Thursday, January 12, 2012


No loveseat.
The moving was postponed until Sunday. Their friend with the truck, John, had a short window last it began to snow and the temp was plummeting. Right now this afternoon it is only 7 degrees. I think they predicted near zero last night. So, John has a bigger window on Sunday from 11am-2pm and was much happier to do it then. No problem.
As you can see this morning...the snowfall was pathetic...again. I think the temp dropped so rapidly that it got too cold to snow in no time flat--LOL! Just another dusting, but too cold to melt, too...for a few days anyway.
Oh, my Writer's Bloc order arrived yesterday afternoon. Pearl gray Trophee paper, three Triomphe tablets, and a couple packages of envelopes (the french paper is not the same size as ours--too wide to fit into my regular card envelopes). Happy to be stocked up! :)
Karma's bed went back up on "her" chair.
Dagan and Leah did come over.
Do you see something new on the wall by the porch door?
TaDa!! We finally got the IKEA "racks" up! Well, Dagan and Leah did. I was only a back up for "are these level" observations--LOL! We could even fit three more on the wall--whoohoo! Those are all various kinds of punches. The racks were spaced evenly so that we can change things around any time we want. Cool! :)
They just look like the old-fashioned metal towel bars, to me. ;)
Leah picked up these plastic holder thingies to grip the screws into the wall so they are in there firmly. Having the punches so handy is going to be a treat. :)
Dagan and Leah also put the wire cube shelves together for the corner in the bedroom. We discovered that they are made to be put together side by side in two levels of three. They don't give you enough parts to stack six shelves high. We had two sides and one connector left over with five high--but it is just fine.
Well, just fine to me. Drove Leah crazy because there are two types of sides...small squares and larger squares for bottoms/tops and sides...but they don't match. LOL! Dagan just giggles at the two of us. Leah has her OCD things that drive her nuts and I have mine. So it is a good thing this set of cube shelves came over to my place. Doesn't bother me that the sides don't match. Luckily. Leah would have had to return them--ROFL!
Now I can finally begin to sort out the mess in the bedroom. On the floor (as you see) and the closet.
This morning (well afternoon--I had a sleep-a-thon till noon) Karma spied snow on the porch and begged to go out. But her "spring" lolling about on the porch had suddenly vanished and the 5 degrees was a shock to her...
...she turned right around and wanted to come back inside.
You think I'm optimistic? Silly girl thought that she had drug some snow inside on her feet (by her logic, they were cold enough) and she quickly turned around to look for snowy footprints to eat.
Nothing? Darn!
This snow is too cold to stick to her feet, anyways...the crunchy dry stuff. LOL!
We had a nice night, though. Wonderful to get the punch racks up and the shelves together for the bedroom. Leah took John's box with her to wrap and mail this week. The loveseat will be coming on Sunday (say a prayer). I'm already set for the change. My finger is looking good and should be ready for being wet a lot, soon. It's warm inside and I don't have to go anywhere or do anything in particular today. Life is good!!
Change doesn't always happen when you want it to.
Live in the present moment.
Karma is snoring softly in her cat bed on her chair.
Ignorance is bliss. ;)
"And so let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love..."
Mother Teresa


Furry Bottoms said...

It would be really nice to have the chair moved in already! I never thought to use metal towel racks for my stamps. SHEESH!! Genius!!

Toriz said...

Silly Karma, LOL!

Well, at least you only have a few more days to wait for the loveseat; it will get there in the end. And it seems like you got plenty done yesterday anyway.

LOL @ Leah being so bothered about the cubes. I know someone else who would have returned it too!

Glad to hear the finger is healing nicely!

Beth said...

We are having a blizzard here today. the snow is blowing and drifting around like crazy. Total 5 - 8 inches and the windchill is below zero.

Hopefully you will finally get your loveseat this weekend.


Rae said...

Those are really neat racks. I could use some like that. That snow that missed you is here - our first measurable amount of the season. Your kitty would have a good time eating all the snowy footprints we have tracked inside.

TexWisGirl said...

sounds like 'new stuff' came anyway! it got cooler here in Texas too last night/today. no snow, but freezing again.

AliceKay said...

I hope the loveseat move goes as planned for you on Sunday. I hope the snow stays away during that window of opportunity.

The racks and cube shelves are looking good. You'll soon have everything so organized. :)

I had to chuckle at your pictures of Karma looking for her snow prints. She looked so forlorn in your last shot. LOL

Mother Teresa was a very intelligent, giving woman.

Rita said...

