Monday, January 23, 2012


Not a lot to tell you over the long weekend I was away. I never do as well when I am sleeping I still am. It's like I am stuck in a pattern of sleeping from 11-12pm until 6-9pm. Not really making my way around the clock very quickly this time, I guess.
Karma is still trying to get used to the loveseat. She remains jumpy when I move on the loveseat or bump her cat bed so I wake her up a lot. She still parks herself on the footrest between my feet a couple times a day--can't really relax there but it doesn't stop her from trying. I disturb her sleep enough that she regularly goes off to odd spots in the apartment to sleep. She's still not eating well. A slow adjustment.
I am also adjusting. Mostly physically--getting used to the sliding down and having to push down with my legs to get out of here--LOL! Probably good for my body to use some new muscles, but it's rough on the fibro and OA. I can tell this cranky body is slowly getting accustomed to the crazy new acrobatics, though--LOL!
I had a stuffed head and ear this weekend. It hasn't gotten worse and seems to be getting better, actually. I hope it continues in this direction. ;)
I started playing around adding a little random color with distress ink pads in the SOAR journal.
Just kind of smeared a couple different colors all over the page spread. Getting ready for Saturday--two blues.
I did catch a gorgeous sunrise.
Most of the sunrises have been pretty blah with clouds and grey skies. We had another light dusting of snow a few days ago.
Saturday. The original "cut and paste"--LOL!
Getting the page spread ready for Sunday and a new week--brown and yellow.
I can get lots closer pictures of Miss Karma when she's so near now. She does like me laying a hand on her side while she sleeps or reaching over to pet her so easily...even if it startles her at first.
Yesterday...we had snow!
Enough snow that the plow has been working away in the parking lot since 4am this morning.
White everywhere!!! :):)
I know. Don't hate me because I love it.
They said we actually got 3-5 inches, even if it doesn't really look like it here.
I'm sure the plow companies are delighted and why they're out long before dawn because now we are getting freezing rain--arg!
I was happy to see everything all clean and white out there, though. I have missed the snow.
I never did watch the sky painting class on Saturday because of my sawing logs by that time. And I am sooo disappointed that there was no replay that I could find anywhere. In fact, all I found were some previous classes that you could pay for the downloads. Makes no sense to me to sign up 4,000 people knowing you can only handle between 1-1,400 for the streaming and then have no replays for people to watch. Duh! So--if I happen to catch them, fine. If not, too bad. I had already signed up for a waterfall painting class for February before I discovered they had no replays. Oh well. Live and learn, right?
I got tagged by Tori. I don't pass them on, but welcome anyone to answer the questions if they'd like to. I think it's always fun to read people's answers. :)

1. What was your first pet? And what was its name?

My very, very first pets (around age 8 or 9) were some guppies in a fish bowl and they never got named, but I got to see live births--awesome!

2. What's your earliest memory?

I wrote a story about it in college.

Mommy and That Baby

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, in any type of home, where would you live? And what kind of home would you live in?

I'd live in Minnesota in a house big enough for two creative rooms--one large one for an arts/crafts studio and one smaller one for a writing den--on some land where there's woods and a creek or river. Enough land where I couldn't see my neighbors, but enough room that I could hold classes to do fun things and have an extra room for company to stay.

4. If you had to pick just one meal to have every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? And why?

Goodness! I just don't know. Maybe if I picked something like stir-fry or hot dish so that you could switch the ingredients up all the know how I love variety! ;)

5. What would your ideal job be?

Can't work anymore. I was an English Writing major in college...if I ever decided on something that was worth giving up everything else in my life for to write, I could write I suppose. But I do love variety, so I'd have to fall into intense passion, that's for sure. ;)

6. Do you love to read? If so, what are your favourite types of books?

In my little one-bedroom apartment I have four bookcases with books. I have books on writing, on arts & crafts (painting, drawing, polymer clay, aromatherapy, cardmaking, calligraphy, etc, etc), on spirituality and religions, self-help, cookbooks, chic mysteries (from my cleaning girl), literary journals and collections, some historical, novels, mysteries, memoirs...quite a variety. I go in cycles where sometimes I am reading compulsively and sometimes I only have a couple books I'm reading at a snail's pace (like now).

