Thursday, January 26, 2012


Even if Karma falls asleep while I am rubbing her tummy, I discovered that the tummy rubbing is still entirely at her discretion and inclination. When I foolheartedly reached over to rub her belly--and she was awake, mind you--and did not take it slow and wait for her to give me the "okay" signals--she gave me teeth--LOL!
Now Karma knows she had best not try to bite down--and even pointedly placing her teeth on my arm is an absolute we both froze--her with her ears back and a defiant glare in her eyes--me likewise. She removed her teeth, closed her mouth, licked politely, dropped her head...and I told her threateningly "no teeth!". I am alpha female, but she had made her point. Karma wouldn't be Karma if she didn't need to have complete control over when she wants affection, what kind, how much, and how long--ROFL! Things haven't changed that much. I still have to read her body language when it comes to belly rubbin'. The head and neck are always okay. ;)
It looked like a white out snow storm out there yesterday...
...but it was mostly a white fog. Very little snow and it turned to light rain at one point. Not very nice out there.
Caroline made it over and we trucked on down the hall to the storage area with my little green cart and hauled back a bunch of stuff.
My table easel.
Two boxes of acrylics and assorted supplies.
The sewing boxes and misting box are next to the acrylics in the hallway now.
I had Caroline add the top box of photos to the stack of nostalgia and pictures. (I do need to learn how to use the scanner this year--LOL!) But five boxes high just bugged me, so after she left...
...I ended up moving a couple of them down and pushing them with my feet into a 2-stack and 3-stack. (Now my bum wrist is complaining today, of course--harrumph!)
I was thinking--good grief! Look at all the project boxes stacked up! What a mess! That I will be looking at for a long, long time--ROFL! ;)
When you know who saw I had moved the photo boxes...
...she had to come smell...
...and immediately thought to herself...
I got my bigger folding stool and dug around on the shelves over the washer and dryer to find my old acrylic sky attempt from several years ago. I had bought up lots of goodies and Dagan, Leah, and I were going to try to learn to paint and play with acrylics...and maybe later oils (which I also have from when I tried a Bob Ross painting before my health took such a dive). We did play a little. Dagan finished a yin-yang symbol painting, Leah kind of half finished some oriental symbol words (they have a bit of oriental decorations at their place), and I completely painted over this sky about three times--LOL! I finally gave up and stuck it in the closet.
I can, once again, paint over this completely and start over--tada! And I found the other two blank gessoed boards that came in the package, too. Also brought back a canvas for the heck of it from storage. An actual canvas scares the hell out of me, so I am hoping to finally get up the nerve to just go for it and not worry if I totally mess it up or not--ROFL!! I have more nice clean ones in the storage area, too. But for now I'll practice on the gessoed boards. ;)
And I want to play with acrylics in my little art journal, too. Time to dust off those brushes, I guess. ;)
Last night before I went to bed (at 6pm--whoohoo!)--Miss Karma was still perched on the box.
Takes so little to make us happy!! :):)
I have enough in that hallway to keep me busy for the next several years, I bet!! LOL! Never bored. Never bored. Oh, and I did start to re-arrange and sort in the bedroom finally...for the cube shelves. (Any of my moving and digging abouts may have caused my bum wrist to flare up, come to think of it.) I know. I know. Everything is at a snail's pace in my life. Sometimes that snail is even on siesta for a while--LOL! A delicious plethora of choices before me. Goodness! Goodness! Nope! Never bored. Never bored. Now if my body would just please be a little more cooperative--ROFL!! ;)
Have a wonderful Thursday!! :):)
*hugs to those who need them*
"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."


DJan said...

It did look like a whiteout at first. Glad you don't have to go out in that awful freezing rain. Karma is definitely always interested in what's going on in her little castle, isn't she? No wonder your wrist is sore, you had to lift those boxes pretty high to get them down from the tower of boxes! :-)

Toriz said...

Yes, Karma had to make it plain that though you are alpha female, she's still in charge when it comes to things that happen to her. LOL!

Glad you got some of the things out of storage; have fun with them!

LOL at Karma thinking "stairs"

True; you're definately not going to be bored, LOL!

AliceKay said...

I'm looking at boxes filled with lots of projects just waiting to unfold. LOL I really like that sky painting. Wouldn't take much to make it look like some of your photos.

