Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Karma eye view of her sunny patch of carpet yesterday.
My sprawler.
Quick note this morning. Dagan and Leah dropped off the car this morning for me to use for my federal housing appointment. Looks very icy out there. The whole parking lot is shiny. I'm planning on leaving extra early and bringing a book.
As usual, I couldn't sleep. Worried I'd shut the alarm off or hit it too many times. I'm lucky if I got three hours. But I'm up and clean, anyways. :)
Before I forget--FYI--that British show Survivors--yup--left hanging because it was cancelled. Was still pretty good, but... :(
My finger is healing nicely. (Funny--I didn't notice I had a spot of green ink on the back of my hand till I took this picture--LOL!)
I just need to keep a bandaid on it most of the time to kind of pull that deepest part together and keep it clean. ;)
Awesome! You'd never know how bad this was. :)
Well, I'd best go get ready before it's time to warm up the car. Was only 4 degrees last night, but it warmed up a little and is 18 degrees right now. Supposed to be mostly sunny again and up to 34 degrees. Beautiful day! There's a gorgeous sunrise at the moment. I hope the main roads aren't icy. Be well and safe! TTYL
"We're all just walking each other home."
Ram Dass


DJan said...

Oh, do be careful, Rita! And your finger does look ever so much better! You are a quick healer, and it sure does look like it was a deep cut.

icedgurl said...

trekking your lovely blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!


Rubye Jack said...

Isn't it wonderful how our bodies heal up so easily and quickly. I love Ram Dass.
Have a good day with the paper pushers Rita. I've been there myself.

TexWisGirl said...

good luck with the weather and with your appt!

Furry Bottoms said...

That was a nasty cut! I am glad it is healing up nicely!

Artoholic said...

Youch! That finger looks so sore - healing thoughts being sent your way.

Karma is just too cool. I have the new Bad Cat calender up - Karma leaves 'em all in the shade for personality!

Must go back and have a REAL good nosey around all your bounty in your previous posts - those runes - SWOON!! Those goals - Awesome!

Trixie said...

OMG! You did NOT just quote Ram Dass?!?!?!?

Are you sitting down...my mother (Reiki Master, Spiritual Counseling) is FRIENDS with Ram Dass. RAm DAss two years ago paid for an all expense trip for my mother and step dad to go to Hawaii to talk to him about writing a spot in his book or something like that. I asked mom why she went out there and sent her to your blog. Maybe she will post more about it.

Glad to see your finger is better (I have been sending you healing energy and lit a candle today and yesterday for you and Karma. DOn't know why I thought of Karma but I guess she needed some too. :))

I have been thinking about you ALL morning. (Are you ears burning or nose itching?)

I am doing my beginnings of Goddess Leonie things and printed out my SOAR stuff. (Hope to see you there it's FREE)

Then I have been walking around Divine Decluttering and one of the things is to make sure each area of our home is "Inspiring" I noticed that was the ones unchecked so I have been setting up "Inspiration Stations" and when I reconfigured my alter I thought of you and the rune stones (mom and I made some years ago) and I thought how much I want some stones again.

Have a great day and be safe my love.

Love and light, healing and power to you and Dear sweet Karma girl,



Rae said...

Love that sweet kitty photo. Nothing like laying in a patch of sunshine for a quick nap.

Beth said...

Good luck with your appointment Rita. Be very careful on the icy streets.


Celticspirit said...

Ouch on the cut! I don't know how you cut yourself because I've not been on the blogs too much. Glad to see that it is healing! :)
I watched the British Survivor show as well and really liked it. I wish there were more episodes.
I sent you a gmail explaining some things.
Hope you have a great day Rita! Hopefully I'll be on the blogs more now.

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

SO cold--brrrr.
I hope you'll have a wonderful day; I'm glad your finger is healing so well :0)

Desiree said...

