Saturday, October 21, 2006


I spent the entire day working on cleaning Miss Gracie's cage--the complete overhaul type of cleaning! This job was way overdue and I am thrilled it is finally done!

The trays and grates removed and spiffed up. All the toys!! Cleaned and drying. Perches and cuttlebones.
Wiping down every single bar from the inside and the outside and getting every nook and cranny clean--reassembling and picking some new toys (I like to change things around and rock her world a little, but I can't have it too different or it would freak her out)--took me till 12:30am! Gracie was sleeping in the bedroom on her playpen. When I got the cage together and brought her out to see her newly remodeled home--she could have cared less! She was tired and cranky and just wanted me to cover her up and let her go back to sleep.
So, I took these when she got up today and was in a better mood. All clean!!!
I am trying a flexible perch on the outside to see if Gracie would ever use it to go inside on her own. She doesn't seem to be inclined to ever go back inside once she's out for the day. May be a dumb idea and just another spot to drop poop, but I thought I'd see what she does. She might not go near it! (Notice fan ready to go to garage today.)
There's a different mirror on the top of the cage and it caused Gracie to hesitate for a minute until she recognized that mirror from last time I did a big cleaning job. Gracie runs up the ladder to greet her boyfriend and sing sweetly to him when she comes out of the cage every day.
She was really giving him the once over today!!
I thought she was going to touch her eye on the mirror!!
And now--I am hobbling off to clean the aquarium. Pictures tomorrow--hehe!

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