Thursday, January 05, 2012


This is the beautiful sunrise...
...from Tuesday morning.
Well, the drive was fine. Only the side streets were icy. All the main roads were already dry from morning traffic. Got there half an hour early and read the rest of Dee Ready's "A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story". Not the best idea to finish that book in the waiting room because I got all teary eyed. I had a little bit of time to wipe my eyes and blow my nose before I got called in to my appointment, but Debbie still thought I was upset about something with my housing--LOL!
The meeting took longer than usual, but not because of any big issues or anything...just interruptions and additional red tape stuff...and us gabbing. She's such a nice lady. By the time I got home I had been gone three hours and that totally did me in for the day even with pain pills.
I did try to keep up reading blogs the last couple days and finally got caught up with my commenters yesterday, but that's really all I was good for.
Then last night I went over to Dagan and Leah's. Since they have been sick and busy (feeling much better now, though) I suggested we just pick something up or order in. They picked up from PitaPit and I tried something new to me--spicy black bean pita. Was very good and not too spicy for me. They even picked up some strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries on top at Tutti Frutti for desert. And they had some presents for me under the tree! A couple of my very old big spoons have gone by the wayside and Dagan wondered why I didn't have one of these forkish things for spaghetti last time we made spaghetti they got me a set of big utensils!! Cool!!
I love candles...especially in the winter. Leah usually picks me out a big one every year for Christmas. This time I got two! The red one is from Bath and Body Works and is a soy candle. Supposed to have less soot, I guess. Cranberry Woods--smells wonderful! And the other one smells like a Christmas tree!
The lotion...well, Leah and I suffer from getting very dry hands and they are even worse in the wintertime. She found this one...Aveeno Eczema Therapy. Even though she doesn't have eczema she thought, what the heck she'd try anything, and bought one. Has been the best thing she has found yet. We're very fussy about wanting the lotion to soak in and not leave your hands all greasy, too. Leah has a hard time with scents and this one has nothing I can even smell at all. So now I can try it, too. I don't have eczema, either, so I can't actually tell you if it is good for that--LOL!
Anyways, we go out to the garage for Dagan to give me a ride home and Leah spotted something on the windshield of the Gallant. Here I had gotten a parking ticket when I was at the federal housing meeting for parking over 90 minutes! Just goes to show you how little I have ever driven since I've lived up here. I didn't even know they had time limits on Broadway--duh! Obviously all the years I have driven to those appointments I wasn't there over 90 minutes. And how did I miss that paper in the windshield? Good grief! The car sat overnight in the parking lot. Good thing it didn't rain--ROFL! Well, that longer appointment cost me $15.00. Now I know to move the car. ;)
I let Karma smell the utensil box when I got home because she was pawing the heck out of the Target bag. (We use the cloth Target bags to haul things back and forth.) Karma can't stand it when something new comes into the house and wants to check everything out, of course.
Leah and I wanted to go shopping together for some things this month. We have sewing projects we want to try, I need ink for my printer, we need these plastic things to hold screws in the wall for the Ikea racks...things like that. Today turns out to be the best day for us to do that or we probably won't be able to go for another couple of weeks. So...if I am feeling up to it (which is definitely questionable since I've been out two days in a row) we will go shopping tonight and run errands. Time (not eating and pain pills) will tell--LOL!
Dagan and Leah are going to talk to their friend with the truck and Matt (who didn't want the love seat so they think he should help move this heavy little piece of furniture) about maybe being able to make the move next Wednesday since that's the night we usually get together, anyways. That would be so nice if they could bring it over next week--whoohoo! We'll see what they say. The weather can always become a factor, too.
Speaking of...what crazy weather for January! We're supposed to have almost 50 degrees today! It's already 43 degrees! And expected to be in the mid-30s tomorrow. How bizarre! What little snow we do have will probably be gone again. This doesn't quite seem like winter yet without some deep snow out there...even if it has been down to single digits. Just doesn't seem right.
Well, I'll see you pretty soon. Not sure if I'll be able to get to blogs or not for a couple days, but I will when I'm able. If I don't see you for a little bit...have a great weekend!! :):)
"Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together."
Vista M. Kelly


TexWisGirl said...

gorgeous sunrise! glad your meeting went well - even with the ticket!

have heard about the strangely warm weather there in ND! enjoy it while it lasts!!!

