Sunday, January 15, 2012


Friday night Karma was minding her own business catching a couple winks sitting up in her cat bed...
...when I flashed her--LOL!
We did get maybe an inch of snow early Saturday morning. Just enough for this little boy... wander all over the yard kicking around a soccer ball.
Just another dusting. Not one decent snowstorm yet.
Yesterday I decided to switch the glider rocker and the black endtable...just to have the endtables more in the positions they will be in...and to freak out Karma, of course--LOL!
At first Karma wouldn't go in her cat bed on her chair. She hopped up on the chair under the back of the craft table by the window and "clawed" her frustration out on the corner of the chair. (Man! Am I glad she doesn't actually have claws!)
Full of the devil!
But it didn't take too long and her curiosity got the better of her. She climbed up and just stood in her cat bed and surveyed the new view before she settled in. I can't imagine it will take her too long to adjust to the new furniture, but then who knows what goes on in the Karma mind--LOL!
What did totally shock her was me reaching over to pet her when she was dozing off--ROFL! I know. The cat torturer. I couldn't resist--LOL! I think she found that the most disconcerting of all. I don't know if she's decided she likes the random possibility of her sleep being interrupted or not. ;)
This is the goodbye view this morning.
Turns out this IS the best day for moving! 28 degrees and some sunshine right now. Yes, it's windy...but by tomorrow we are supposed to be back in the single digits during the day, so this is the best day.
If all goes well, in the next post I will be showing you the new loveseat! ;)
I've only had about 3-4 hours of sleep the past three nights so I am hoping for a sleep-a-thon here really soon. I don't know why I keep trying to set the alarm early as I am making my way around the clock in the hopes it will force me to bed earlier. It never works. Definition of insane, right? Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome--LOL!
Well, they said they'd be loaded up and arrive probably around 11:30-noon. All Karma's usual hiding spots will be gone in the main room so I plan to shut her in the bedroom like I do when Caroline's vacuuming the living room...just in case she gets discombobulated by the freakish activity and runs out the door or something. ;)
Excitement reigns in Fargo! LOL!
TTYL!! :):)
"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine."
Robert C. Gallagher


Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
I'm so excited for you! I can hardly wait to see that loveseat.

Oh, I've never put ice cubes in the cats' watering bowls. But you said that Karma liked ice in her water and so I did that today. Ellie sat, entranced, for a good 10 minutes and then began to paw the cubes. I thank Karma and you and so does Ellie.


TexWisGirl said...

hurray for new furniture day!!!

Beth said...

Karma is adorable!!

I hope you finally get the loveseat this afternoon. Waiting to see the picture.

I hope you get some rest tonight.

AliceKay said...

Oh my goodness. LOL I loved that quote today. LOL

I hope the move goes well. Those pictures of Karma gave me a good laugh or two. She's quite comical. (good thing she doesn't have claws...LOL)

Very cold here today, but the sun is out most of the time...not that the sunshine is reaching my feet which are very cold at the moment...even with two pairs of socks on them.

*waits for the pic of the new loveseat*

Deanna said...

I see so many similarities between Karma and Bailey. Bailey always sleeps on our rocking chairs on the porch. When it got cold, Jim made her a house with hay in it. She refused to go in there. Night after night we'd put her in and she'd come right back out. Finally it got cold enough one night that she went in and stayed in... and has slept there every night since. Silly cats!

Can't wait to hear how the love seat works out! Exciting!

DJan said...

New loveseat! Yayy! Today's the day, I am hoping. I will see it soon, if all goes as planned. But then again, what ever does? Looking forward... :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that quote LOL

I sure hope you get that love seat today. I can't wait to see Karma kat's reaction.

It is very cold here. 40 below zero. BRRRRR. My husband asked if I needed anything from the store... nope, not that bad. I don't want any of my family out there to break down and freeze either. You know if that boy with the soccer ball was here he'd probably lose that ball... and it would be kinda flat. Balls and balloons tend to loose their bounce/float here. The year after my mom died my sister wanted everyone to release red balloons on the day she died. I told her in February balloons don't go up here.

Rita said...

Dee--Be a post tomorrow with pictures and a video! So glad Ellie loved the floating ice cube! Karma occasionally paws at them, too. Cool! :)

Theresa--It was a hurray day!! :):)

Beth--Pictures tomorrow! I don't know why I am still awake. I hope to be in bed soon, thanks.

AliceKay--Hehe! I did take a video of Karma meeting the new loveseat and I'm sure glad she doesn't have claws! She wanted to beat it up right away--well, when she got close enough to it--LOL!
We're supposed to drop back to frigid again up here by tomorrow, too. Stay warm! :)

Deanna--That Bailey! Yes, cats are very stubborn--LOL! It took until this evening before Karma would spend any time on the loveseat and she doesn't seem like she knows what she wants when she's up here--so funny! She is finally sleeping in her cat bed up here. Took till 7pm! Change. Not easy for some. ;)

Djan--Oh, it went so slick! They weren't here long at all and everything was moved. I put all the smaller things back after they left. I have pictures and a video for tomorrow!! Whoohoo! :):)

Rubye Jack said...

Poor Karma. I think maybe she has a hard time with change?

Rita said...

Donna--Somewhere, at some time, I have seen that happen...a football shrink into itself from the cold. Also, another fun thing to do--toss a glass of hot water into the air and watch it evaporate into crystals. One place I worked the guys used to go up (night shift) and pee off the one-story roof--same thing--never reached the ground. Oh the things we do to amuse ourselves--ROFL!

Rubye--Yes, apparently Karma can have a hard time with furniture change--LOL! Thank Goodness she is not a slave to her own routines (eating) and adjusts to whatever crazy time I'm on. She'd be a real pain! ROFL! ;)

Intense Guy said...

Karma is getting sooooo tired of the Ritarazzi!!

:) I see its about 7F there... yegads!!!!

Toriz said...

Poor Karma having her nap interupted by random acts of petting, LOL!

I keep doing the same thing with the alarm. I keep hoping that forcing a wake-up time will then force me to go to bed at a decent time and sleep well that night, then have me sleeping normal times after I do it a few nights; keep trying to kid myself it will work. So far no luck. It might work for a while every so often, but then I'll have another bad night (or a few of them) and have no choice but to take a nap (or after a few days of little to no sleep have a sleep-a-thon at some random time). And next thing I know I'm back to square one! Anyway, good luck with getting some decent sleep!

Rita said...

Iggy--LOL@Ritarazz!! :):)
We're back in the deepfreeze again, that's for sure!

Tori--Silly, I know--but she's never been close enough to be petted unless she was curled between my legs on the chair. Startles the heck out of her--LOL!
We both do the same thing with the alarm clocks--to no avail. Insane or optimistic? I prefer optimistic. ;)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

We haven't had much snow either this year. It's strange weather for North Dakota and Minnesota, isn't it?

I remember about 12 years ago, the pasture would be at least knee-high in snow by this time. It made it quite difficult for the sheep to be outside.

This year, the horses are galloping in the pasture - unheard of in January!

Looks like you're getting the same unusual weather there that we are getting over here.

Rita said...

Anna--Yes, really strange weather! We should have high snowbanks by now in town. The horses could be galloping in the fields up here, too. Little snow, but so cold, though. Stay warm!! :)