7. Are you a fan of watching movies? If so, what are your favorite types of movies?

Ha! Am I a fan of movies! Always was, but especially now since I have been housebound and the Universe sent me Netflix--LOL! I like some popular (although the comedies have become so raunchy I am not liking a lot of them anymore), independent, sci-fi, thrillers, some action-adventure, period pieces, old black and whites, classics, TV mini-series and movies, documentaries, nature, animated, dramas, foreign...lots! :)

8. It's a cold, dark night in the middle of Winter; the snow is falling thick and fast outside the window... What are you doing?

Inside--nice and warm--either watching one of those movies, reading, writing letters, making cards, working on some journal or another...or on the laptop as I am right now in that very scenario--LOL!

9. It's a beautiful, hot day in the middle of Summer; there's not a cloud in the sky, and bearly a breeze... What are you doing?

Inside--nice and cool--see number 8. ;)

10. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be? And why?

I'm terrible with these type of questions. Too pragmatic. They're fictional. I can't talk to them. I'd rather talk to the author.

11. If you could have a conversation with any person - alive or dead; just as long as they really exist (or have really existed in the past) - right now, who would it be? Why them? And what would you discuss?

Again...does this mean I am weird? I have no desire to talk to anyone famous. I'd be much more interested in talking with a pioneer family, or somebody who worked at building the pyramids, or a maid from a big house in England back in the day, or a monk from an old Tibetan temple, or a family following the reindeer in Scandinavia, or a Chinese family of rice farmers. Those are the people who interest me. The common folk, you know? They fascinate me. We already know quite a bit about famous people.


Anyways, that's enough for today. Karma's mostly asleep at my side in her comfy bed (her ears give her away that she is not totally out). My ear is mostly unplugged. Everything I do, I do slowly. It's now 6:15am and I can still hear the snow plow. They have to be thrilled to finally have some work. They're predicting it to be around 30 degrees the next few days, so most of this snow could be gone once again.


The start of a good week ahead, right? Stay safe and well. :):)


"Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door."

Emily Dickinson


DJan said...

Sorry to hear about you missing that program, but I am glad you are getting some sleep. I cherish my ability to sleep through the night, and after hearing of your difficulties, I wish I could send the Sandman your way. I loved your comments, they are lots of fun.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Silly Karma! All this fuss about more comfy furniture, lol!

LOVING your new journals! I love the creative ways you've colored the backgrounds. Are you doing some kind of journal challenge?? It looks cool! Have you heard of the Smash journals? I just ordered one...not sure what I'm going to do with it but the commercial was just TOO intriguing, lol!

I am glad you are loving your snow. Most people don't, so I'm sure that makes the snow very sad! It is very pretty, and much better than the drab brown of a snow-less winter!

I hope your sleep cycles get back on track really soon. Still, it's better to get sleep, than to not, even if it IS at odd hours!!!! Hugs!

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
What a charming photograph of Karma. She looks so intent as she gazes at you.

I enjoyed reading your response to the ten questions. The home you described almost exactly matches what I'd like--back in Minnesota!

And like you I'd enjoy meeting ordinary people like myself all over the world. And also some authors like J. K. Rowling and Emily Dickinson.

I hope your sleep patterns edge and edge and edge forward until you are back to sleeping nights.


TexWisGirl said...

i enjoyed your answers. like your idea of the dream home in Minn w/ the craft rooms. :) beautiful snows (if you can stay inside and not have to drive in them) and lovely sunrise, too!

Artoholic said...

That's a bit of a bugger about the painting skies & the sleep cycle. BUT, your real life skies are just spectacular! And your journals (this & the last post) are awesome! That paper stash is unbelievable...