Nikki--I don't know if they'd work for stamps. I think they're now wide enough. The bar sits about an inch and a half from the wall. Perfect for punches, tho. Even the small ones can hook over the bar and lean back. ;)

Tori--We did get a lot done, anyways, yesterday--true. Do you mean you would have returned them? Or Kelly? Whoever...Leah would side with them. LOL!

Beth--Another snowstorm your way! 5-8 inches! And we haven't had one snowstorm this year. Goodness! Stay warm and safe!! :)

Rae--IKEA had them, but only in the actual store. The closest one was down in Minneapolis, so when Dagan and Leah's sister and BIL went down they picked them up for me. Nice!! I think they were $1.99 each without any hardware. Simple enough. Now Leah mentioned finding hanging hooks we could use for scissors! ;)
I saw you were having snow your way. Did I mention I have always loved, beautiful dogs!! :)

Theresa--Yup! I little bit of change happened anyways. ;) Stay warm down there!

AliceKay--Yes, I hope it isn't snowing or something on Sunday!
Me and organizing is a never ending process, I think--LOL!
Karma did seem so totally shocked that there was no snow on her very cold feet--she even triple checked--couldn't believe it--ROFL! ;)

Carol said...

Nice to be able to organize your stuff. My craft/art area is a disaster AGAIN! It's tough when you have to share a space....hopefully we will get my own room done this winter!!!!!

Rubye Jack said...

Karma looks like me today. I'd go out to check how cold it is and turn right around to get back inside my warm house.
I'm beginning to understand that living in the present is so difficult for me because I seem to always want to change something.

Anonymous said...

Looks like progress is being made! I'm almost done with my move too. Thank God! My muscles are killing me!

DJan said...

It does seem odd that there is still no snow at all up there in Fargo. I'm not surprised at the cold temperature, since you live in the oft-times coldest place in the US. I would love to have one of those wire corner things, I would make good use of it! I'm sure you will, too. Can't wait to see that loveseat!

Cowgirl Red said...

Rita, I love the stuff you got from Ikea. I think I will look into ordering some things also. Living remotely, like you and I do, our best friend is the UPS man. Karma is absolutely the cutes cat I've ever seen. The papers you got would cure any Writer's Block I could possibly have. I love beautiful paper almost as much as fabric. xoxoxo Terah

Toriz said...

I was thinking of my Mam, but I think Kelly probably would have too, now that I think about it... LOL!

Intense Guy said...

The racks on the wall might not look like much, but you sure loaded them up with some bright and cheery colored items!!

French paper - That stuff feels nice - I'm gaining an appreciation for the stuff -

Poor Karma, she eats all summer so her "blubber" level is up for the winter and there isn't enough snow to eat....

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like you are staying out of trouble..those IKEA racks will work great for you..will some of those metal shower ( S) hooks work to hang your scissors from? Oh it was bitter cold here yesterday..way below zero windchill and I had to run fun:(

Anonymous said...

Karma is so cute. She makes me smile.

Bummer you didn't get the love seat but it will happen soon enough.

I'm feeling draggy today but better painwise. So I feel like I could do some cleaning... slowly. Have a good day.

Friko said...

Sounds like you have everything nicely under control.
Stay warm.

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Rita,

Sorry I haven't been by. I've been feeling a bit out of the loop this past week or so. Hard to get out of this holiday mode I'm in...maybe when Aaron goes back to school.

The IKEA racks look great and easily accessible. Yeah, they kinda do just look like basic metal towel bars. I guess apart from their depth from the wall. The wire cubes in your room will come in handy too. You're SO organised.

Awwwww....poor Karma not having any footprint snow to munch on. Maybe next time. :)

Have a great weekend, my friend! I'm looking forward to seeing the love-seat in its new home.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I love what you put on the IKEA racks. That looks awesome!

It snowed here--the kids are so excited ;)

Rita said...

Nikki--LOL! Much easier when you don't have to share. OR if you have somebody to share with that is as OCD as you are like Leah is when we craft together!! ;)
I'd love to see pics when you get your spot done!! :)

Rubye--Too nice inside. Much better to look out the window at winter. But not so much so when it is brown. ;P
I do have project plans running around in my head a lot. I have to shut them off in order to get fully present. That's my main problem with living in the moment. :)

Melynda--Oh, you poor thing! I hate moving! I have done it so many times--enough for a few lifetimes. The only part I enjoyed was figuring out where everything went and settling in...but that's my organizational OCD side that kicks in. ;) Hope you love your new place!! :)

Djan--Funny that the cold itself...even zero degrees...doesn't make me feel like it is truly winter without the white (or dirty grey) outside. ;)
The cubes are only around $30 and the new version may not have identical side pieces, but the corner connectors have been improved and click in more solidly. I'm just saying. LOL! ;)