I had to laugh at Karma making use of the new "stairs". Loved that last picture best. It's almost as if she is daring you to make her get down from her perch. LOL

We woke up to a little more than a half inch of a very light, puffy snow covering everything this, driveway, lawn, and trees. We're supposed to get some rain with possibly a light mix in between. Hope the "mix" waits until after I get home from work. Speaking of which...I best get moving.

Hope you have a nice sleep. :)

Rita said...

Djan--LOL@"her little castle"--how true! Yes, between the boxes, the closets, and the things I moved around in the bedroom--no surprise--hehe! I'll live. ;) Have a wonderful day!!!

Tori--She knows I'm the alpha...but she resents it a little--ROFL!! ;)
Nope--right now I have way too much to do!! ;)

AliceKay--I'm going to cover that old painting up completely. In the one class I did catch online I learned to start with the lighter colors and add the dark! Who'd a thunk it! I want to try that. First with a regular sky and later on with a flaming sunrise! :)
I think she would have loved it if I would have chased her. It was a "who put a quarter in you" night last night--LOL!
I'd love to see fluffy white snow. Ours is glazed over with ice. Have a good day at work today!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a ton of fun in store. I need to find some projects to keep me busy. lol Thanks for your kind comment today. It meant a lot.

Furry Bottoms said...

I burst out laughing at your description of Karma's ears folded back, defiant glare, and you likewise...

I think your sky looks pretty good. It looks like sky meets ocean. It sounds like you're going to have some fun! And you need a slightly bigger apartment now!

TexWisGirl said...

karma's too funny. and i like your sky!

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
I'm sorry to hear about that wrist. As DJan said, you had to take those boxes down from a tall stack. That must have put a lot of pressure on your wrist.

I'm so looking forward to the weeks and months and, yes, years of creativity we will see emerging from your enthusiastic mind and heart and hands in your home in Fargo.

I am so grateful that you share your life with us. Thank you.


Beth said...

It is foggy too here today and drizzling something, rain I guess as it is 36 degrees.

Karma has a mind of her own and she lets you know it. So cute!!

I hope this is a good day for you!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I hope your wrist will feel better soon.

You are sooo amazingly creative--I love it.

P. S. Karma always makes me smile. I love those pictures of her on the boxes ROFL

Gwen said...

Cats are like that, they only want affection when they want it. I have the same thing with my cat, but he is so sweet, I always forgive him:)

Anonymous said...

I love the snow of course. The karma story is just hilarious I can just see it in my head LOL

Sandi said...

Hi Rita!
Those stacked boxes remind me of my life. I have so much stashed in boxes, simply because there is no more room in our house. It's pretty small, and oh so crowded. Every room has either boxes stacked in closets, or shoved under beds! I don't want to move because the idea of it is so daunting!

I love the photos of Karma. Reminds me of a cat we once had who thought she was queen!

I would be super pleased with myself if I could paint as sky half as good as yours! I am not a painter!

Thanks for you sympathy this morning! I think most of my sleep problems are menopause/hormone related. I should sleep much better tonight!

Have fun with your projects!

Queenie Jeannie said...

SO many fun goodies to play with!!! Sounds like you've got the painting bug at the moment. I cannot paint (AT ALL!), so I envy you your talent! That's why I stamp...I borrow other people's talent and just have fun coloring, lol!

Karma - she's a charmer!

Cowgirl Red said...

That Karma will be a little pattootie won't she? Rita your sky from two years ago is really pretty. I can't wait to see what you do with your acrylics. xoxo Terah

Autumn said...

Karma cracks me up. Though I have dogs, I could totally enjoy a cat like her!

Queenie Jeannie said...

PS: Thank you so much for the lovely card you sent!!! Soooo pretty!!

Artoholic said...

Karma always cracks me up - a cat with character. My son and I were watching a youtube video of a cat called "Pork chop". He and his owner walk (crawl) together and kiss whilst the owner sings "walking for kisses". And the cat knows exactly when to kiss! That's devotion.

Looks like you have a mountain of stuff to keep the creative juices flowing. Keep at the sky, you've made a great start. I find light over dark works for me with clouds, and keep your paints thinned.

Stay warm in all that white stuff!

carol l mckenna said...

Love the sky painting! Great ~ and hope to see more acrylic paintings and journaling~ Karma is delightful ~ love her 'new perch' ~ She must be your 'mused' ~ getting it warm and ready for you to create! ~ be well, be happy ~ namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor ~ Happy PPF ^_^

Snowbrush said...

I just love the photo at the top, but it looks like kitty is ready to moved from a twin to a king.