I want to swap your snow for our scorched earth. Weather Bureau have warned us to expect a week of temps around 42C (107.6F). I predict paint will dry on my brush before it hits canvas or paper. Also predict cat will not leave air conditioning for a week.

Have a creative week!!

Deanna said...

Sleep can be such an evasive little bugger sometimes, can't it...

The snow looks pretty, but we've gone this long without it, it would be fine with me if we get none this winter!

That is an awesome picture of Karma.

Toriz said...

Give her time, she'll get used to the new seat and be back to her old self soon!

That's stupid about the class; they should either restrict the number of places available for signing up or make sure a repeat was available.

I don't hate you because you love it, I hate you because you have snow and I don't. OK, not really... I could never hate you; you're too kind-hearted. I am jealous though, LOL!

Thanks for answering those questions; I love your answers by the way, and wouldn't mind joining you in that home of yours; a writing den sounds like a great plan! As for the last question; I never said it had to be anyone famous, so your desire to talk to one of the less known people is quite acceptable (and, I think, a very good answer!)

Furry Bottoms said...

It was good to get to know you through your answers!! :)

I'm sorry your sleeping patterns are skewered again, but then again, who's to say what a normal sleeping schedule is? I know lots of people that prefer staying up all night and sleeping all day. I probably would if I could!

Rita said...

Djan--Yes, cherish that ability to sleep regularly and at night. I think it's healthier, too. I never feel quite right when my hours are completely reversed. You are so sweet. I shall keep an eye out for that Sandman.

Jeannie--SOAR is a Ning group and we get weekly prompts and a word for the week. There are some things you can print off, as you can see me cutting and pasting--but you don't have to use them at all if you don't want to. The lady who runs it writes a section for you to read--as kind of inspiration for the week, I guess. You can do any kind of art journal or writing journal that you want and it goes for a whole year! Listmaker that I am, I really appreciate the "to do" lists for the week. Most of my personal thoughts go into my writing journal I have been keeping since last January. I like the loose rules!

Dee--I can picture you and your cats in a house in the country, too!! :):)
Thanks! I do hope I can get around the clock and back on nights soon.

Theresa--I loved the snow even when I had to go out every day and scrape and deal with the roads. I've been lucky that I haven't had to shovel too much in my lifetime, though. ;)

Cindy--Well, I'll just appreciate any of the classes I can happen to catch. I'm bound to learn something.
I'd love to be able to paint my real life sunrises. And maybe as the year goes by I'll make better pages in my SOAR journal--either that or, more likely, spend some more time in my first actual art journal I started in November. ;)
I can't even imagine 107 degrees!! I can't stand the heat. I'd be sitting right in front of the AC with your cat. Awwwkk!
Stay cool!!!

Deanna--So many people don't want any snow this winter if they haven't gotten any or much. Up here, too. You're definitely not alone--hehe!
Maybe my body is getting back at me for all the years I controlled my sleep and forced my body to go without so many times or to sleep when it didn't want to. It finally took over--mutiny!! LOL!

Tori--I know! Very frustrating. Hard to get serious about a class that you can't count on. :(
Maybe you will get some snow soon. I hope ours is not all melted in a few days. And this ice is awful for driving. I wish it had just been snow. They even had to close the Interstate because of the ice. :(
I guess people always pick the famous ones. But you didn't say "famous". ;)
Well, if you get snow, I hope you just get snow and no ice. :)

Desiree said...

My heart is breaking. Bonny, our almost 11 year old GSD died suddenly on Saturday. I miss her dreadfully. Karma drew me to visit since it was her face out of all the blog options on my Reader this evening that urged me to stop by. She is incredibly beautiful and has such an expressive face. Please give her an extra cuddle and stroke for me.

Beth said...

I wish you could get your days and nights straightened out!

It is cold here today and the temp is dropping. Not snowing yet.

