Friday, October 06, 2006


Karma likes chair arms.
She keeps me company like this very often in "her" gold chair on the other side of the end table while I am sitting in my old lounger.
She considers herself really good company.
I happen to agree with her.
I am disappointed that the Barnes & Noble University online free classes are being switched over to strictly book groups! They have always had the reading groups (and the more in depth classes that you pay for)--now they are eliminating the free classes altogether. I'm not sure why that would be a good move for them--especially as the free classes often had more than one book to buy and other suggested reading, where a book group discusses just the one book. ?? I have been involved with the Barnes & Noble Online University for many years and will miss their free classes. If they would pick some of the books that were used for the classes for the reading groups, might be some kind of a substitute, I suppose. But, from the preliminary list they have posted--they are basic reading groups. :( I have tried those--so-so.
In our area there is a commercial running on TV from Quiznos. It is about taking their prime rib sandwich challenge and they are comparing their sandwich to Subways.
At the end they state:
"If you're not 100% satisfied you'll get a free sub."
DUH!! If you didn't like their sub in the first place, why in the world would you want another one? Notice they don't offer a money-back guarantee...just another sandwich you won't like. Think about it. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. I wonder who they paid to come up with that brilliant idea?
Yesterday I watched a really beautiful movie--Belonging:
Jess (Brenda Blethyn) and town handyman Jacob (Kevin Whately) have been happily married 20 years, recently taking in a trio of Jacob's elderly relatives, including his mother (Rosemary Harris). Though the relations are demanding, kindhearted Jess -- who selflessly quit her job -- enjoys looking after them. But when Jacob disappears one day, Jess' life falls apart, and she must learn to cope with things on her own in this touching drama.
This is one of those quiet movies with unique characters and wonderful acting--my favorite kind! Brenda Blethyn is just fantastic in this movie. I love her British accent, too--hehe! It is definitely a "touching drama", but I also found many character and situation driven chuckles scattered throughout. And there were moments that broke your heart.
Delightful little movie, in my opinion.
Well, I have made steady progress with my back over this past week, but I am not up to the trip to Minneapolis tomorrow. I am feeling better and getting rested little by little--and just can't bring myself to go backwards after the last couple months I've had physically. The car trip always causes me a lot of pain and days of recovery time even when I am at my own personal best before I start. I am not near my own personal best--will have to miss the wedding. :(.
So frustrating--my back had been the best it had felt in years before Dr. Mike got ahold of me. But then--I did ask to know in no uncertain terms what was good and bad for my body/health--so, one can't complain when one gets a forceful and most definite response, right? I guess it hasn't been in the cards for me to be making long car trips this summer. Maybe in the near future?
Made my online order to Shaklee today. Pam tried to call in her order yesterday and asked if they'd do another free item like we were originally told, but we already got one with the first order--which was apparently just getting it earlier than we would have normally (after we got the distributor kits). They told Pam no--couldn't even be done on the computer once you already have your free item--and to take up the informational error with our salesperson, Renae. Renae already told us how many of them had gotten that information wrong as soon as she heard, so it wasn't a surprise. Today I made my first order on my own personal website.
Very convenient!!
I am still focusing on the digestive products, general vitamins & protein, and the menopause complex. I have to admit that I have not had the problems with diarrhea this past month that I have always had the past few years--in fact, most of the time recently am almost constipated! ?? A state that has become downright foreign to me over the years--hehe! But, then again, that week and a half with the pinched nerve in my back I was taking many more pain pills and I read that they can cause constipation. Chuckle! I haven't had to take so many pain pills since I went to Dr. Hager...time will tell. I know that is more information than most people want to hear, but I am bringing it up for any people reading who may suffer from any of the digestive problems like IBS. The Shaklee products are supposed to work at balancing the digestive system--whether you have diarrhea, constipation, or irregularity. A couple of the products I got this time are supposed to help with detoxing, too.
Anyways, today is an overcast, windy day--but not as chilly. Dagan came over for lunch yesterday. I was unable to figure out anything for working on my website--again! Turned out that it wasn't just my ignorance--I had gotten bumped off somehow and had to be re-registered or something. Anyways, Dagan fixed it. So, now I need to actually start working on my website again a little every week, so I can get the hang of this whole procedure of publishing and all. I feel so inept with computers--just got to keep at it, I guess.
Leah came over last night and made the wedding card. I played some more with my scrapbook/Dream Book for a while, too. Leah wasn't really familiar with Bette Davis--and it was Bette Davis night on TCM. So, we saw an old interview from the Dick Cavett Show, The Letter, and Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte! Leah didn't work today, but said she shouldn't have stayed here till 2am! hehe! We had such a nice time, tho! I enjoy having my Leah-time--just the two of us. We haven't had our Craft Nights for months--decided to take a break. Last night we decided that maybe this winter we can meet once a month again?
Well, that's about it from the North Country! :)

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