Thursday, April 05, 2007


I did it! Made a separate art blog yesterday so I can participate in the EDM Yahoo group. :) If you click on "View My Complete Profile" up by my picture and then scroll down to the bottom of my profile page--tada! Two blogs listed! Took me a while to figure it out, but a few years back I wouldn't have been able to accomplish any of this--chuckle!

Don't worry (not that you would--ha!), I will always post my art pictures in here, too--never fear. :) So, if you don't want to hear more about art and mediums and paper and pens and art supplies--don't bother to check the other one--ha!

I went shopping with Leah at about 4:15 and she left here close to 7pm. I stocked up at Target on things that aren't that exciting to buy, but you need, like toilet paper and kleenex. Got Miss Gracie some seed and millet sprays--Karma got some kitty litter--but I even had enough left over to get a few cans of my favorite french vanilla coffee!! Thanks Blaine and Kathy for my birthday trip to Target! Gracie and Karma thank you, too. :)

My head was so stuffed up and my ears were plugged. I realized that I must have been shouting when I talked to Leah all night. I felt like I was hollering down a long tunnel--sad! Still have plugged ears today, too.

Leah went to her first pottery class Tuesday night. Here it had been cancelled due to the snow storm--(radio and TV announcements which she'd never be aware of)--but Leah and two others showed up. The teacher happened to be there, anyways--so they had like an extra little private class!! Cool! She said she made a couple of things already--they will still have the full eight more classes, too. And she found out that she can go there any night and play on her own for the whole eight weeks!! Awesome!

Anyways, she was wondering what she should make. Well, I had a ton of easy ideas for her! We could use little pots to hold brushes and small and large ones to hold water for painting. And I have all those coffee cups around the house filled with pens that I would gladly trade for something from my wonderful daughter-in-law. Good grief! Just those items could keep her busy for some time! And she can play with the shapes and the glazes--and each one can be different. Now she is all excited!! Me, too!!! Here's a shot of most of the brushes at my place--watercolor, miniatures, and junk brushes. All the acrylic and oil brushes are over at Dagan and Leah's place. I have been collecting brushes for years--for crafts and then because I always knew I wanted to learn to paint. The blue and brown pot in the front with the finger dents I bought from a local potter, actually. Love it. Imagine how I'll love the pots from Leah!! :)
The snow was blowing so hard that it covered the entire porch--right thru the screen--all the way to covering the little metal table and the covered metal chair. Karma kept begging to go out yesterday to eat snow. I think she enjoys getting cold for some reason?

I ran into the cleaning lady for our apartments yesterday when I went to check my mail. She was scrubbing off the smeared mess that looked like ice cream that was all over the front side of the elevator--had been there for a couple of days. I just don't understand how people can be so filthy and destructive? We have had trouble since last fall with the torn paper, wrappers, pieces of food ground into the carpet, spills, drawing on the wall outside the elevator, scratching on the inside of the elevator door like with a key or something? They have posted notices asking this to please stop. Over time it has come to threats--saying that they'll have to raise the rent if this doesn't stop--that they will prosecute for vandalism. Nothing has stopped whoever is doing this. Not in our building anyways.
The cleaning lady said it was worse in our other building. Somebody was spitting on the walls!! Big dripping luggies! But she said when they sent out a notice to each apartment over there threatening prosecution--it stopped. Didn't stop them in this building, but I am glad we don't have the spitting!
The thing is--you think it is children--you want to believe it is children. But the spitting was high up on the walls. And the ice cream was smeared way up above the elevator floor numbers--near the top of the elevator. So--can no longer believe it is just children. I find it even more disgusting to know it is adults that are doing this--or at least part of it. And these buildings do not really have teenagers. There are very few one-bedrooms like mine. It is mostly 2 and 3 bedrooms for families--and they mostly have young children. That is all I ever see--younger kids and toddlers and babies. I don't think I've seen any kids over about ten years old, actually. It is a sad commentary.
I don't know what it is about human beings being ungrateful for the help given them? When Dagan was little and sick all the time so I couldn't work and ended up on welfare for years, I was soooo grateful to have been able to get into low income housing two different times back then. It is a gift when you are so poor--a blessing! It was the same thing back then, tho. I never understood it then, either. Dagan and I got into new buildings both times and I was appalled at how the tennants were defacing and destroying the apartments, the buildings, the grounds, and even the playground. Why??? It was poor, white, angry-about-something tennants. Sadness and anger go hand in hand--and it was a sad place, I guess--for them. I was happy and grateful to be there--just as I am to be in this apartment now. I love it here! Obviously others aren't so happy to be here, eh?
I wonder about things like that all the time. What it must feel like to be somebody who would smear food on the elevator walls to feel better? To be somebody who tosses trash and garbage in their wake everywhere they go? How sad for them to be so miserable and small of spirit. What a small world they must live in. Just hurts to think about it.
On a lighter note--hehe! I am feeling better every day--just need the new head cold to leave soon. Never did feel up to sketching yesterday--did write letters, tho. My Office Max order came this afternoon--so I have printer ink and card envelopes and my small canary yellow legal pads! TaDa! The free 12 pack of batteries was backordered and won't come for 4-6 weeks--hehe! I found that amusing for some reason. Karma takes periodic excursions into the world of snow. Gracie is eeping contentedly to herself. My computer is working. I am sipping on my french vanilla coffee. Life is good and I am grateful as hell--ha!! :)

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