Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Package in the mail yesterday!! (Which I just walked down and collected at 4am--I know--crazy hours.) I won a copy of Elisa's book, so I knew that was coming...
...but she also sent me a CD of her and her hubby's music!!
Thanks so very much, Elisa!
I recently met Elisa through the November art and blogging every day that I was doing. What I know of her book is that it was from a journal she wrote when she lost her baby--something that I came so very close to myself. I think I'll know a lot more about Elisa and who she is after reading this. I believe she is in the process of writing a couple more books, too! I am so glad I won!!
Thanks, Elisa!! :)
Meanwhile...Miss Karma was having a tough time with the new loveseat. She loved sleeping up in her cat bed once she got up there, but it was the getting up there that was driving her bonkers. The catbed is too high for her to jump into from the floor. She didn't trust jumping up beside the catbed because there's a crack there between the two cushions and she got her foot caught and fell down. So, after that dreadful experience she was extremely reluctant to walk across that very crack from the foot of my side to get to her cat bed. But if her cat bed wasn't up there she didn't like being up here at all because she's used to sleeping in a smaller space or it's too hard or something. I've never seen her go up onto the loveseat without me being there first. But then she will sleep in her catbed whether I get up and down or not once she's made it to the promised land--usually with a lot of human assistance--LOL!
Since she couldn't safely make it to her cat bed--next she was trying to go back to her old position between my legs when the foot rest is up. But there's one big problem...that big old gap with some saggy fabric--LOL! (Notice her staring at it because she's never seen it up like that without me in it--and she doesn't trust it.)
She fell into the abyss trying to find a way to lie down. So after that she tried to just sit up and lay across my leg...
...but she could never get comfortable and wouldn't stay long.
I felt badly for her. Came up with a possible solution. Got the little blue plastic stool and set it by "her" side of the loveseat. Karma had no trouble jumping directly into the beloved cat bed.
Now I have one happy cat. ;)
I've still never seen her come up here if I wasn't sitting here already, but I'm sure that won't take too long now. The things we do for our furry companions--LOL!
Anywhoo--the Painting Skies class was pretty interesting. First, I didn't realize it was 1pm eastern. For the heck of it I was going to see what happened if I tried to log in super early and tried it at about 11:20am. It said I was logged in and there was this recording that said it wasn't started yet...that played over and over. I turned the sound way down and figured I'd just leave it there for the hour and a half and see what happened. Much to my surprise I heard a different voice around 11:30am...and I was actually in the streaming class!!
The first hour was in the web link that came in the email. It was a lecture, really. Interesting, though. I never knew any of the hints he gave us and especially never thought you'd paint light to dark on a sky using oils. He used an acrylic undercoating and then oils on top. He could show us a painting and draw circles, lines, arrows, words on an overheard in college. Was pretty cool!
After about an hour we took a break for ten minutes and then we had to switch to another site where he was doing actual painting demonstrations. There were about 1400 people watching and I think it was overloading the system or something. There were several times that things froze up and had to be re-started and things got out of sync over two minutes delay between voice and picture by the end, but it was still worth the time for novice me. I've never had a painting class. Own a couple DVDs and have watched a lot of PBS painting shows. Lots of watching and little actual painting--LOL!
Next week he is supposed to show how to Paint watercolor and pastel skies. Our homework: he posted two pictures of cloudy sky photos and we are supposed to use those for reference and try to paint a sky. All I have done so far is print them off--LOL! Well, you know my sleep is goofed up and I haven't had near enough yet to feel rested. But I will try to do my homework before Saturday and the next class.
I had to pass with shopping at the fabric store with Leah on Monday night. We'll aim for next Monday and see how it goes. I also had to pass tonight for our Wednesday night get together with Dagan and Leah, too. I am sleeping during the day and into the evening and need to sleep whenever I can right now so we'll try for next week on that, too. I'm sure with it being a bit frigid right now that they won't mind being able to just go home this week. They're talking -1 to 7 degrees highs for the next three days. Good weather to be home cuddled up on a new loveseat--ROFL! ;)
Okay. I'm not sure if they are showing this Campbell's commercial nationally or not but every time I see this one shot I always think of Iggy. Orange cones (OCHAs) always make me think of Iggy now.
This one is for you, my friend! :)
Oh, and I forgot! I've been puttering with starting a separate journal for SOAR. Lots of cut and paste I'm back in grade school. :) I'll have to show you later. Forgot to take pictures. ;)
Hope to sleep long and well today.
Happy Wednesday, everybody!! :):)
"Laughing is the shortest distance between two people."
Victor Borge


Queenie Jeannie said...

