Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Good Morning! I am feeling better day by day. Finally kept food down yesterday afternoon--hehe! I think I will be able to go shopping with Leah tonight. I'll know for sure by this afternoon.

I want to go for another reason--to hear about Leah's first pottery class last night!! Exciting! She will be going for eight weeks on Tuesday nights. (Vicarious joy for me--something I would love to have been able to do, too.)

Yesterday, since I have been feeling so punkish, it came to me that I could order the Office Max stuff online and get free delivery because it would be over $50.00. So, I went ahead and ordered--it was meant to be--got a free 12-pack of AA batteries for ordering the HP ink cartridges online. :) They have a confusing tracking system, tho--and I have no clue when it will be arriving and whether it is all coming at once? Some items say 1-3 days and some say 7-14 days? Oh well, I am not in any immediate hurry for the items, actually. Still have a little of everything--a little printer ink left (black at least), a couple legal pads left...

Since I had birthday money in March, I also ordered a pair of earth shoes. I have been thinking about them for a long time. Since the heel is lower than the toes, it just might be good for my plantar fasciitis and help with walking longer at a time? I was confused by the European sizing and hope I got the right size? I wrote them a note to that effect, in case I got it wrong. We'll see. Couldn't resist--got some clunky tie on shoes called "Hippies" in denium--chuckle! So "me"! I have visions of walking about this summer in my hippie shoes with my sketchbooks and journals and pens....ahh! (Please Lord! Such small things give me such great joy!)

Well, we had snow--blowing, drifting snow. It had been like spring, but winter returned for a while. Won't last long, tho, this late in the season. It is blowing so much this morning I can't tell if it is actually still snowing or the wind is just battering the snow around out there? I suppose I could turn on the TV and watch the weather, but you can tell it is cold and yucky out by looking out the window--ha!

I am hoping to get another EDM drawing challenge done today. And I want to start a new art blog just for pictures and art related stuff. I will still post all my pictures on my personal blog, too--never fear. But if I have a specific art blog, then I can contribute to the conversations and the mega blog link with the EDM website! My goodness! How my life has changed since Dagan and Leah gave me their old digital camera, eh? hehehehe! Have a good one!

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