Your journals are very pretty.

AliceKay said...

My condolences to your friend, Desiree. So sorry to read about Bonny. :(

It sounds like Karma is slowing catching on how things are to go now. She'll be okay.

That's an absolutely magnificent sunrise shot! You have such a wonderful view from your place.

Between the rain and the warmeer temps last night and today, our 4 inches of snow have pretty much gone. The mountains still have snow, but not much down here.

Those classes should have some kind of replay available to people who have to miss them for one reason or another. Seems odd that they don't.

It was interesting reading your answers to those questions. :)

I hope you're able to get back on the best sleep pattern for you. Going without enough sleep catches up to a person after awhile. *hugs*

Rae said...

I enjoyed reading your answers - it's nice to get to know a little more about fellow bloggers.
I am a troubled sleeper too, so I understand. For several years I've battled with it. A few hours here and a few hours there. 5 hours is my daily average of total sleep.

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! Lots of news with you ~ creating, q&a ~ very interesting ~ Karma's photos are always wonderful! Filled with love! And you got Snow ~ so glad to hear from you and what you are doing ~ very creative ~ namaste, cArol ^_^

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Such fun answers! Your journal looks amazing. I hope Karma will completely adjust soon ;)

Gwen said...

Hi Rita, yes I did write the poem, such as it is.
Your little friend looks very comfortable, I must say. The journal is looking amazing and all that snow..I am so jealous:)

Rita said...

Nikki--I love reading when other people answer questions like this so I suppose I should do it once in a while--hehe!
I've always been a night person, but this not being able to sleep until late morning or afternoon and waking up late at night sucks. ;)

Desiree--Oh I am so very. very sorry to hear about Bonny!! You know how I love animals, too. That breaks my heart!! I did reach out and touch her when I read that. I'd be devastated. *love and hugs* *love and hugs* *love and hugs*

Beth--I know. They eventually straighten out--for a while--and then inevitably do this to me again. Patience is a virtue, right? ;)

AliceKay--I know! Desiree loves her dogs. I was shocked, as it sounds like she was. :(
I haven't caught a good sunrise for a while. They've been rather unremarkable a lot of the time. You know I'd be getting shots as long as I am up--LOL!
Not sure how long our 3-4 inches is going to stick around, either. Stay warm and safe! :)

Rae--Hey! You're more than welcome to answer them. I love to read people's responses, too. ;)
It's funny how precious sleep is to you once it doesn't come easily anymore...or at the right times. ;) Ahh--what we take for granted.

Carol L--Thanks so much! At least the SOAR journal can be really quick and easy if you use her print outs. I feel like a grade schooler with all the cutting and pasting--LOL! Fun and easy enough for me to do even on not so good days. :)
Seems so strange not to have snowbanks up here since December (or before). Always good to hear from you. :)

Elisa--Both Karma and I are taking a while to adjust to the new furniture. Like a couple of old ladies, we are. ;)
So glad we connected. :)

Gwen--That poem was just lovely, too!! You have many talents, lady!
I hope the snow doesn't all melt away. Makes me feel like I've moved south when I didn't know it not having snowbanks out there--LOL!
Stay safe and happy! :):)

Anonymous said...

First of all I love Emily Dickinson! Secondly Congrats on your award and most importantly get your sleep cycle fixed woman lol

Rita said...

Melynda--I love Emily, too!! I am finally (maybe-knock on wood) making my way around the clock, I think. Got stuck for days and days. Karma and I are adaptable. I just haven't been feeling the best, so it makes me yearn for night sleep more than usual--LOL! Sorry if I am being whiney. ;)

Intense Guy said...

I think I read too many blogs... I'm only now catching up with you (and this week)... Hmm.. who to trim... who to trim.... Ah! I know!


It won't ever be you -

I love your answers to Tori's questions - when I (if?) ever get caught up, I'll give the set of questions some answers of my own.

1artsychick said...

