Friday, October 27, 2006


Gracie deserves some face time, I guess. She kind of gets the shaft when it comes to pictures. She's a lot harder to get a good picture of, actually. I'll try harder. Get her used to the camera.
I finished By The Light Of The Moon by Dean Koontz. It seemed like a pilot for a TV series--the entire set up and then you're left to fill in the future episodes. Quite the premise--I was going to tell you more but, in case you want to read it, I'll leave it alone. He's a good writer. Grabs you from the very beginning and keeps you wondering what is going to happen. As I indicated, the ending is far from a conclusion, but it is satisfying enough at tying up all the loose ends. This one is available now on (soulcomfort).
Any of you readers out there who are interested in trading books or passing them on to others to read--check out that website! :)
As I am writing the man is outside my window on a floating platform contraption pounding on the living room window frames. I have the shades drawn. This is not bothering Gracie, for some reason--but is really freaking Karma out. I am going to go keep her company.

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