Friday, April 06, 2007


When my sketchbooks arrive--I will be all set to wander about this summer to draw and paint. I already have a wonderful shoulder bag, portable paints, pens, brushes, and the rest of the things I'd need, I think. I've been using the bag for a purse since I got it--but I could easily switch it over. I actually bought it from Dick Blick--they sold it as an artist's bag. It is made by Overland--nylon backpack material, room for two water bottles (awesome for painting!) on either side in the outside pouches, and...

...lots of room inside the front flap for all sorts of small things--and pen slots. There's even a key clip on the end of the small black strap tucked into the top pocket.

There's a full pocket on the back, too.

Not huge inside. But the black folder you see holds a small 5 X 7 inch legal pad and it fits with room to spare. :)

Leah loved the bag so much when she saw mine that she ordered one, too, while they were still on sale. She and Dagan were going to New York for his stepbrother's wedding last summer and she got it because it held two water bottles for them and it was a sturdy, zippered place for their camera, her inhaler, etc--and she could put the strap over her head for security reasons as they wandered about New York. She has never carried a purse, but she still is using this bag. So--we actually have matching red bags! I am not sure if Dick Blick carries them anymore. They were on sale at the time we got them and I have never looked again to see if they still have them or if Overland still makes them?
Anyways--I have been visualizing myself healthier and, therefore, being able to get around on the buses this summer with my trusty "art" bag and my "earth" shoes. May seem like a little dream to most people, but it is a big dream for me. Dagan, Leah, and I still stop whatever we are doing at 5:30pm every day and visualize our dreams for a few minutes. This is one of mine! *big grin*
I finally feel more like myself today. Didn't get much done yesterday still. Not that I ever get lots done anymore--hehe! But--for me--I am feeling back to normal today. :)
I am going to go sip on some of my coffee and see if I can warm up my hands so they'll work for sketching today. :)
PS Here's a picture for those of you who have asked what I am talking about when I mention "my coffee"--hehe! Ahhhhh!

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