Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This is my first EDM (Everyday Matters) challenge. #1 - Draw a shoe. I had trouble with perspective and the shoe is too short (my feet aren't that little-hehe!), but it went okay, I guess. Practice - practice - practice, right? Only 103 challenges left to go--ha! The next one is to draw a lamp.

This paper -- (it is from Nepal--ran across the description as I made an order for sketchbooks this morning) -- is terrible for watercolors. It just sucks up the water and gets all soggy. This morning I ordered some watercolor sketchbooks and some sketchbooks with regular paper from Dick Blick. This book will have to be strictly for dry medium.

During the night Sunday night Miss Karma, my string loving cat, destroyed the elastic band that holds the Nepal sketchbook together. I hope it snapped her good!

And Sunday morning I woke up to the touch lamp being on and the small jar of water for my watercoloring was tipped onto the table (good thing I just got the plastic to cover the table!). Karma either tipped over the water and jumped away and hit the lamp--or she stepped on or bumped the lamp and the light came on and scared her and she tipped over the water. She played with the water for some time after that, tho--there were little footprints all over the plastic from one end of the table to the next. Luckily it did not spread over to where I had a stack of magazines. Nothing was ruined. I guess I should draw that lamp for my EDM challenge--haha!

These are the Thank You cards I made for my wonderful birthday gifts! I used the new flower half punch--put sticky paper behind the flowers and covered that half with microbeads. Used the ribbons I found at JoAnn's and the new pretty paper pad we got at K&Krafts. I did these a while ago.

Here's the green version.

I felt drained on Saturday and fell asleep in my chair for three hours. Slept so-so on Saturday night--up and down a lot. We passed on doing Sacred Circle on Sunday. I was still pretty noodly and not feeling the best and Dagan had some other things he could do. We decided that maybe we should do Sacred Circle on Wednesdays because that is a good night for them. Just skip doing crafts or painting that week. Sounds like a good idea.
This Wednesday--tomorrow--I am supposed to go shopping with Leah. We'll see how I feel--if I am better. I was miserable all Sunday night--felt like I was going to throw up and even had an ice cream pail by the bed. When I finally got up--took my vitamins--and they came right back up. That is how the day went yesterday. Couldn't even keep water down. Dry heaves. Miserable. Pounding headache. Dagan stopped by with milk and he went down and got my mail for me. What a sweetheart! Was only awake 8 hours and went back to bed. Have been up since 3am. Still really queasy--but have kept down some water and a glass of milk (knock on wood!). The headache isn't as bad so far today--more tolerable.
Anyways, it's the 3rd and I have CashWise coming between noon-2pm today. That will about do me in for the day--just putting groceries away. I can always just put away the stuff for the frig and freezer and leave the rest. I called yesterday and cancelled Caroline for this afternoon. Switched her to next week.
Well, if I was going to be sick, good thing it is now. We are going down to Minneapolis--on Friday the 13th--I just realized that it is a Friday the 13th that we are driving down. Good thing I am not superstitious--ha! Dagan and Leah are getting excited about the Shaklee seminar they will be going to. They have signed up for a 7 month program (Roger Barrett is involved sometimes too, I guess) where they have telephone conference calls every Saturday and I don't know what else. I haven't had a chance to see them--so I haven't heard all about what they are doing/learning. Anyways, I will have to be really good to myself and get well and feeling good for the trip. :) Right now--time to go sit in my chair with my ice cream bucket...maybe catch a few more winks before CashWise comes later....

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