Poor Karma! Well, hopefully she'll settle in now that she can get up by herself. Nothing wrong with being a little cautious, right?? I hope you sleep long and well!

carol l mckenna said...

Glad Karma has adjusted to the new furniture and her bed ~ Yes, furry companions are worth it ! Painting online class sounds great as does SOAR ~ Happy Creating ~ namaste,carol (A Creative Harbor)

PS ~ in answer to your question about the high tide ~ Moon Tides are always exceptionally high ~ so that is what you saw in my photo ~ A Moon Tide ^_^

Anonymous said...

oh I can't wait till you read Elisa's journal! She is my best friend! I love that girl. You will love this book. It is so heart wrenching and laughter filled at the same time!I can't wait to see what you think of it. She is exactly how she portrays herself on her blog. Just genuine.

DJan said...

Things are returning to normal now that you have the new loveseat. I'm sure Karma will be fine now that you have provided her with a way to get into her bed.

It sounds like a very informative class you've got there, Rita. I look forward to what you will create yourself. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

glad you added a step stool for that spoiled big cat of yours! :)

Beth said...

I am so glad you put the stool there by the cat bed for Karma. I was beginning to get worried. ;-) The pictures are great!

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
Like DJan, I look forward to seeing photographs of what you create through that class. I'm learning so much from you and others in this blogging world. It's like getting a Master's Degree in Living Life to its fullest.

I found your other blog and read your story "God on the Bus." Tomorrow in my posting I plan to link to that story because I'd so like others to read it. You have marched I think, all your life, to the tune of a different drummer. A real nonconformist.


Rubye Jack said...

I never have had any luck with streaming video, but it sounds like it is working fairly well for you. I see the love seat has come and even Karma is becoming appreciative. With a little help from her friend that is.

Intense Guy said...

I've not seen that commercial. :) Don't those little orange guys gleam and shine in that photo?!

Yes, we do strange and funny things for our pets. :) Karma has a most attentive owner (i.e., slave/servant).

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Rita, You are such a sweetheart! I hope you'll love the book! :0)

I hope Karma will adjust quickly. My kids and I think she's so darling ;)

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

Sounds like Karma is working through some crevice-related karma issues! Poor dear! Our mutual friend Dee sent me over here - I was highlighting some bloggers I like to follow because they are creative and asked people to tell me about the ones they like - and Dee said YOU. So here I am and delighted to make your acquaintance. Stop by and visit me if you get a minute.

Rita said...

Jeannie--Karma got really cautious when she fell down with her foot stuck inbetween the cushions--LOL! I think she thought the couch was attacking her. :) Good sleep to you, too.

CarolL--Yes, always fun to play with something new. ;)
Moon Tide! Cool! I have never heard of that before. :)

Melynda--I know you and Elisa are BFFs! I'm so glad I won! Don't have a lot of money to buy books, but wanted to read hers. My angels must have been watching out for me, eh? ;)

Djan--I think part of it is she always had an ottoman to jump on first before she climbed into her chair--LOL! ;)
I am hoping to get out the paints before Saturdays class! Sleep! Just need some sleep!! ;) Looks like fun and a challenge for someone like me with little experience.

Theresa--Yes, she's contented now. I think she missed the ottoman, too. ;)

Beth--LOL! Once she fell into the cushion crack and the footrest abyss Karma was getting really fed up with the new loveseat. Now she's okay, though, with the step stool. ;)

Dee--I'll show whatever I manage to produce from the painting class--no matter what it looks like. ;)
Oh goodness! I'd be honored to be linked on your blog! Thanks so much!! :):)

Rubye--Well, it was choppy off and on and there were so many glitches and the voice and picture didn't match...maybe I hung in there because I knew no better--LOL! We lost about a third of the viewers during the second half. ;)
I think Karma wanted to toss that horrible new loveseat out the window for a while there. But when the stool appeared she has given it a second chance--LOL! ;)

Iggy--I thought it was a pretty cool shot. Loved the sky, of course. And the "Go" sign! ;)
Yes, I am a part-time cat slave. Karma wishes I was full-time, but I need a life. ROFL! ;)

Elisa--Oh thanks so much! I'm so very glad I won!! I'm sure it comes from the heart and I will love it. :)
Tell your kids that I am just tickled that they peek at Miss Karma. She can be their virtual pet (that they don't have to worry about feeding or playing with--ROFL!).

