Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last of the "best of both worlds" pictures of Karma...totally relaxed in her cat bed on her chair...
...using the wooden arm as a pillow. This was before I started moving around more furniture yesterday.
It all happened quickly.
Dagan and Leah arrived with a couple helpers.
I had drug all the smaller things out of the way with my good arm to make as much room as possible. They carried the loveseat up and left it in the hallway...
...picked up the chairs and ottoman and carried them away.
Looked so empty!
From my window I watched their friend John (makes 6-foot Dagan look a bit short) who had carried my lounger down by himself, just hoist it up and toss it into the dumpster!! I could hear it hit bottom all the way up here...goodness! They stored the glider rocker and ottoman in my garage for me, brought the cushions up with them, arranged the loveseat where I wanted it, all got thanks & hugs from me, and then they were off...deciding where to each lunch. :)
I did grab the camera as a few of you requested and got this video of Karma "meeting" the loveseat--ROFL! She'd been thrown already by me moving things all over the place before they even got here. She knew something big had happened while she was shut in the bedroom--lots of noises, strange voices--so she was very worried, in a snit, and letting me know it when I let her out...
She spent at least half an hour just going around and around the loveseat...
...smelling it and beating it up...
...while I returned the rest of the room back to "normal". But when I sat down in it she wouldn't even attempt to come up there even though her bed was on it. I thought maybe she couldn't figure out how on earth to get up onto the loveseat in the first place...not much extra room on that side when the bed is up there, I took it off.
Creature of habit, when I had my foot up she wanted to come and curl up between my legs like she usually did (especially when she is stressed out--LOL!). But...this footrest is not of those with just that rectangular piece for your feet...
...and a deceptive flap of unsupported fabric in between the chair and the footrest so that Miss Karma couldn't curl up there without falling down into an abyss--LOL!
Karma was not comfortable.
She was not happy.
Finally...she gingerly made her way across and over to her side of the loveseat...stood there with her ears back...looked around...and jumped off.
I just kept on ignoring her and acting like this was all quite the new normal and no big deal. Let her take her sweet time with this new furniture monstrosity. ;)
She desperately wanted company. I was the bait and I knew it--LOL! She follows me around like a puppy dog when she's nervous and wants to be right smack next to me...but I was on the scary new furniture. Eventually she jumped up on the footrest again. It hadn't changed. She couldn't get comfortable on it...cried her protest. Made her way over to "her side" a second time. After a lot of smelling and telling me how upsetting this all was, she finally laid down.
It didn't actually seem like there was any fear of dogs type of recognition or anything. Dog smell didn't seem to be an insurmountable factor. Just seemed to be fear of new furniture...of change.
She tried laying her head on the soft arm...just couldn't get comfortable...
...kept looking back over her head at the she expected it to move or grab her or do something most sneaky.
Was just too much for her. She left and went to sleep in her cat bed under the end table.
Sooo...I decided to put the beloved catbed back up on the loveseat. Duel bait! She'd already made it up there twice so I knew she could figure out how to climb up and into the cat bed using my footrest, right?
Did Karma take the double bait?
She went and slept under the bed all afternoon in protest and out of sheer exhaustion, I'm sure--LOL!
After her long nap...she eventually took the duel bait and made her way up into the cat bed. But she was in dire need of laying up on my chest for reassurance and, naughty me, I had forgotten the green pillow. (She can't walk right on me--too painful--why she was so gingerly trying to figure out how to cross over from the footrest to the loveseat--to maneuver it without stepping on me.)
I got the pillow (you can see below). Karma finally seemed reassured after a good long chest cuddle--and it was a long one! Well, three actually. She tried to lay in her bed, but kept coming back for more--LOL! I think it's just that she's never been that close to me in the living room unless she was getting a chest cuddle, you know? And she couldn't curl up between my she just didn't know what to do with herself. Befuddled her Karma mind.
After the cuddle sessions...she seemed happy to finally sleep in her familiar bed.
In fact, she looks to be in an almost identical position right this very moment next to me on the loveseat. I try not to bump her catbed or she jerks awake like there's an earthquake or a tornado siren. I'm sure all that cat jumpiness will pass soon enough as her natural laziness takes over.
Right now in the quiet of the night?
Karma's sawing logs.
I "napped" again for three hours from 9-12am and then couldn't get back to sleep. (Dang it anyways.) So, as long as I was awake, I thought I'd show you the pictures of our big furniture change. ;)
My knee has been so much better that I was thinking I might actually be able to make it to the fabric store with Leah tonight. But now lack of sleep may be the next limitation issue. We'll see how it goes between now and then. I might totally crash out of sheer exhaustion at any time here. (I had fully expected a sleep-a-thon when I went to bed at 9pm--sigh!)
Anyways, all you Karma fans can rest assured that the worst is over for my big old furbaby. It's not only a good thing she doesn't have claws, it's a good thing she has never seemed bothered by my laughing at her. Since I've laughed almost every day since we met, I don't think she realizes that she's actually the cause of a lot of it. So many cats I've lived with would take great offense at being laughed at, you know? Karma. She just assumes that I suffer from some human giggle disorder...some laughing mental illness. She does not find the world as constantly amusing as I do but, since I am her provider and protector, she tolerates my odd behavior and tries to ignore it. After all, I'm not as scared as she is and yet I do comfort her and keep her safe. She trusts me...completely. Even if she'd emphatically deny it. ;)
That's the news from Fargo. I am too tired to move. Going to sit here in the dim light and watch something or another on TV while Karma snores softly...close enough to touch...but, out of deference to the hot-tin-roof syndrome, I won't. ;)
"Retire to the center of your being, which is calmness."
Paramahansa Yogananda


