Monday, January 09, 2012


Well, I'm finally back.
Silly me, thinking I could go three days in a row. Just the two days (3 hours each) knocked me down flat. (Proof: I slept 9, 9, and 11 hours Th-Sa!) I never made it to go shopping with Leah on Thursday. (Maybe later in the month--we still want to go fabric shopping together, at least.)
Anyways, Leah did go over to Office Max for me that night so I could get my $10 off on the printer inks that expired on the weekend. Leah called me--they were running a sale, too! I told her to go for it and check out the best deal. Well, normally my black and three colors will run $80-90. Leah got me the doubles (well, the double colors are more like 1.5) and it was $130. But I had the $10 off, so $120. BUT, they were also running a $10 gift card for every $50 you spent on I also have two $10 cards, too! So actually spent about $100 to get almost twice the ink!! Whoohoo! Really exciting because it is, obviously, a big purchase for me. Leah will bring them over on Wednesday. Happy, happy me! :):)
At the moment (holding my breath) it looks promising that they just might be able to move the loveseat over on Wednesday night. I am soooo hoping!!
Karma remains blissfully unaware of how her life will change--ROFL! ;)
Meanwhile, my Ink Drop order for January arrived. The theme was "new ink for the new year" and we all got random samples of a German brand of ink they recently started to carry called Rohrer and Klinger.
Holding them up against the light of the window gives you a better idea of the colors I got. Cool!
I have a couple of empty Preppy fountain pens that need converting over to eyedropper pens so I can try a couple of these samples...but I needed the rubber ring gaskets and more silicone I wanted to stock up on some of the FP friendly writing tablets. So, I made a small order to Goulet Pens. They were out of the Triomphe that gave me the perfect excuse to make another small order to Writer's Bloc...where I could also get the third color they carry (pearl grey) of the Clairefontaine Trophee paper that I use for my bookcards. I'll show you when they arrive, of course. Thanks to Mom and Dad and to my dear friend, Ruby, for the Christmas money to buy ink and papers!!
The weather has been crazy up here. We've had days in the 40s and even low 50s! What little snow we had is gone. I have slept with the window half open a few nights! Crazy! Feels like spring. It's 52 degrees right now and I have the porch door and the bedroom window open.
This is so wrong.
Tori, the last of the treats Kero sent to Karma went into the little round treat ball yesterday.
She finally figured out her lazy way to roll this treat ball back and forth...
...just takes her longer to get them out with the one hole--LOL!
She's rolling it on the backboard from the package the kitchen utensils came in--LOL! You know how she needs to claim things. For a while, anyways. I can only stand Karma's "trash" on the floor for so long--LOL! It went out in the garbage today. And now I can't find the treat ball. I think she rolled it under the dresser again. ;)
Last night I did a quick background in my art journal.
Was just trying some Noodler's Blue-Nosed Bear (the dark spots)...
...and some Private Reserve Naples Blue.
Looks more blue than turquoise in the photo.
When I was in the Art Every Day in November I met Trisha and she told me about this Ning group I could join for free in January called SOAR through the Just Be Yourself site. It's all about journaling--whether just plain diary-type writing, or an art journal, or a collage journal, or doodling journal...whatever you want...or more than one. Pretty loose rules and looked like fun. Supposed to go all year long!
Well, I just today found out where the links were for the weekly lesson/suggestions/quote. You know I don't claim to be computer savvy. ;) I think I looked five separate times that first week--LOL! But only took me twice to catch which link on the second week. So, I think I'm okay now. Geez! No computer whiz here!
All I've managed to do so far this year was my writing journal twice and do this one art journal background. I'd better get into some kind of a new routine here pretty quick. I wanted to get back to journaling and reading in the mornings again. I had quit in November because I'd never have been able to do the blogging and the art every day and anything else. (Still amazed I did the whole month!) But right now...being pretty much away from the computer for several days...I'm so behind that I'm overwhelmed!
Made me really look over my blogging. I am following 155 blogs!! I had no idea! Right now I have about 225 blog posts to read. (OMG!) Probably a couple more by now because, with breaks, I've been working on this for going on three hours. Obviously it is going to take me a while to catch up. I will, though. :)
I was curious. Out of my 155 blogs only 20 of them have over 500 followers and 82 have under a hundred. I guess I follow a lot of smaller blogs, eh? :):)
Anyways, I'm back. Feeling better. Less moaning zombie--LOL! The rest of the day...washing clothes and I shall respond to comments and begin to read blogs. Oh, and while I was writing this the mail came and my Goulet order is waiting for the box cutter!! Whoohoo!!
Probably see you tomorrow afternoon.
Hope this is a great week. :)
"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost."
The Dalai Lama


