Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday- 2 pm

What a day for Karma! It is hard to see, but there's a yellow grater truck leveling off the field across the way. Makes me feel so sad! I know what they are killing right this very moment. Frogs, toads, crickets, rabbits, maybe ground squirrels, small lizards and salamanders--all the critters that lived in and around that little pond! They are filling in the pond! No rest stop now for the ducks and geese. No night symphony!! I am sad. It hurts my heart to watch.

But for Miss Karma it is a fascinating day. One man's sorrow--another's joy. Even a two-fer in the parking lot. Both the garbage truck and the little school bus at the same time. Cat TV at its best today.

But, for me--it hurts. Reminds me of years ago when they tore up my precious fields, my sanctuary all summer long, to build the senior high school in Fridley...1961 or 1962? I was 10 or 11 years old...and devastated.

Mass death to the wildflowers and the field animals.

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