Intense Guy said...

Wow! You can tell by the tail flogging she's not a "happy cat".

:) I"m glad she warmed up to the loveseat though, it really looks nice and so much more comfortable for you!

Cat on a hot tin roof... wasn't that Broadway? :) Written by Kentucky Bill?

DJan said...

Now life can return to the new normal, Rita. I do hope you catch up on your sleep soon. Is the new loveseat more comfortable? I hope so!

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
karma is such a dear. She's set in her ways as all cats are--and am most of us humans are too. But the important thing for her in your whole home is YOU. And where you are there she will be.

I loved the video that showed the initial response/reaction to the loveseat. And it is a wonderful addition to your home. I'm suspecting that it will help you be more comfortable with the pain. At least, that's what I'm hoping for you.


Beth said...

The loveseat looks very nice. I love those pictures of Karma!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Poor, dear Karma. Our beloved pets give us a lot of comfort and happiness. I laugh often at Buddy, too. I think he's gotten used to it, but if I ask him a question he perks and squares his ears, tilts his head and looks at me quizzically. They are such fun. I trust she's adjusting as I write this. Stay warm over there!

TexWisGirl said...

first of all, the loveseat looks GREAT! fits well and is very color-coordinated to karma. :)

secondly, your video made me smile. hearing your voice reminded me of my family from Wis. that lovely northerner accent. :)

third, i'm glad karma was not traumatized. just a bit miffed and discombobulated.


Carol C said...

What a wonderful new addition to your home! I knew Karma would figure it out!!

Trixie said...

Yay for Kharma!

Dude is my travelling companion. I bounce around more than a rubber boucy ball. I pack my car and put him in his soft carrier and away we go. I used to let him roam teh car but I heard a show that said if you love your pet you will buxkle them in so now I do. When I stop for food or something I let him out.

Then we get to the "new home" and he always says the same thing to me "NOW where are we?" I tell him and he takes about 2 hours to look around.

We have been back in Des Moines for awhile and him and Booties still don't alwys get along but he is adapting. Dude follws me like he is stuck to my hip.

I changed the studio and moved his chair too. He said "HEY HEY HEY, now where am I sposed to sit?" I show him new benches and stuff and he goes and pouts. I will have to show you the pic of teh kitty pout. Back turned to me, wont talk, its funny. One time I was teasing him and he did this this mew that was like "stop it" I laughed so hard.

CAts are resilinet, it takes time.

Kharma, Dude said to tell you hi. HE gave the computer a headbang when he saw Kaarma on it.