Your finger is looking very good! I hope your appointment went smoothly and that you had a safe trip there and back. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to go out with icy roads and I have to admit that I'm jolly pleased I never have to, either! Karma really steals my heart every single time I see her beautiful face. She really is a blessing to you (& you to her, of course!). I'm still very much on my blog break, but I'll continue to pop by now and then. Big hug xoxo

Intense Guy said...

Welcome back from the federal housing appointment - I hope it went well - seems you were a might concerned about it and the drive there this morning doesn't sound like it was very pleasant.

Your finger is looking good, Dr. Rita. :)

Serena Lewis said...

I hope you have a safe trip there and back, Rita. I was terrified of icy roads when we lived in Wyoming for a time and that was just being a passenger. I refused to drive under those conditions.

That first pic of Karma is so sweet!

Glad to see your finger is healing up so nicely.

Stay safe...

love and hugs,
Serena xo

Toriz said...

Hope the appointment went well, and glad to hear the finger is healing well! :)

Deanna said...

Your finger is looking good, but sore. Hopefully it will heal soon.

Icy roads are enough to make anyone nervous. Hopefully you made it safe and sound and all is well. And now maybe you can catch up on some worry-free sleep!


betty said...

Nothing worse than driving on ice! I hope the appointment and drive to it went well! Ouch with your finger! Glad it is looking like it is healing! Do keep an eye on it!


AliceKay said...

Great shots of Karma. Loved that first one. :)

Your finger is healing nicely. Looking much better than it did last week.

I hope your appointment went well and your drive to and from was a safe one.

We're supposed to have temps down in the single digits tonight. We got some snow yesterday and it's still here and will be until it warms up...which can be any day for me. I'm really not liking this cold weather.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Hugs to you and Karma. Glad to see your finger so much better. And Love that Ram Dass quote.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your finger is healing. I want to lay in the sun with your kitty. She looks comfy.

carol l mckenna said...

Karma is sooooooo adorable and filled with love! Good Luck with your interview ~ and finger seems to be healing well ~ Sooner or later all 'artists' have a green spot on their hand ~ keep creating ~ good for the soul ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ ~ A Creative Harbor and Share the Creative Journey ~

Rita said...

Djan--I was careful and it was a pretty safe trip. Traveled roads were mostly dry. It was deep--to the bone on the top half. Doing well. :)

Icedgurl--Thanks for stopping by. Cheers to you, too! :)

Rubye--It was a long day with my federal paper pusher, but she's a sweet lady. I'm bushed, though. (Doesn't take much.)

Theresa--Thanks, Lady. All went well. :)

Nikki--It was nasty, that's for sure. A little Christmas Day surprise--LOL!

Cindy--I've never heard of the Bad Cat calendar. I'll have to google that.
If you have any questions about the pictures--like what's what or anything--email me. soulcomfort (at) gmail A lot of these were gifts! :)

Trisha--That is so cool that your mom is friends with Ram Dass! Thanks so very. very much for the healing energy and good thoughts for both me and Karma. :):) I joined that site and SOAR. Going out and about...well, I'm shot...and going out again tonight to Dagan and Leah's (Weds)...but after that I'll go back and really check out what you actually do in this SOAR group. :)
You have a great day filled with light and love!! :):)

Rae--Karma loves the winter when the sun comes in across the carpeting. Cats and sun just go together, don't they? ;)

Beth--It was only slippery on the side streets and parking lots. All the main roads were dry thank goodness. Traffic melted the ice off. :)

Barb--I'm happy to see you back in blogland! I cut my finger on Christmas Morning--to the bone. Was a doozy!
You'll have a long email back soon, lady! Just so glad you are safe and sound and with family. :):)

Elisa--Thanks! Been warming up a bit here to 30s! Heat wave! Crazy weather for January. :)

Desiree--I'm so tickled that you pop by to check on Karma and me while you're on your blog break. I had a safe trip and Karma stole my heart away a long time ago--LOL! ;) Enjoy your break!!

