mail you about it...

Gwen said...

You are such a spiritual person, I did not realise. I am enjoying the music as I type this. I love the Tibetan quilt. I always had a soft spot for the Dalai lama and Tibet and I love your runes.
Have a peaceful new year..

Rita said...

Iggy--Yes, I start out all my prayers like that...very similarly to how you do. I feel the same way. I don't know the big picture. You know how sometimes you find out years later why something "bad" or "difficult" taught you wonderful things in the long run, right? It is not up to me to judge what should be done, but I can still be an assist for whatever is okay, you know? Prayer and healing energy is powerful, but it can't or shouldn't try to go against powers greater than ourselves...IMHO. ;) Be well, too, my friend. :):)

Tori--I'm seeing Dagan and Leah tonight and will try to remember to bring it up so we can put our heads together. ;) I'm sure we can come up with something between us. :)

Gwen--You can read some of my stories on my other blog. I've been like this as long as I can remember--LOL! Read the one about the teddy bear on the bible--my first religious crisis when I was five. ;)
I have had a soft spot for Tibetans in general...and Mongolians, for some reason. Anyways, happy new year!! :)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Thank you for sending me your healing medicine!! It worked very well that one night and I really needed it. And if I was the start of your healing, then I'm even more grateful!!!! I hope you have a wonderful year, with many blessings and less pain!! Hugs!

Rita said...

Tori--You're welcome! ;)

Jeannie--You were the jump start for 2012, lady! ;) I hope you have a really great year with less pain, too. Bless you! :)