TexWisGirl said...

glad you got some sleep! i buy my printer ink at walmart and man is it expensive! eek!

hoping you can get your loveseat this week!

Deanna said...

We've been haing crazy weather here too, Rita. I'm not complaining, though.

It looks like Karma is having a lot of fun with that treat ball!

I follow mostly small blogs and really have no wish to become a big blog myself. I've noticed so many with hundreds of followers only get 10 to 20 comments. And I get upset when I follow a blog and they post things like, "follow me and I will follow back and comment, cuz that is just the kind of gal I am" and then you don't hear from them again. Blogs are strange and I just like finding people who blog in such a way that I can learn their personality and they want to discover mine.

Oops. I didn't plan on writing a book here.

Enjoy your new stuff and your "new" love seat!


Rubye Jack said...

I don't really follow the larger blogs either, but enjoy the smaller ones more actually. I like hearing how people are doing and what they're up to in a casual sort of way. Hopefully, the nice weather will take us through to spring but even I have to admit it would be a good thing to have a bit of rain.

Carolyn Dube said...

You got a rainbow of ink this month! Your blue journal backgrounds make me think of the ocean. All those blues/greens!

AliceKay said...

Was sorry to hear those few days you were out and about got you down. I'm glad you were able to get some sleep and let your body rest and recuperate.

Sounds like you got a good deal with your printer inks. And bonus gifts cards to boot. :)

Thanks for holding up the bag with the new inks to the window. I wasn't sure what color they were in the first picture, but your second picture shows them well. Looks like you have a nice variety of color there.

You should take some more video of Karma sometime when you feel up to it. I enjoy watching her have fun with her treats and toys.

It's been cold here but no snow left on the ground except on the mountains around me. It certainly has been a strange winter so far. Did you see on the news about that poor town in Alaska that has 20 feet of snow on the ground? I think it was called Cordova, and it has snowed there every day for the past 24 days. (i'm glad i don't live

Wow, 155 blogs??? I read a very small number of blogs, and I would rather keep my readers to a small number, too. It's not the number of people following who matter. It's the number of people who read and comment time after time who matter. It's give and take. IMHO

I was happy to see a post from you today. I was beginning to worry. *hugs*

Rita said...

Theresa--I know! Seems like the printer ink goes up in price at a greater rate than the printers! Buy ink a few times and you've spent more than the printer itself! Quite a racket! I tried recycled cartridges in my last printer but had trouble with them leaking. :(
I just heard from Leah tonight that the plan is to move the loveseat Weds!! Tada!! :):)

Deanna--I know what you mean. I've never wanted to have my blog following get too big. I love having personal conversations going and being able to answer each of my commenters. Hey--on my blog you CAN feel free to practically write a book in the comments--LOL! ;)

Rubye--Yes, I often can't go back and read past posts when I start following someone so I like to just gradually get to know them by following them over time. But if they put links to past posts I enjoy going back to read those, too. Kind of like friends in real life. You don't learn everything about them overnight. ;)
I think I am one of the few people who misses the snow up here. The mail lady couldn't believe it when I told her I don't like this brown winter and spring weather...that it feels ominous to me. LOL! Different drummer, I guess.

