Monday, October 09, 2006


Okay--here's the silly scrapbook pages I was playing with. I not only feel like a kid while I am cutting and pasting--but it really looks like a kid did this--hehe! Doesn't matter--it is just plain fun and relaxing to do. :)

This morning I moved everything out of the porch. I nailed down the far end of the carpet so, hopefully, it won't keep buckling up in the wind. I had to do the front end by the door right away--almost couldn't get the door open the day after we laid it out there because the wind flipped it up. The far end has kept flipping and buckling, even with the furniture on it! I hope the wind doesn't rip thru the smaller nail heads, but that was all I had. They have held on the end by the door--but then there was all that give on the other end--ha! I have battened down the hatches for the winter--hehe! We'll see how well it holds over the violence of the North Dakota winter winds.

Before shot.

After shots.

This is the cleanest the porch has been since we put the carpeting down! I vacuumed every inch of the carpet and got everything back out there and wiped down. Dagan stopped by after he had lunch with Leah this afternoon and he helped me get the hanging plants in the apartment. Looks pretty barren without them and the little bird cage, but it is supposed to get really cold and now I don't have to worry about killing the poor plants.

Dagan and Leah went to the wedding and took some pictures for me. I wish I could have gone, but I am glad I stayed home. I don't think I would have handled the trip very well yet. I really slept this weekend, too--10.5 hours on Friday night and 11 hours on Saturday night! I am hoping to make it down sometime this winter--Dagan has his yearly heart check-up in Minneapolis sometime soon.

Last night I didn't get much sleep because I got up early for the fixing of the windows. I decided to call the office this afternoon and find out if they were really coming today. Come to find out--they will be working here for maybe a month! First they are working on the outside of the building on all the livingroom windows. Then they will be coming inside to each apartment--and they will be starting on the first floor she thought. So, who knows when they will finally make it to the inside of my place? But--they told her that we don't have to have everything pulled away from the livingroom windows for them like she thought, so it won't matter so much when they come if I don't have to worry about that part of it. I'll just keep my robe handy in case I am still sleeping when they come knockling on my door. Odds are I won't see them for a week or two. They did start on our building first and not the other one. I would imagine they will do the complete outside of both buildings first, if it's been getting so cold out. Get that over with, you know? But, I am not going to worry about it now. She said they will move any furniture that needs to be moved, so I am good. :)

I'm glad we got the plants in. It is supposed to get down to 33 degrees tonight!

Stay warm!

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