Melissa--LOL! Yes, both crevices were troubling to Miss Karma. ;)
Dee is just wonderful! I will most certainly come by and check out your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by! :):)

Carolyn Dube said...

Sounds like a great class! Good luck staying warm with those temperatures!!

AliceKay said...

Looks like you came up with a good compromise for Karma getting to her cat bed. She looks very content there now. :)

The streaming art class sounds like a neat idea. I know how streaming of anything might get out of sync from my music streaming days. Music would be a minute or two behind the typing in the chat room. Streaming video with a delay would be a bit annoying, tho. I'm glad you're enjoying the class.

I've never seen that Campbell's commercial either. Will have to keep an eye out for it. ;)

We had some pretty bad snow squalls this morning...left a good half inch of snow in Monroeton and the feed mill, but no place else. :\

I hope you were able to catch up on some more sleep today/tonight.

That's a great quote!

Rita said...

Carolyn--Thanks! It's 9 below already at 10pm. We might hit the 19 below they're predicting after all. I just cranked up the heat a little. ;)

AliceKay--Karma made it up into the cat bed without me being in the chair today--LOL! She is officially won over. ;)
It was kind of strange because he would have already switched to another painting demo and he was still talking about the last one. Was odd.
We had a tiny bit of that very dry fine snow. The only kind you can get when it is this cold...briefly. Fine enough to put a dusting on the porch again, but it was too cold for Karma to even attempt to venture out there. She stopped dead in the doorway and turned around--LOL!
Sty warm and well!!! :)

Toriz said...

Congratulations on winning the book; always nice when you win something you really want to get hold of! :)

*Chuckles about Karma's new stool* Reminds me of when Kero was a little over a year old. We got a new bed (we'd been sleeping on a matress on the floor before then because we were sort of camping out in the only room that was free enough from damp to do so; that's a whole other story though). Anyway, he couldn't jump up (actually, probably just wouldn't) so I would lift him. Then I went to an interior design course with my Mam and one of my brothers, and when we were there we made little boxes. They were sturdy enough to be used as little stools (took my weight no bother) so I put mine at the bottom of the bed for Kero to use to jump on to the bed. He wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but after sniffing it a LOT he seemed to figure out what it was for and was happy to use it. I was happy too; didn't have to keep getting out of bed to lift dogs on to the bed on and off all night, LOL!

I'm glad you're enjoying the sky class. I bet you'll have fun trying out some of the techniques.

Yes; sleep when you can. Better to sleep when you can than not at all! Hope you had a good sleep yesterday (whenever it happened).

Rita said...

Tori--Yes--super nice!! :)
Kero understands about needing a step up--LOL! Karma was so used to having an ottoman to jump up on all these years, too. And then she felt like the loveseat was trying to attack her or kill her--LOL! She's happy now. ;)
I'll be sleeping sometime this morning. Hope for a long time. :)

Serena Lewis said...

I'm so glad you found a solution to Karma's dilemma with the love seat. I would have wracked my brains to find a solution too...hate to see my pets out of sorts.

The Painting Skies class sounded interesting.

Yes, I can see why you'd think of Iggy with all those orange cones. :)

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Rita said...

Serena--Karma can handle all the other changes in the apartment, but when you take away her favorite sleeping spot she's had her entire life--well, she's been knocked off balance and not eating. Slowly getting used to it, though, now that she can get in and out of her cat bed by herself, but she really misses being curled up between my legs--poor baby. I miss her, too. She's quite warm in the winter. We were each other's heating pads--LOL! ;)
Yes, I'll probably never look at an orange cone for the rest of my life and not think of Iggy. ;)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I laughed when I read your comment about what we'll do for our pets. It's so true!

When my first golden retriever had trouble getting on the bed (yes, I let the pets sleep on the bed), I took the framework out so the box spring was directly on the floor. It helped for a long time until she was no longer able to climb the stairs.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said... i read your post...about karma's problem with the loveseat being too high...i was thinking step stool...we had to do that for milo. as she's gotten older, she can't jump as she uses a stool to get on the bathroom counter to sit at the window!!

nice gift...AND the xtra CD!!

have a happy sunday!!

Rita said...

Anna--ROFL! Yup! You know exactly what I am talking about!! :):)

Laura--LOL! I love it that I am not the only one who goes out of their way to make life easier for their pets to navigate and be happy. :):) I know! The extra Cd was a treat! Hope it has warmed up down there, Laura!