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry you hurt your wrist. God, I know that one. I can't even use my right hand on the mouse anymore because that wrist--the one I had surgically fixed a few years ago--is bothering me again.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, pain and agony, I'm sure! Take care! Great shots! Karma is adorable!

Carol C said...

It looks like you have lots of stuff to play with! Good luck with it---having fun is always the best idea!

Rita said...

Melynda--I have been thinking about you a lot, dear lady! Blessings and very, very best to you in this time of change and adjustment. *love and hugs and healing energy* :):)

Nikki--Oh yes! My ears were back, too--LOL! ;) I plan to paint over that sky and TRY to do something from my pictures--small bit of land and big sky. :)

Theresa--Karma's quite opinionated--LOL! I was just trying to practice clouds at the time and couldn't create anything I liked. Try, try again, right? ;)

Dee--Getting things down is generally much easier on my wrist than getting them back up. And more annoying to the people below me, I'm sure, as I have to practically drop them--LOL! Dagan and Leah--and Caroline--are used to putting boxes back up for me on occasion when they come over because I can't put them back--LOL!
If you follow me over the years you'll probably chuckle to yourself as I go back to finish projects or play with mediums that you won't have seen for a year or two--LOL! I am an oh so slowly rotating putterer. ;)

Beth--I just took it easy for a few days. My wrist is much better now, thanks! Stay warm! I know how you hate winter. ;)

Elisa--Yes, it's better. I'm kind of a "jack of all trades master of none" type of crafter/artist--LOL! But I do have such fun! :) Karma makes me laugh every day. Not that she means to. ;)

Gwen--Oh yes! When they DO decide to be affectionate they just slather you with it like you are the most important thing on earth to them--LOL! ;)

Lynn--We've gotten another dusting since I last posted, but with this crazy weather we get melting and rain, too.
LOL--could you see my ears back? :):)

Sandi--Last time I moved it was overwhelming (seven years ago). I got rid of a ton of stuff because I moved from a two-berdoom to a one-bedroom. But I think I have managed to accumulate as much as I had before--LOL! Just packed it in tighter. I don't ever want to move!!
Karma would have to be the princess--because I am the queen--ROFL!!! ;P
Menopause wreaked havoc on my sleep and gave me terrible insomnia. Runs in our family with about half the women. I hope you check that out. :):)

Jeannie--Other than one watercolor class (adult night class) over 20 years ago (she made me feel totally inept--all of us really) I only started dabbling with paint here and there about 10 years ago. (Took a brief adult watercolor class up here from a wonderful encouraging lady.) And you probably have gathered when I say here and's toe-dunking years apart--LOL! ;)
You're more than welcome re: the card!! You were sooo generous!! :):)

Rita said...

Terah--Patootie is right! ;)
Well, I have lots of reference pictures for skies now from last year, that's for sure. I discovered that they may look easy, but clouds have remained beyond my artistic far. Wish me luck! :)

Autumn--Karma makes me giggle every day! I love dogs, too, but cats and I are a better match. A cat box works better for me with all my health issues than walking a dog--LOL! Funny, I just dreamt last night I was carrying around my little fawn chihuahua I had when I was in high school. Booger. Boogs. No lie. Her name was Booger.

Cindy--OMGosh! I'll have to try to google that just because I'm having a hard time picturing it. You'd think I'd be a youtube cat video watcher, but I'm not. I have followed Japanese Maru, though--before he was famous enough to be in a commercial.
That's why I was so fascinated with his dark over light for clouds! You aren't taught that way for oils or acrylics. I knew I had to try it, of course. Not that I know what I'm doing in the first place--LOL! ;)

Carol L--Yup! I've been itchy to get the paints out again. The art journaling is new to me this last November...curious to add acrylics to that, too. Snail's pace up here, though--LOL! ;)
I have to cover my paints and never leave out paint water, either, because Karma will lick paint and drink the water! Stinker! Good think I'm a bit OCD, anyways. ;)

Snowbrush--When Karma curls more than sprawls she fits just fine--LOL! She likes to push against the "walls" of the cat bed. ;)
So very sorry to hear about your wrist. I didn't know you had surgery on it. My left one has permanent muscle damage, but they couldn't do surgery on it because the muscles were kind of shredded but not torn away. I am lucky I am right handed. But now I am starting to get OA in both wrists and in my thumb joints, I think. (I have OA all over--even my jaw is bone on bone.) It is so hard not to have the full use of your hands!! Mine comes and far. I can relate. Sending healing energy and hugs! :):)

Nancy--It's strange how my body can hurt all over--back, knees, shoulders, hips, jaw, arms, legs, even toes--well, I've become accustomed to that. But when my hands hurt--especially my right hand--it really worries me. I do so love my crafts and art and joys being housebound. Well, they're feeling better today, thank goodness. And I'm feeling sooo grateful!! Have a good one. :)

Carol C--Yes, lots to play with. My problem is I like so many things. I'm variety girl. Just wish I had more good hours to play--LOL!! But I can't complain. Smile every day, right? :):)

Intense Guy said...