Beth said...

I love the fact that we have had only .6 inches of snow so far this winter. Last winter we had almost 56 inches of snow.

A shame about the parking ticket.

I hope you are feeling good today Rita.


Intense Guy said...

I'm glad the meeting went well - and that you are home safely.

I hope you feel much better today!

Rubye Jack said...

I'm like you Rita a visit to one of those places tires me out for the rest of the day. Such beautiful sunrises you all have. Personally, I'm hoping the weather stays warm all winter.

Serena Lewis said...

I hope you're feeling much better tomorrow, Rita. WOW, a parking ticket! A shame though because you couldn't help how long it took time, less gabbing. LOL $15 wasn't too bad though..I think our parking fines are much higher.

Lovely gifts from Dagan and Leah! I've noted down the Aveeno cream as Jack, our dog suffers with very sensitive skin and it may help. As it is, we have found that the BillyGoat brand of Goat's milk soap is a major help for's all natural too. The Aveeno might come in handy between his baths.

If you and Leah do get to go shopping, I hope you have a nice time.

Rest up,

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
Sorry to have been away so long. I'm not up to reading all the postings I've missed on all the blogs I read, so please let me know if there are any you've posted that you'd especially like me to read. Slowly, I'll get back on track.

I'm glad that your meeting went well. Sorry about the ticket. But even more sorry to learn that you are experiencing such pain and weariness. Exhaustion I think.

Please take care of yourself. And if you do go on that shopping trip, try to pace yourself. I tell myself that all the time and I always forget!


Toriz said...

Glad you were able to take yourself to your appointment without any issues... Well, other than the parking ticket, but I never think those time limits are fair anyway.

I hope you - and I - get some decent snow soon!

Love that quote!

Happy birthday Karma from Kelly, Kero and I! :)

Carolyn Dube said...

Thanks for sharing about the lotion - I too hate the greasy hand thing. I don't want to leave a trail of smudges around the house after I put on lotion or drop everything I pick up. I'll have to give that one a try!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I LOVE that sunrise and Karma just brightens my day. She's soooo cute!

AliceKay said...

Be-u-ti-ful! I just love your sunrise shots. :)

I'm glad to hear you didn't have any problems driving to your meeting but sorry to hear about the parking ticket. Those enforcement officers are sneaky.

Nice gifts. I've had one of those spaghetti forks for lots of years. They work great. The lotion sounds like something I should try. I have terribly dry hands in the wintertime no matter what kind of lotion I use. I get splits in the skin around my nails that bleed and hurt like heck. I have problems with scents too. I'll have to look for some of that lotion.

If you went shopping tonight, I hope you and Leah had a nice time and found what you needed to buy.

Loved that quote. Perfect for this time of year. Snowflakes and friends. :)

DJan said...

I think you realize that your fans know you need to take care of yourself before worrying about reading and commenting. Hugs to you, and when you get around to it will be soon enough. I'm going to worry about you until you relax and cut yourself some slack, girlfriend! LOL

betty said...

Beautiful sky pictures! Glad the meeting went well; too cute about the parking ticket. We had that happen to us one time when we came back to California on a visit when we were living in Oregon. They didn't have parking meters where we lived in Oregon so when we got down here, we parked some place, totally forgot to think about feeding the meter and got a ticket :)

I will have to try out that Aveeno eczema lotion. I have terribly dry hands in winter too and it is hard to find something that works on them. Thanks for mentioning that!

take care of yourself Rita!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful skies! It makes me think of a blanket made of cotton candy. I'm really glad your appointment went okay. I got a chuckle out of you crying in the waiting room. That has happened to me before when I was reading in the breakroom at work before. Bummer about the parking ticket but it's a good thing you didn't a parking ticket here. They definitely cost you more than that but her the time limit is 2 hours.

