Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday - 7:45pm

Yesterday my earth shoes came, but were a size 6 instead of a size 8--so had to return them. I got a return lable for UPS online from the company--but found out that it would cost me $10 for UPS to come back and pick up the package. So, Dagan came by over for lunch today and took the package to his UPS drop-off at work for me.

Caroline came and cleaned this afternoon. And Jennifer came by later on after work. I had a whole stack of books for her and she had a few for me. We caught up a little, she showed me her new Ipod, and we watched a movie from Netflix based on the longest running British comedy Last of The Summer Wine. Kind of odd. Three old codgers and a dead body of a friend--strange little movie. Okay, I guess. Not the best of the British--hehe! It was really nice to see Jennifer--been a while!

Yesterday I washed clothes and played around with the new Moleskine sketchbook. I am not going to take photos until I have both pages filled when the book lies open. I also started an ink sketch of a vase and flowers in the rough WC book with the deckled edges. After I get it painted, then I'll take a picture of that one, too. I just think I am too tired to do any artwork tonight. Plan to get to bed early.... :)

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