Carolyn--They really did send me a variety of colors in my ink drop...and now I'll have printer ink...and tablets...I am good to go, baby!! ;)
I'm just doing backgrounds and backgrounds--getting used to doing those first. Then I'll go back and play some more later. Maybe collage, rubber stamps, hand printing/writing...I have no clue because I've never made one before. It will be fun, though! :)

Beth said...

I am so glad you got some sleep!
I buy my printer ink at Walmart and it is expensive. I used to get it cheaper at Sam's Club but I don't live near one of those now.

I am loving the mild winter we have had so far.

I hope you get you love seat soon.


DJan said...

I follow about a hundred blogs but only a few of them are over 500 followers. My favorites are much smaller and feel more like family. Like yours, for example. Glad you got some sleep, BTW! :-)

Rita said...

AliceKay--They knocked me off my feet, but I kept busy watching movies and catching up on TV programs and cuddling with Karma. ;)
I should try and remember to get a video of Karma and the new loveseat--LOL! Trouble is, I forget to even take pictures when people are here. I'll try to remember.
Some of the blogs I follow are about pens and paper and crafting and such that I don't comment on. I would guess I only comment on maybe a third of them...but that is still a lot. Well, keeps me out of trouble, I guess. ;)
Sorry--didn't mean to worry you, my friend. Was just too sore to sit at the computer. Better now. Have a wonderful Tuesday! :)

Beth--I know! I've become much more cautious with what I print with this new printer because the cartridges cost even more than my last one. *sigh*
I have my fingers crossed that the loveseat will make it here in two days!! Whoohoo!! Hugs to you, too! :):)

Djan--That's it! Some of them feel more like family! Yes! Well, the good part of the family--LOL! You'd be "good" family, Djan. :):) *hugs*

Queenie Jeannie said...

Glad to see you back! I was worried about you because you had been out and about much more than usual - hugs!

Karma - she's such a character, lol. I love seeing photos of her. She's going to be so sad when her treats are gone!

I love your new ink colors and art journal page!!! Will you be writing on them later? Or just making pretty art? Hopefully your box from me will arrive SOON!!!

I have (as of today!) 601 followers. But....I'm lucky if I get ten comments on any one blog post. I see much "smaller" blogs - like yours - have more comments all the time. I'd rather have the comments!!!!!

So glad you are feeling better and getting good sleep. My arm and neck are still a major bother, but with consistent Motrin, I'm able to live with it. (sort of) Take it easy with your laundry!!! Yay for no more moaning zombie - *wink*

Have a fabby, pain-free day today, k?

Trixie said...

Thanks for the comments. I just filled out my first week for SOAR so don't feel bad. I am not sure what this si going to be more about but I know there will be a bit of art in it. I think it will be mixed, art and writing.

Now onto week 2. Beleive me in all I do I am trying to find the time too.

Wow I will have to look at how many blogs I follow. I know I took a few of them off my blogger site on the side but I have added some to Google reader.

I have a mtg this morning for my website for a StartUp company to discuss it with me and maybe I will come under their tooteledge (?) but not too sure. More info on the blog later!

Thanks for your blogger love!


Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
How wonderful you have you up and writing and journaling and being your usual light-hearted self again. I'm so relieved that you got some needed sleep and that you're feeling better.

I read about forty-five blogs right now. Some large; some much smaller, like mine. And I agree with both you and DJan that reading blogs often feels like becoming a member of a family. I know I have come to care about many bloggers, like yourself, since last May when I began my blog in which I share the past as it's an on-line memoir. Most of the other blogs I read, like yours, share the present and I find that you bring me into the world today. It's so compelling to journey with you amidst the inks and pens and paper. I'm loving it!


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I love smaller blogs too :) And the ink! Those are gorgeous against the window :0)

Rita said...