When you start biting karma back, or even showing her your teeth, I'm calling the guys with the padded white jackets that strap around the back for you. :)

Karma is King (err, Queen) of the hill!

LOL-- silly cat.

carol l mckenna said...

Wishing you the best in the day and coming week ~ Karma also ~ hugs and namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

Rita said...

Iggy--ROFL!! I only have to eyeball Karma. Alphas don't even have to resort to teeth--LOL! ;)
Karma is the princess. I am the Queen. ;)
So happy to see you, my friend!!

Carol L--Same to you!! *hugs back* :)

Serena Lewis said...

Cats with attitudes. She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth lying on her bed. lol Our dogs have no choice but to put up with our affection whether they want it or not. Truth be known, they always want my affection.

Looking at what's going on outside, I'm glad you're nice and cosy indoors, Rita.

The boxes do look better in two piles...sorry your wrist protested though. I have to be careful with my hands too, particularly at the base of the thumb where the arthritis is worse. Had to laugh at Karma climbing the 'stairs'. How funny that she was still perched on the box when you went to bed. lol Too cute!

I packed my acrylics away and you have dug yours out of storage. Mind you, lately I've been thinking of trying some acrylic paintings on acrylic or mixed media paper. It would make for easier storage too.

Have a lovely week.

Serena xo

Snowbrush said...

"I didn't know you had surgery on it."

I had surgery for carpel tunnel and then Peggy had wrist surgery for DeQuervain's Tenosyncytis (my spelling is off on that second word). They were both easy surgeries to recover from, and they did what they were supposed to do.

Rita said...

Serena--Dogs usually eat up any and all attention--true! All my dogs sure did. But cats--some love it and some don't. Karma doesn't even like to be picked up. But she loves her head and neck being petted and scratched. She'd walk away before she'd ever complain about that--LOL!
Well, you have to remember I went to bed like only an hour and a half after Caroline left that day--so Karma was only up there for about 45 minutes. But that is still long for her--hehe! ;)
Hummm---mixed media paper. Sounds like you should try that!
You have a nice peaceful week--with not too much rain! :)

Snowbrush--My goodness! I've never heard of the one Peggy had hers for. I'm glad you both had successful surgeries. I hope having troubles again with it is not a bad sign. I hope it gets better for you. You need to be able to type!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that quote at the bottom of your post. I've never seen that one before.

I can't wait to see what you paint. I think your sky painting isn't that bad actually. I think you would be surprised if you added something under the sky. Skies are fun to paint though. I love painting watercolor skies.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Laughed when I saw Karma using the boxes of supplies as stairs. Looks like something my cats would do - the higher they can be off the floor, the better (unless it is sitting next to the floor heater and sucking up all the warm air coming through the vent).

How fun to have all the supplies to work with and create! Endless potential...

Toriz said...

Resents it a little... LOL! Yeah, I bet she does!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

at least karma realized that what she was about to do...was a definite no-no. a lick instead! good thinking karma!! just remember...who feeds you...and and lets you track little snowy kitty prints into the house!! ha!

wow...looks like you have a lot of projects starting up! i like the sky painting!

Rita said...

Donna--I get daily quotes emailed to me from a couple of places and then I keep the ones I like. Glad you liked it, too.
I'll start over completely on the acrylic sky. I have never been able to paint a watercolor sky I have liked, either. Such a novice painter. Have to keep playing, I guess. :)

Anna--Oh, yes! Cats do like being next to a heater! :) The heater would win out over the box stairs--LOL!
I have plenty to play with, that's for sure. Keep me busy for years!! :)

Tori--LOL! ;)

Laura--Oh Karma knew that was a no-no, for sure! A last resort to get the unobservant human's attention--LOL!
Too many projects lined up--hehe! I do hope one day I can paint a sunrise that I like. One day. :):)