I wish I had print outs like that for my journal. I have tried to start a Book of Days...a workshop I've been following...but I've only gotten the cover done.
She does so much mixed media stuff in her journal, and has to glue pages together to make them strong enough...I'd have to do this in my studio, can't do it from bed, and on days I can get up and out...I don't really want to spend the whole time in my studio trying to update this journal.
I like the printouts...I think I could keep up with that. have the best handwriting. Wow! I'm envious. It seems the older I get, and the more I type, the worse my handwriting gets.

Rita said...

Iggy--I had never trimmed down my blog following, so it was easier for me. Lots of them hadn't posted for ages and some blogs were gone! About time I cleaned house, eh? LOL! But there are so many that I enjoy--obviously--and just can't let go of them. Even the ones I read and seldom or never comment on. You, my friend, will never be dropped from my list!! But I know how overwhelming it gets if you are away for days and get behind! Whew!! I'd love to see you answer the questions, though!! :):)

Wendy--I know what you mean. My "art journal"--even if I have just been doing backgrounds so far--is more work. Messier, gathering parts and supplies. (The collage part is why I have just stuck to the backgrounds so far--LOL!) Been fun--but when you don't feel well even that is more work.
This cut and paste and color and write stuff for SOAR I can pretty much keep up with. It's not all that creative, I suppose, but at least I feel like I am doing something--LOL! ;) And you could make it as creative and elaborate as you wanted to.
Thanks so much re: the handwriting. *blush*
Hope you're having a good days!! :):)

Toriz said...

I know; frustrating when you think you can count on something only to find you can't; hope you don't end up missing too many of the classes!

Yeah, it's better to just get snow and not ice; we're getting a bit of ice (not much; enough so I notice because I'm up so early, but it's gone by the time most people are up) but that's it other than rain, wind and sun. *Sigh*

Correct; I didn't say famous. And I like your answer!

Rita said...

Tori--I'll try to catch the classes I am able to. :) We've really had ice up here recently--not good! Glad yours has been melting so that it hasn't stopped you and Kero walking to the park!! :)

Anonymous said...

I've really gotten behind. I really like your journal you are working on. It looks really interesting. Karma is so sweet. I really wish I wasn't allergic. My dog thinks she's a lapdog these days and she'll suddenly jump up on me and it really hurts to be stepped on...especially when she steps on my boobs! I loved reading the answers to those questions, especially the last few... about being more interested in common people than famous people. ME TOO. I have always wished I could talk to Mark Twain. I think he would have been neat to know.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

nice sunrise!
and all that snow!! yay! stay warm...get your sleep whenever you can! lots of people sleep in the day and stay up at night...

i'd love to answer some of those questions.,..but i'm so far behind in my reading!! well, maybe a few....

i've always wanted to live in a dome home...or one stuck in the side of a a hobbit! i love to read, mysteries are my favorite. my first pet was charlie, the box turtle. my favorite movies are either action or psych. thrillers.

thanks, rita...for all your encouraging words & support....

Rita said...

Donna--Oh, I know what you mean! Karma --it really hurts when she steps on me! She can only come up and cuddle when I put the pillow in my lap first. (Dang fibro.) But she knows, so she waits.
Mark Twain must have been a real character with a great sense of humor. He would probably be interesting to chat with, yes. :)

Laura--I used to have a job where I worked the graveyard shift and got off in the morning. I never totally got used to it--which surprised me since I had always been a "night person". But I discovered there was a great difference between going to bed at 2-3am and at 9am or later...for me, anyways. Something throws my system off when I go to sleep when the sun is out--even when I use a sleep mask. Surprised me, actually. Who knew?
Your hobbit dome home sounds cool! I've seen programs about those and they are really nice inside and not as closed in as people would think.
I really like the psychological thrillers and a good mystery...and a whole lot of other kinds--LOL!
You are more than welcome, dear one! You've been in my thoughts. :):)