Thursday, April 12, 2007


One of the watercolor sketchbooks I bought was sure a bad purchase. Talk about buckling!!

Went to look it up on Dick Blick--and come to find out that this one is made by the same company as the Nepal travel sketchbook I just dismantled because I couldn't deal with the paper. I had to laugh!! Both were made by Lama Li (and that company name wasn't on the new journal--only said Savoir Faire). So, I will never buy anything again from that company--hehe!

Couldn't blend--just weird, porous paper. Have to use a quite dry brush on it--just doesn't act like regular watercolor paper at all, in my opinion. (I know I am a novice, but it sucked!)
Anyways, we had Sacred Circle last night. Leah made fried egg and ham sandwiches before we started--very good. (I think I misunderstood her). Dagan and Leah have had the feeling that they should look for a house in town--an older house. Something with a bit of land, nice yard with trees, and an outbuilding or room enough to put up a building later.
They are focusing on the Shaklee business right now (and they both got angel cards that obviously supported them in this new venture!!). Then, if they have a smaller mortgage, Leah can gradually buy herself some of the equipment she needs for the crafts she wants to learn and eventually sell--like the pottery. She loves to work with clay, wood, glass, metal, etc. Eventually she'd like to be at home all the time--and just selling Shaklee and the things that she makes. Dagan will be learning more about building a website and the computer ends of things--and whatever else he wants to do to work out of the home, too. Then--when they are both working from home--they want to look for a place with land, etc--but probably not around this area here in Fargo-Moorhead. They'd be free to look wherever they wanted to if they worked from home--true! So that is the plan for now. :)
While we were occupied in the living room, Karma chewed apart one of Dagan's shoelaces! She has been just nutty about string lately!! What a stinker! So now any shoes with ties or shoelaces we'll have to put on the top of the shoe rack there by the door.
Yesterday when Jennifer was here she laid her purse on the floor--I was showing her some stuff on the computer--we turn around and Miss Karma was parked right by Jennifer's purse and was scooping things out with her paw. She had already removed her checkbook and some pens, etc. Jennifer gathered up the stolen items and zippered it away from Karma's snoopy paws and teeth!
I wonder how much damage Karma will manage to do while I am gone to Minneapolis? Silly girl! Speaking of--I may or may not post while I am gone. We are leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) and won't be back until Monday night. So, I might not be posting again until next Tuesday. I hope I remember to take some pictures!! My camera doesn't hold many, but Dagan and Leah's does--if they remember it--chuckle! Anyways, I am off to the garage to get my overnight bag....

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