Saturday, April 07, 2007


My Dick Blick order came yesterday! Happy (Belated) Birthday To Me!! Hehehehe!!! So exciting!! I handled them like ancient artifacts!!

The green square one to the left and the black one with the blue band are sketch journals with drawing paper. The other three are watercolor journals--the light green one, lower center, has rough, deckled edge paper. I am all set now!

Above is the EDM Challenge #2--draw a desk lamp or other lamp. I worked on that last night--in the same Nepal journal. Perspective was okay on the first one, but not so good on the second one. Drawing in pen is difficult for me. Especially since I haven't been sketching for many years and have always had perspective problems. The Nepal handmade paper is scratchy and bumpy--don't know how it would take pencil but I think I might have to try. Either that or switch over to a nice, smooth, new drawing book. ???
All this drawing has really taken me back in time. I never used anything but a No. 2 pencil back then--even the few times I have been drawing since I was a kid. Never ever sketched in pen--only used it occasionally afterwards when the drawing was completed--like when I illustrated a poster for the pet shop I worked at in Maple Grove about fifteen years ago. Maybe I need to go back to my own personal roots and use a pencil?
I really don't like this rough paper in this notebook (one reason why I hadn't used it but for that one color experiment--and it worked so terribly I never touched it again). And I didn't even want to use it for a writing journal--inclusions and scratchy. Not sure a pencil would work well on it, either, tho?
But I would feel too guilty just tossing this journal out (but which is honestly what I'd like to do with it). That is just too wasteful!!
It was a such a delight to have nice smooth paper delivered to me yesterday....??
I have to make a decision---today. If I decide to go back to pencil, I would start a new journal--and I would want to have another go at the shoe and my rose lamp--just to see what I can end up with pencil and eraser? I could keep a drawing journal just for the EDM Challenges....
But then I actually have to draw in one of the new sketchbooks!! That terrifies me! chuckle!
Having a pristine sketchbook--it's like worrying about scratching a brand new car. You know it is not going to remain perfect and without flaws--just have to jump in and drive!

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