Iggy--I'm always concerned about leaving the apartment actually. [TMI, but it's the IBS or colitis that is the most worrisome. I don't eat for 1 1/2 to 2 days before and take pills, etc. At least I don't have to do that when I go to Dagan and Leah's--just have to last for a 15 minute car ride--LOL! Thank goodness!]
LOL@Dr. Rita. ;)

Serena--If you don't grow up with it or have a bit of practice icy roads can be scary. Sometimes they're scary to those of us who are used to them. And we have people who have dealt with them all their lives who still end up in ditches regularly. *sigh* Hope you are doing well, too. *hugs*

Tori--Yup! All is well. :)

Deanna--Actually it is not sore at all and doesn't hurt at all except when I bump it. :)
I can start with worry-free sleep tomorrow (Thursday)--LOL! Thanks!

Betty--The worst is the black ice when you aren't expecting it. That can catch anybody off guard. It was safe and my finger is doing great! Life is good! :)

AliceKay--Hurt my knees like crazy, but I love that shot of Karma, too!
Yes, finger is much, much better than last week, that's for sure.
We're getting warmer weather here for a few days so maybe it will make its way your way. :):)

Teresa--Thanks so very much! Hugs to you, too!! Walkin' with ya, lady!

Melynda--Thanks! Karma does love the heat. Have a great day! :)

Carol--You can tell how totally Karma trusts me...most of the time--LOL! ;)
True--sooner or later we all have green spots--and us fountain pen nuts are known for random ink stains--LOL! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Karma, she is such a pretty cat. I just love that first shot. If I got down in front of my dog like that she'd be licking me to death.

Your finger looks like it's healing well. I had a cut one time that should have had stitches...but I just pulled it light together with a bandage and it just left a thin line. One of the surgeons that I worked at the hospital told me if I wanted to make my fingers shorter to come to him next time. I only showed it to him afterwards and he scolded me for not going to the ER. I was busy and really didn't want the bill.

I just got your letter and card - both at the same time. I think the mail man was holding on to one so the other wouldn't be lonely in the cold mailbox.

Tracey FK said...

Hope the drive wasn't too scary.... the thought of driving on icy roads freaks my poor sun weakened Australian mind out completely... we watched the British survivors and freaked when it ended and then we found out there wasn't another season... don't you hate that!!!!

Rita said...

Donna--Dogs will do that--LOL! Cats will just lay there and try to ignore you. ;)
Yes, the top of this cut was so deep that it is still open and hasn't closed off yet. I push it together and bandage it up. ;)
LOL@lonely in the cold mailbox! Funny!

Tracey--There's different kinds of ice, too. Some is slicker than others. This stuff wasn't too bad. ;)
I know! And it ended right in the middle of the action so you wondered what was going to happen next--bummer, is right! ;) I hate when they do that, too. The one that annoyed me the worst recently was Heroes. I'd been watching from the beginning and poof! Gone! Grrrr!

Friko said...

Be careful on those icy roads!

Rita said...

Friko--Thanks! One thing I don't miss being home 98% of the time is driving is bad weather. ;)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Kisses for your boo boo!!! Bella says mine work, lol! Karma is so gorgeous....I'll bet her fur is incredible soft!

Carolyn Dube said...

Have you tried superglue on your cut? My friend's kids had chronic foot cuts and their doctor recommended it to keep it closed up & not pulling apart all the time. When I sliced my finger with an exacto knife in a class the teacher said superglue too- so I tried it. Really kept it together well. It wore off in a day or less so I would just add another coat. Kept it from stinging in the shower when I washed my hair. I am a pain whimp - little cuts cause me quite a bit of pain.

Rita said...

Jeannie--Thanks for the boo-boo kisses. ;)
Karma's fur is pretty soft, but I have felt a lot softer. Dagan and Leah's Annie (the black one) has fur like silk! :)

Carolyn--I have heard of the superglue with cuts but have never tried it myself. I've never heard of a doctor saying to use it! Wow! And it worked! I'll definitely have to remember that. :)
I'm lucky that after the first 20-30 minutes it never hurt me unless I bumped or scraped it. Not even if I got it wet. It's really healed up well. Happy me!! :):)