Friday, April 27, 2007


They finally arrived! In the right size! And they were worth waiting for! My new "hippie" earth shoes--and they are vegan, too.

As you can see, they are lower in the heel than they are in the toes.

They tell you on the tag: "We recommend moderate wear at first to allow your body to adjust to this more natural walking experience." I wore them around the house yesterday until my calves hurt. Felt a little strange at first--like you are tipping or something--but the shoes are so comfortable for me! I have wide feet and they seem to fit right into the shoe without being cramped at all. There's a real strong arch inside of the shoes--but I think it helps to stretch out those muscles on the bottom of my foot that help with the plantar fasciitis pain? We'll see, eh? Anyways, I am in love! If these work out as well as I think they will, I will probably have to get some tennis shoes next!
I am going to wear them bopping around with Dagan this afternoon. So, got to finish getting ready....

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