Im still healing, but I will get there. Dudd e has been very comfortin and even tolerated me hugging him (whch he hates)

Thanks for your friendship


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

yay! the loveseat has finally arrived!
and after letting you know how she feels about the new furniture...the changes...and after reassurances from you...karma relaxes...and saws some logs from her new spot!! yippee!!

get some rest...and feel good! :]

Toriz said...

*Giggles at Karma*

Cats don't like change, and one as nervous as Karma... Well, I think she did well to have the courage to go nearr it, let alone beat it up and sleep on it.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Poor Karma!! She doesn't realize just how great she's got it! All this change frazzled every last nerve. But I understand, I don't like change much either!!! She'll be used to it in no time. What a wonderful loveseat!!! Hugs to all!

AliceKay said...

Aww, poor Karma. That was quite a change for her. I could see how upset she was when she first walked in and her tail started swishing back and forth. I hope she's getting used to it by now. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed seeing Karma's reaction to the new loveseat.

I hope YOU get some sleep soon. Sounds like you need it. *hugs*

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

You obviously took poor Karma's world and turned it upside down. I bet she'll get used to the new furniture before ya know it!

God bless ya and have a fantastic week sweeie!!!

Carolyn Dube said...

You have a wonderful and entertaining cat! Thanks for sharing!

Rita said...

Iggy--Yup! Complaining, hissing...she wasn't happy--LOL!
I only know "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" from the movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. A classic!!! ;)

Djan--Things will settle down. I did sleep! Whether new furniture is actually comfortable is a crap shoot for me. I never know until I am using it for a while. Still too sore to tell yet. ;)

Dee--Karma prefers I not acknowledge her bonded dependence as she likes to think of herself as wildly independent--ROFL!! ;) I won't know how comfy it is for a while, but I am hoping it will be gentle on my back. :) Glad you liked the silly video.

Beth--Karma is still struggling to figure out how to live with the new loveseat--LOL! :)

Teresa--Oh, my dogs did that, too! Cock their heads when you ask them a question--so sweet! Cats will do that sometimes, but it is usually before they pounce on something--LOL! :)

Theresa--I was surprised at how nicely it fit in here. It actually seems like I have more room, too.
What accent? I don't have an accent! LOL!

CarolC--Karma's still trying to figure out the best way to get up on it--LOL! She's calmed down, though.

Trisha--LOL! It took Karma about 7 hours before she was able to sleep in her cat bed up here. That's so funny that he gave the computer a head bang to Karma--ROFL! They really don't like their sleeping and sitting spots changed most of all. Karma would agree with Dude.
Heal that heart, baby! Fly! :)

Laura--Yah! It took all day, but the initial complaining has subsided. I think Milo is much more adaptable, being the world traveler that he is. ;) Karma is the ultimate homebody, one-person cat. ;)
I hope it has warmed up down there!!

Tori--I knew she'd have to--in order to be near me and enjoy her cat bed--LOL! She's still a bit befuddled, but give it a few more days and it will be ld hat. :)

Jeannie--Yes, that's it! It frazzled her every last nerve--LOL! Her world isn't comfortable quite yet, but it will be again soon. She's quite relaxed when she's inside of her familiar bed. It's just the getting up and down and how does she get comfortable sitting on me (the back went down on the other chair so I could move it backwards a little). Silly girl. :)

AliceKay--She was quite beside herself--LOL! Tail, hair up, hissing, disgruntled, annoyed--just makes me giggle. If only those were the only issues we had to deal with in life, eh? Glad you enjoyed the video--and I did get some sleep, thanks! :)

Artoholic said...

That twitchy tail is a giveaway hey? I hope she's well settled by now.

Whenever we prepare move house (and that's a lot), the cat knows instantly what's up and becomes quite scatty.

Hope you're getting some much deserved rest!

Celticspirit said...

Your home always looks so neat and organized! I love the new is very nice. Looking at Karma makes me miss my kitty...well better not go there. Anyhow I'm going to try to get to the blogs more and just to let you know, I love reading yours. And thank you for keeping up with the emails. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww I loved this post. Thanks for the video. Karma is so funny. I felt bad for her though but I'm sure she will get used to it. She really should like the couch since it matches her brown patches. It's like she's camouflaged. Did you feel bad hearing your chair hit the bottom of the dumpster? When the petal of my old stationary bike broke and I had to get rid of it I actually felt like I was losing a friend. My husband bought me a new bike but I was pretty attached to the old one. I had spent a lot of time on it reading in the garage. I had it a long time and I had a lot of memories of watching my kids try to rid it too. Anyway, your love seat looks nice and I'm sure Karma Kat will grow to love it.