Terah--Those simple racks weren't available online when I looked. So annoying when any store has things on a website that are not available for shipping! I had Leah's sister pick them up when they went to Minneapolis where there's a huge IKEA store. I do most all of my shopping online, as you know, so they were a pain to get ahold of. I noticed when Leah and I were talking about how we have room for three more that she took out her phone and made a note of that for future reference. She and Dagan go down to Minneapolis once in a while, too. So, one day we may have three more!
I've gotten so spoiled by paper since I started a hunt for fountain pen friendly. So worth the extra cost. Ahhh! ;) I can totally see the comparison between paper and fabric! Totally! :)

Tori--Aha! Your Mam has the OCD genes, too--LOL! ;)

Iggy--I can hardly wait for the next invisible letter! Yes, once you write with a fountain pen on some of those french just don't want to go back--LOL! The last one I sent you was on Rhodia, BTW. Smooth as silk! ;)
Really does make you wonder what kind of winter we will end up with eventually here. Karma is missing her snow. Me, too.

Connie--I thought of those shower hooks but they are too big. I leave it up to my "tool girl", Leah. She's one who windowshops in hardware stores and already seemed to know what she would get. I leave myself in her capable hands. ;)
Yes, it was around zero here. I didn't want to know what the wind chill was. Brrr! You all stay warm over there!! :)

Donna--I hope you start feeling better soon. Sounds like you have really been on a fibro flare for a while now. I hate when they just won't let go of you for love or money. Hang in there! :)

Friko--Thanks! It's been too cold for our dusting of snow to melt, but the wind has blown a lot of it away. Always windy here. Have a wonderful Saturday! :)

Serena--Well, I'm glad you are taking it easy at home with Aaron on break from school. You need to just take as much R&R time as you can before your surgery, lady!! :):)
I think these racks are just about the same distance from the wall as the old metal kitchen towel racks. At least the ones I had seen over the years. They may be plain and cheap, but they sure work nicely for punches!
Big hugs!! xoxo

Elisa--They're just all our punches. Only one was too small, so we set it on top of a big one--LOL! Now we can see what we have easily and even have room for more! Cool!
Kids and snow--always a good time! Stay warm and safe! :)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

right now it's 31 degrees outside. and i'm in florida! well, NORTH FL where it gets a little colder! but don't think of FREEZING when you think of florida...

you are always so organized! i know, i've said it before...i have so much STUFF...with no where to put it...mugs filled with brushes & art pens...paper, books, clay, paints...i need more shelves...but no room!! drives me crazy...i'm jealous...of all your cool drawers, boxes, shelves..... :)

hopefully karma will get her snowy footprints soon, eh??!

Rita said...

Laura--I can't believe it is freezing in Florida!! Good Lord! You probably don't even have heavier clothes to keep you warm!
I have mugs and jars filled with brushes and pens, too! Pen mugs in every room but the bathroom--LOL! Dagan was just teasing me about how I have four wastebaskets just in the living room! I have wastebaskets, pens, paper, and scissors available all over this one bedroom apartment--LOL! ;)

You! One of these days we'll have a snowstorm up here and Karma will get her snow...and I will feel like it's winter. :)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
It's Saturday today so I'm hoping that tomorrow or Monday I venture to your blog and discover a photo of the new loveseat. How exciting all this is. You could write a suspense novel!

I'm glad for the racks and for the wire squares that will help you get better organized. Your home is turning into a model of efficiency.


1artsychick said...

I have one of those bars from Ikea...a long one, have had it for about 4's still propped up in the corner of my studio..not on the wall! LOL
For 2 reasons...I keep changing my mind as to where I want it, and then Stuart thinks it need stronger screw things...I don't know if we'll ever get this done. would make it much neater...but where to put it...
I got the little bucket things to hang on it too...for brushes and pencils and such...but where to put it so I can reach it easily - then again...duh, and I admit I have not thought of this before - the bucket things lift right off, I don't have to reach it all the time, just take the container I need to where I need it. Perhaps now we can get it hung!

Rita said...

Dee--LOL! I never thought of all the delays that happen in my world as being suspenseful to anyone besides me and Karma. ;) So funny!

Wendy--You do need support for the rack. Leah got these little plastic thingies that she drilled a hole and stuck into the wall first before the screws went in (if you aren't going to hit a beam, of course). Those will hold it in securely, she said. But if it was just the screws in sheetrock--they'll fall out pretty easily.
Yup! You could just grab a little bucket and move it to your table. :) Cool!