Sunday, October 22, 2006


Here's the dirty, algae laden tank.
You can see the tube on the left hand side that is too long.
First I had to fill buckets with water from the tank so I could remove the plants and fish.
If you can see past the algae, you can see how the end of the filter sits half way buried in the gravel--preventing it from working efficiently. And you need a couple inches of gravel if you have live plants, so I consider that to be a design flaw.
That is the tube I had Dagan and Leah cut down to half the length last night.

Here's the plants and fish in the "fish only" buckets--not that you can see any of the few fish I have because they hide.
And here's the empty dirty tank. That's the submersible heater that you see in the middle of the tank. I needed to remove the live plants so I can clean the gravel decently for once! That's as far as I got yesterday.

I was so sore and hobbly yesterday I took the last three Tylenol PMs I had last night. I crashed from 1am till 3pm!! Ahhhh!!! So, I am feeling rested--just working up to moving my stiff body to hook up the Python and start cleaning the gravel. (Might have to wait till tomorrow?) I have to remove the hood & clean that--and scrub down the sides of the tank to remove the algae, or as much as I can get off. I know the tank isn't in the best spot--near the window--but I only had so many choices. I bought the aquarium shortly after I moved in here--it was a huge treat to myself with my backpay from Social Security.
I thought this new Eclipse filter in the hood system would be great--it isn't. I have had repeated problems with leaking! After the tube is shortened and the system is working faster again--I have to watch that it doesn't overflow on the backside of the tank--again. I haven't even been able to put the filters in there at all because of that problem! I have to look closely when I have the hood all apart and see if there's a way to slow down the flow manually?
Plus--I have had problems with water sliding and dripping down the electric cords!! It was already doing that--again! I discovered the dripping when I went to unplug the cords yesterday!! That is downright dangerous!! And the leakage has absolutely ruined the cabinet the tank sits on. Water ran down inside the cabinet, too, when the filter overflowed. What a mess!
So--I will clean it well, look for a way to slow the water flow down, and try it out one more time. But, from previous experience, I am fully expecting that my fish might have to live without the filter turned on at all--because even if I get the flow slowed down so the filter area doesn't overflow, there's still the dripping electric cord problem! I have a lot of live plants and few fish--so they'd be okay. And they went without a heater until this last spring when I could afford one. This sucks, tho!! There is going to be a terrible mark on the carpet when I move, too!! I have had fish since I was 9 or 10 years old and have never had leaking problems like this!
I am totally disappointed with this Eclipse system and wouldn't recommend it to anybody! In my past I have spent years working in pet shops as a clerk and as an assistant manager--and I would not recommend these tanks! I haven't checked into it yet, but I am not sure you can use any other type of hood on these acrylic tanks, either? The Eclipse hoods slide right over the top edge of the tank. I'll take pictures to show you when I get that far. :)
Last night Dagan and Leah moved things to the garage, cut the tube for me, and put up a couple of ceiling hooks for the plants. They ordered Chinese!! What a treat for me! I have leftovers to eat today, too. Thank you, guys! Especially appreciated when I am not moving around so well today--don't have to cook! :):)
Anyways, my timer hasn't even gone off, but I am outta here. So, I think I will have to take today off and work on the tank Monday--rest up a bit--let the muscle inflammation die down. But--it will look so nice when I am all finished and the fish will be happy!! :)

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