I sure hope you feel better and get to go out. I hate it when I miss out of things. I think it would really do you good to get out and have some fun shopping. I am actually anticipating the blogging afterwards :O)

I've actually been feeling a little bit better lately. Yesterday I went to bed early but that still wasn't too bad. I just can't seem to change my sleeping schedule. I've been waking up around 2 or 3 am and sometimes I end up going to sleep before my husband even gets home from work. At least I get to see him for a few minutes in the morning on his way out. I like to be able to give him a kiss before he leaves.

Oh you know I have to try that hand cream. I actually do have eczema on my hand and I've been trying all kinds of things. Nice gifts you got. I love those forky spoons too. I have one for spaghetti that actually has two holes somewhere on it that are for measuring servings of dry spaghetti. One is for 1 servings, and another is for 2. Hope you feel better! Today is a new day.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I hope this day finds you more rested and enjoying this warm weather. I sing the praises of
Aveeno every chance I get. The Best lotion ever.

Take care....

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

You too are like a snowflake sweetie, very beautifully unique.

Your sunset photos are just breathtakin'! Beautiful!!!

God bless an have yourself a marvelous weekend my friend!

Take care....

Queenie Jeannie said...

You have really been a busy bee!!! So much going on and all of it good...well apart from the pain, but that's not new. Hugs!! I love hearing that things are going your way and I hope you get your new loveseat next week as planned!

Hi to Karma!!! I haven't forgotten...I'm still going to make her a treat!

Cindy Lane said...

Beautiful sky, just like an intense watercolour wash on steroids!

The cheapest parking fine over here starts at $60, although any fine hurts, and not just your wallet.

I read that about soy candles too, so eye my other 'wax" candles with a suspicious eye to air borne nasties.

Karma always cracks me up!

Gwen said...

The sunrise is spectacular. You are lucky that you don't have anything in the way to spoil the view.
You got some really fantastic gifts. Wishing you well and looking forward to your next posting of life with Karma:)

Serena Lewis said...

Just dropping in to say HI and that I hope you're doin' okay, dear friend.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

1artsychick said...

Hello my dear.
I don't know why but several of the blogs I follow that are supposed to be delivered to my email, haven't been! And you are one of them..ugh!
I'm sorry I've missed your updates. I signed up for email updates again, hope it goes through this time. (I think feedburner is being persnickity.

You always have the best sunrise pictures. where we live, by the time the sun gets above the trees, it's doesn't have those beautiful colors. I live vicariously through you!

thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog. you are a dear.
I'll be seeing more of you now...I hope.

1artsychick said...

Oh, wanted to add, I too have dry skin! I bathe with Kiss My Face Aloe and Olive oil's great, has a scent but a natural one...smells a lot like oil. But I smell clean so I'm ok with that.

I often put coconut oil on my hands before I go to sleep. (I like the refined, it's smoother and doesn't have a scent.) It soaks in pretty fast, if I need it during the day I will put it on leave it for a few minutes then wipe it off. Still a great moisturizer.

I hope the Aveeno works for you. I can't use that brand, it's not gluten free...crazy how I have to watch for that stuff in everything not just what I eat. But how many times do you touch your mouth? It'll get in there I just know it!


Rita said...

Theresa--Thanks! Still strangely warm up here. So odd.

Beth--Strange to have no snow.
I wasn't doing well for a while there. Such is life. Better now. :)

Iggy--Thanks, Sweetie!! :)

Rubye--Yah! Two outings totally caught up with me and laid me up for a few days.
Warm all winter--no! Wouldn't seem like winter at all. I never wanted to retire to a warm climate. Too weird! ;)

Serena--If I didn't pay it in short order it went up to $20 for the parking ticket. Good thing I had it--LOL! ;)
I hope the cream works for Jack.
Thanks for checking on me, dear one. Back to fairly functional again. :):)

Dee--Just cut my finger badly and had a great New Year's Eve. ;) Glad you are feeling better finally. Stay well and safe. :):)

