Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As far as I know this is Karma's last day in "her" chair. Haven't heard any different, so I think they're coming with the loveseat tonight. :)
My Goulet order came on Monday. The tiny tub of silicone grease, 2 black and 2 orange blank Rhodia tablets, and I stocked up on the little rubber gaskets.
I finally cleared off the table from New Year's Eve...which meant a lot of scrubbing and a load in the wash of runner scarves from the top of dressers and bookcases. Took me most of the day yesterday. It's one of those "as long as I am cleaning this...then I should clean that" things that also happens once a year--LOL!
Slept with the bedroom window wide open last night again. This is so wrong. I don't often take pictures of the late day when the shadows cross my view. I went to take some shots of our brown January...
...when I spied people running around with short sleeves...
...or sweaters! Would you call those hats "Fargo" type hats that those little boys have on? LOL!
It just seems more like October or April. People are loving the novelty of it, but it just feels ominous to me.
I also cleaned and rearranged the end tables now that I will only have one next to me instead of the two of them, one on each side of my chair.
I also cleaned out three almost empty pens, switched up the two empty Preppys I had to eyedroppers and got all five of the new colors into pens. :) Just had to show you the variety I ended up with.
That Alt-Goldgrun is so different! It really is like a golden olive green. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but it is really cool! And the Blu Mare and Smaragdgran seem to be almost a pastel shade. Nice flow! I definitely see some Rohrer and Klinger somewhere in my future. ;)
Have to wrap this up quickly. I was so busy yesterday and today already, too. I got a stack of books ready for Caroline to take with her for the free table at her workplace. She'll be here in about an hour.
For those of you who are interested--I am also working on a new picture bookcard for John/Spruce in Nain. I'm recycling the box my GouletPens order came in and decided to send back all of John's bookcards that he returned to me. I managed to print off a few more pictures. Got to the last page and after it printed out the screen said it wouldn't print anymore until I put in a new yellow ink cartridge. Like it was meant to be--LOL! (The new cartridges should be here tonight if Leah remembers them.)
I want to have the letter done before they come tonight (to include it in the box) because Leah has the brown packing paper at her house so that she can wrap the box and bring it to the post office for me. I made up a sticker with his address on for her and also have a return address label. So, right now I am off to finish John's picture bookcard. I hope he understands that these are truly just for him. He's around 80, I believe, and lives in a remote area that can only be reached by plane in the winter. I don't know if he really understands about digital cameras.
So--off I go. I hope to have pictures of the new-to-me loveseat to post tomorrow! Whoohoo!! Love and hugs to everyone! :):)
"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience."
Emily Dickinson


DJan said...

A very "up" post, Rita. All kinds of good things coming your way, it seems. I also like that pretty green ink. And you are doing all you can for John; I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand about digital cameras... :-)

TexWisGirl said...

good luck with the new furniture!!! :)

Beth said...

Oh boy, the loveseat is on its way. I know you will enjoy it, karma probably will too.

We have a snow forecast for today and tomorrow. YUCK! I have been liking the winter with no snow.


Intense Guy said...

It is very brown here too - and each night it appears to "want to" snow - but it doesn't.

Happiness is a good supply of rubber gaskets... Yes, you can quote me if you want! :)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
Lots going on as you get ready for the love seat. Those five new colors really showed up well in your photograph of the writing.

I want to thank you for the suggestion you made in your response to my comment yesterday. I've never thought of having another blog for contemporary stories. Now I need to put my thinking cap on and consider what I'd blog about on a contemporary blog.


Deanna said...

Karma is definitely in for a shocker!

I like those ink colors - espeically the greenish/gold one. Cool!

I'm sure John will appreciate the bookcard - whether he understands or not. You are so thoughtful.

Our weather is crazy warm too, but Fargo? You guys are usually buried in snow by now! I agree, it seems a bit ominous.


Trixie said...

Love reading up with you. :)

Off to go make chicken, catch up on hulu and have some more wine (but no more Tequila..whew)


hugs and kisses
smirking trisha
(smile is starting to wider again my dear)

Rubye Jack said...

I live so vicariously though your posts Rita. You are so organized, where I am not. However, it seems to me we have a heck of a lot in common beneath the superficial.

AliceKay said...

I hope your new loveseat is there by now and Karma is getting used to the idea.

Looks warm and brown out your way. Above normal temps here today, but look out come this weekend. We might get a touch of winter tonight, tomorrow and Friday and temps are to plummet over the weekend and go below normal all of next week. I prefer the warmer temps...easier on the fuel oil consumption and the electric bill.

I just took a couple of pictures of some hats Terri bought from a friend of his who raises alpacas. Kinda looks like the hats those boys are wearing. I had two customers at the feed mill yesterday who were wearing some like them (two different families so that was a bit strange) so I guess they're pretty popular. ;)

What you're doing for John is a very nice idea. I'm sure he'll love having your photos again. Hopefully, he will understand they are just for him. :)

Have a great night and will look forward to pics of your loveseat when it arrives. :)

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

That's exciting about the new furniture :)

The weather has been really strange here too. It does have an ominous feel.