Friko said...

Karma is one spoilt, big-bellied pussycat.

I don't have a cat at the moment, my dog doesn't mind them but a new cat might mind and attack the dog. He's too old to be attacked by a cat, great big softie that he is.

Rita said...

Nezzy--Upsidedown--Yes! LOL! She is getting adjusted pretty quickly--only because she has her catbed on it. ;)

Carolyn--Thanks! :)

Cindy--Oh yah! Karma knew something was up for days--LOL! Starting to get more sleep, thanks! :)

Barb--Oh! I thought you had the cat and the dog!? Bummer! :( Maybe one day you'll have another one. We'll keep in touch, lady! :):)

Donna--I did feel badly when I heard my faithful old chair hit the bottom of the dumpster. I get very attached to inanimate objects, too--yes!! It will take a while to see how this loveseat actually is with my back problems, but it will have to do regardless. Nothing dastardly so far--LOL! ;)

Friko--Kittens have so much energy and would be bugging him to play all the time and probably drive him nuts--hehe! He sounds like a sweet, sweet dog! :):)

1artsychick said...

Karma is such a funny kitty...and I mean that in the nicest way of course! Our Max used to be more of a hide under the bed when things weren't suiting him, type of cat. Now he's the lovingest thing. He has to love everyone. He used to never come out when we had longer, he will even mingle during a party.
When we move around or get new furniture, he's one of the first to claim it...normally stretching out on it and taking a long kitty bath and nap.
I was just talking to Stuart the other day about how he has changed over the years. He really was a skiddish kitty when we got, he's my big loving buddy! how much does Karma weigh? She looks about as big as our big Max cat. he's about 18lbs...and the vet says he's not fat, just a big cat.
So glad you got your new (to you) piece of furniture, and the exchange went well.
and so glad your knew isn't bothering you as much as was expected.
: )
hope you can sleep too, I was up until 6am last night...slept until noon. I need more, so much more.
sweet dreams

Jenny Woolf said...

Lovely video - that lashing tail shows a disquieted cat, poor Karma so obviously ruffled by the changes!
New things can take a lot of getting used to for people as well as cats.

I bet you're glad the shift around is over too,

Deanna said...

What trauma~!! I'm sure she will get used to it soon. That's a nice love seat. I hope you enjoy it for a very long time!!!

Rita said...

Wendy--Karma went the other way. She used to love everybody and then gradually became a one-person cat. But it's understandable when she only sees me 98% of the time--LOL! She's around 19 pounds last time I weighed her.
Sounds like we've been on similar hours. I hope you get some sleep, too! :)

Jenny--Yes, Karma and I are both adjusting to the new loveseat. With me--I am so short I have to scoot way down to hook my heels over the foot to be able to push the foot down--LOL! I'd say we're both "old dogs", but Karma would be quite insulted with that. ;)

Deanna--It's not new but it's in pretty decent shape, so--yes--I hope it lasts for years and years, thanks! Hope you're having a great week. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Dear, sweet a way, I can understand as I'm not one who likes a lot of change either. I'm sure, in time, she will grow to adore the new love-seat which, btw, looks GREAT!

Sandra Tyler said...

Found you via Elisa's blog roll the cat pics!

Rita said...

Serena--Karma has settled right in once she got her stepstool--LOL! I hope you are feeling okay? I think of you often. Sending prayers and hugs! :):)

Sandra--Greetings, lady! I checked out your blog and will definitely be back! So glad you found me so I could find you--LOL! :)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your new loveseat looks incredibly comfortable. It's funny how resistent Karma was to it. Pretty soon I'm sure she'll not want to leave it - once she gets use to it and it feels like hers.

Rita said...

Anna--LOL! Karma's never known anything but a separate chair with an ottoman she could use as a step stool. Favorite places to sit or sleep are sorely missed by cats and dogs, I think. Humans, too, for that matter. ;)