Jeannie--Yes, sadly it doesn't take much to put me on the sidelines--LOL! ;)
I love the comments, too. It's like we have conversations going in my comment section sometimes. :)
I thought you were going in to the doctor! You best go in and have them check you out before another weekend comes and you're in terrible pain! Get moving, girl!

Trisha--Okay, I don't feel so badly if you just got week one done--LOL! ;)
I think most of the people will combine art and journaling from what I can see, but she did say you could do them separately or have as many types of journals as you wanted. I plan to have my regular writing journal and then work on my art journal, too. Art journaling is brand new to me so I don't know exactly what I will do with it.
I added a lot more people when I was doing the Art Every Day in November. I think I had less than 100 before that. ;)
I'll watch for an explanation of you and this company!! :):)
Thanks for being a regular visitor now and for showing me about SOAR. I'm enjoying getting to know you!! :)

Toriz said...

Hope you do get your loveseat on Wednesday.

Karma really loves those treats! Our cats always did too. I used to hand them out at bed time so I could get in bed before the cats claimed it (of course, Kero gets his bedtime treats too, but obviously not the same treats). Going to have to send Karma a larger batch in future, LOL!

I know what you mean about needing to sort out some kind of routine to do all the writing and craft stuff you want to do; I've been thinking something similar... I've been neglecting projects in favour of blogs (I follow about 83) and now I'm behind on blogs because I took some time to catch up on some knitting projects. I need to work out some kind of routine where I have a bit of time for each thing each day so I don't get quite as far behind on things.

Rita said...

Dee--This is why I do the best when I stay home and self-regulate my time and activity. When I can do things a little at a time in segments that's optimum for me. :)
I'd love to see you post some "present" blogs, too. I go into the past occasionally, too, on my blog. They were hard to find when people asked about them, so that's why I started my stories blog where I repost past stories (if I remember--LOL!) If you weren't comfortable doing present, everyday posts on your blog you could always start another one just for that. I'd sure read them both!

Elisa--I like feeling like I am getting to know the person. Not that I don't follow some blogs just for information or other reasons, but my favorites are the ones where it feels more personal, you know?
The samples looked so blah on the table and so pretty in the light. What a difference! Glad I took that shot. I am loving these German inks, too!

Tori--LOL! But--no! You really shouldn't get her more next time! She hounds me until they are gone. She stands by the end table where I keep them and cries and carries on till she gets some. Karma can be a real, single-minded pain--ROFL!! She's all disappointed her old "treats" are in the round treat ball now...which was under the dresser, BTW. I think those Whiskas must be like delicious tasting junk food--LOL! She does go crazy for them, though. :):)
I know what you mean! I have to figure out some kind of a routine, too. If I am away for several days it is really overwhelming how far behind I can be. And I have lots of projects to work on, I need to figure out how to get in a bit of everything in each day, I think. ;) Good luck to you, too!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get to go out on the town and raise some cane but glad you are feeling better now. I'm having a slow sleepy day. I woke up at 6 am but couldn't focus so laid back down until noon. I've been having more trouble... argh. This new really bad back pain. I don't like it. I might have kidney stones but might.... means they don't really have a clue. Usually my problems are a mystery and they can't figure it out. It look way too long for them to figure out I had... what I have. So I've been reading this morning... off and on and pretending I was Karma and sleeping on my book. I don't like books for pillows. I must have been really tossing and turning because I woke up turned sideways on the bed. Your inks look really pretty. I love the purples and blues.. and greens...... :O) Take care!

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! Busy lady and lots of goodies for both you and Karma ~ great photos of Karma ~ (wish Zoe would hold still long enough) and hope the 'love seat' comes soon ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^

Rita said...

Donna--I hope you feel better. I get terrible lower back pain and it sucks! I can't sleep that many hours because the pain wakes me up. Hang in there. I hope they can find out what is causing it. :)

Carol--Karma spends 80% of her time being pretty still--ROFL!!
Last I heard Wednesday was still on to move the loveseat--yipee!! :):)

Snowbrush said...