Queenie Jeannie said...

So excited for you!!!! Hopefully Karma is snoozing away on "her" new loveseat, lol!

LOVE the new ink colors, especially the last olive green color. It's really nice looking!

Bella has one of those "Fargo" hats as well....I think that's the "in" style right now, lol! Hugs!!!!

Artoholic said...

Immense ink envy!!! Those vials look so captivating in your last post.

We have started our brown summer - everything is so hot they are wilting and dying under the unrelenting sun.

Loved your shadows...

Anonymous said...

Rita, I've missed you :O)

You know, when you posted the pictures of your new years table spread the last time I spied that box in corner... the brown one with the mother of pearl inlays. I have one very similar and I actually pulled it out and took some pictures of it. The sides are exactly the same I believe but the top design is slightly different. Isn't it a beautiful box? I'll try to remember to post some pictures of it in today's blog post. I really do like your new inks...especially that last golden green one. It is so rich. Also, I love the blue mare. It is odd to see no snow and people dressed like it's just fall. Looks like that dark haired lady is going to need another "fargo" hat pretty soon.

I hope your friend is happy to know he is so special :O)

Take care!

Rita said...

Djan--Thanks so much, lady! I do think John maybe didn't understand about digital cameras. I hope he's okay with me sending them back. I told him they are just for him. If he didn't want to save them, they'd serve a good and decent purpose as kindling for his fire...but they were just for him. ;)

Theresa--Didn't arrive. :( Now it's supposed to be Sunday. Soon, though.

Beth--Karma will probably love it when it arrives. Still waiting. It got so cold and acted like it was going to snow. Plans changed. I hope you stay warm down there. It's freezing up here!

Iggy--It made a pathetic attempt to snow here last night. Dropped into the single digits, though...too cold to snow.
I just may quote you on that. It's true! You may discover this yourself one day--LOL! ;)

Dee--I am loving the shades of this German ink. Not readily available here in the US. Leave it to Goulet's to find cool inks! ;)
I think that would be a perfect idea for you to have two blogs. Then you could keep the one just for life stories and have another one for just daily chit chat...and maybe some pics of your three cats, too! ;)

Deanna--I'm surprised I like the goldish green one because olive green or pea green is not one of my favorite colors. This one is so odd that I like it--LOL!
I know! We usually have had several good snowstorms by now and white roads and snowbanks...really strange!

Trisha--Your smile widening again the the best news ever!! Keep on smiling, lady! Life gets better and better. ;)

Rubye--Yes! I think we have a whole lot in common where it counts, Rubye!! i have some more vicarious organizing for you in my next post. ;)

AliceKay--Sadly, we have to wait till Sunday now. The temps plummeted here last night, too. 7 degrees this morning!
I guess I always have thought of hats with ear flaps as Fargo-hats--LOL! Not really true, of course. ;)
I really hope John understands and isn't offended that I returned them all.
Stay warm!! :)

Elisa--Seems like the weather has been strange all over. Odd when we have no snow and they had snowstorms down south--several times! Ominous! ;)

Jeannie--Karma's still snoozing in her chair. Things changed. Oh well.
I guess the hats with ear flaps have become popular all over, eh? They make more sense in the cold, that's for sure!
Hope you're getting more cards done to show us! :)

Toriz said...

I hope they came with the seat for you.

I also hope John understands about the book cards and doesn't send them back again.

I agree; this warm weather isn't right! Last time this happened we had snow in April; really weird!

Rita said...

Cindy--I'm a sucker for colors--inks or paints! Ahhh! We have two different reasons for brown weather--LOL! Stay cool, lady!! ;)

Donna--Oh, I hope you post the picture of the inlaid box. Dagan bought mine in Turkey when he was there on a college trip. I'd love to see yours! :)

Tori--Nope--no loveseat yet. Sunday, I hope. Patience is a virtue, right? ;)
I know! I hope John isn't offended and understands. He's a sweet man.
Right--who knows how long winter will last once it gets here. Right now--freezing again here.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

so when your love seat arrives...will it replace the 2 chairs you have there?? how does karma deal with 'change'?

love all your inks and art's like looking a kid looking in the candy store window...
i love seeing your creations!

Rita said...

Laura--Yup! The loveseat will replace the two chairs. Always been two chairs since I moved here in 2005, not the same two--but always my cream colored one.
Karma and change? Well, she freaked out when I just put her cat bed on a chair--LOL! But after I practically pushed her up there she decided it was pretty cool. I think once she gets over the shock she'll love it! And I accidentally already have her used to the cat bed up on furniture, so I can have it on the loveseat and maybe that will keep some of the white cat hair off the brown--LOL! :)