Tori--I'm still waiting for snow! Was 52 degrees today (Mon). Good grief this is strange.
Sorry I gave you the wrong month for Miss Karma's birthday. Next month. I know you would think it is terrible, but I've never celebrated her birthday...just another day and an extra neck scratchin'. That's why I forgot which month--LOL! ;)

Carolyn--It's hard to find a lotion that soaks in well that lasts or heals AT ALL. So far, this seems to be better than the other lotions we've tried. At least it seems to slowly be helping my dry, dry hands and cuticles a bit already. :)

Elisa--Thanks so much! :)

AliceKay--I think Dagan has fallen in love with that spaghetti fork thingie--LOL! Never owned one before. Now that they have one he always looked for one over here if we made spaghetti--and now I have one. He assures me I will love it! ;)
I get terribly dry in the winter, especially, around my cuticles and they peel and bleed, too. So far so good. Seems to be helping. I should put it on more than once or twice a day--duh! ;)

Djan--"fans"--ROFL!! Well, my body makes sure I can only overdo it just so much and then it takes over--LOL! You'd be proud of me. I even gave myself an extra day of rest before I dug in online here. ;) Thanks for just being you!! :):)

Betty--Mine is the opposite. In Minneapolis I was used to parking meters so when I moved up here and they don't have them...forgot all about it. But still can't believe I didn't notice the paper under the windshield--LOL! ;)

Rita said...

Donna--I know! Wiping my eyes and blowing my nose in the waiting room--LOL! Kind of funny!
No shopping for me. Maybe later on this month.
Let me know if that lotion works on eczema. I hope it does! :)

Teresa--Another Aveeno lover! ;)
Hope you are having a great start to the week! :)

Nezzy--Oh, thanks so very much!! You are one snazzy snowflake, yourself, Sweetie!! :):) Bless you!!

Jeannie--I really hope they can move the loveseat on Wednesday!! Big Christmas present for me!! ;)
I had no idea you were making Karma a treat? Her birthday isn't until February 5th. I told Tori the wrong month. Goodness she never got a Christmas present until Tori sent one last year--LOL! She's quite spoiled enough, you know! ;)

Cindy--LOL@intense watercolour wash on steroids! You are so funny!
Ouch! $60 would have given me a stroke! Glad it was only $15 if I paid it quickly. And then it only went up to $20. Fargo's a cheap town, I guess. LOL!
A candle that burns cleaner sounds good to me. ;)
Karma makes me laugh every day. She takes herself so seriously--ROFL! ;)

Gwen--Funny how I hated the barren view when I first moved here in 2005 and now I love the unobstructed expanse. :)
Life with Karma is up and running again as of Monday--LOL! ;)

Wendy--Oh, I hope it works now and you get my blog posts. I've put all the different types of following links and stuff that I could from Blogger on here. At least it wasn't only me. Blogland is sometimes persnickety, yes. ;)
I use coconut oil, too. It's liquid in the summer and hardens up in the winter...but it melts as soon as it touches your hands. I like that, too, but it takes a while to absorb. Absorbs well and isn't greasy...just have to be careful how much you use. I still had quite dry cuticles, though, when I used it. They were a little better, though. Do you know you can even use that in your hair, too...lightly as a leave-in conditioner. Lots of things you can use it for.
Have a great week! :)

Toriz said...

I think Karma gets so many nice treats and such all year round that it doesn't matter that you don't do anything special for her birthday. :)

Rita said...

Tori--Agree. Karma is certainly not living the deprived life despite never having gotten birthday or Christmas presents--LOL! Till you, that is. ;)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's a great quote about snowflakes! We've been having very odd weather here too for January - yesterday it was in the 50s.

As you probably read on my blog, my father died last week. He was buried yesterday. Although it was January - it felt like spring here - some people weren't even wearing jackets. It made being outside at Fort Snelling (where he was buried) plesant (given the circumstances) with the wind gently blowing and the sun shining.

The sunrise pictures you take are absolutely amazing. Just breathtaking!!

Rita said...

Anna--That was totally unusual weather for your father's funeral. Springlike in January! Wow! Prayers for your family. :)
Thanks re: sunrises, too.