"Out of my 155 blogs only 20 of them have over 500 followers and 82 have under a hundred."

Yet, some of the blogs with few followers no doubt get more comments than the ones with over 500.

I read that calico cats are nearly always female.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Glad you got some good sleep, Rita.

Enjoyed watching Karma play with the treat ball. Cats are so fun to watch - especially as they try to figure something out.

The colors of the ink are so beautiful in the light.

Your art journal is lovely - the different shades of blues are gorgeous together.

Anonymous said...

Your non sleeping is scary! Your cat seems very content. The color looks a little turquoise to me in the picture. I'm glad you are keeping yourself busy lady.

tammy vitale said...

We too are having wild swings of weather: snow, 54 degrees, rain, 32 degrees. The spring flowering bushes are all confused and blooming and you are so right: this is so wrong!

I cannot imagine following 155 blogs - that would take all day every day! I do enjoy the few I read. Yours is so chatty and I always get inspired by your inks - that new green is awesome!

Another artsy place to visit that I enjoy is Strathmore papers...they are running 3 months of art jounal type stuff with community chat. It's fun and inspirational (I don't have the link right at hand but put in Strathmore paper arts classes and see what comes up).

Glad to see you are feeling better!

Trixie said...

Ok, counted the blogs to read...372!

UMMMMMMMMMMM no...I don't think so. I am only one person and I have WAAAAY too many things on my plate to read all those.

So-I went through my Blogger site and deelted all the ones on my Blogs I follow that hadn't posted in the last month. That took some time but was worth it. On there alone I had 294...guess how many I have now?


Yeah, I mean like yeah. BIG BIG difference.

Then I went through my Google REader and took off the rest.

So now I have less to go through. Thanks for mentioning that. It was very helpful

Intense Guy said...

Hope the loveseat is being brought in the door as I type this!!

And hopefully you found Karma's treat ball! She really likes that thing! She's pretty smart too - to put it on the flat cardboard!

I'm way behind in the blogs too (as you can tell) -- I think I've about a 100 to go...

Hope you "bounce back" from your "too much".

Rita said...

Snowbrush--I know! I have seen blogs with thousands of followers who get no comments. I'm so glad you stopped by. (I really do have that standoff picture in my mind--LOL!!)
I've always heard that about calicos, too. All the calicos I have lived with or known have been female. I wonder if that is really true.

Anna--Thanks! Sadly, being out and about these days just knocks the wind out of me. :)
Kittens are especially fun to watch and could keep me occupied for hours--LOL!
Stay warm! :)

Melynda--Oh, Karma is pretty darn content...even if she thinks life should go even more her way--LOL!
It is a much deeper turquoise in real life but sometimes my camera color is off...either that or my eyes. Dagan and Leah insist I am often wrong with shades of blues and greens. I might be a titch color blind. My uncle is...badly. My mom bought a purple couch when I was a kid and he thought it was green. I told him I wished it was--LOL! ;)

Tammy--Oh, that's so scary that the spring flowers are trying to bloom! It was low 50s here and now (Th) it's in the single digits! Ominous.
I can't read all of the blog entries and can't comment on all the ones I do read. But all of you who come and comment win my heart. ;)
I will goggle the Strathmore papers!! Thanks! :):)

Trisha--I should probably go through mine and delete the ones who haven't been blogging for a while, etc, too. That's right--I have a few that come to me in emails, too. That must be google reader. Goodness! Well, glad you cleaned yours out. :)

Iggy--Sadly, no loveseat yet. Now it's been moved to Sunday.
I did find the treat ball--LOL! Karma was delighted. That's what yardsticks are for, right?
Oh, sweetie! I sympathize with you! It took me two days to catch up and a lot of hours! But I do so love to hear what's happening with everybody. It was worth it.
I am bounced. ;)

Toriz said...

*Chuckles @ Karma*Yeah, I think they must be like cat chocolate or something!

Rita said...

Tori--Or cat potato chips! Can't eat just one! LOL! ;)