Saturday, April 21, 2007


I finally got back to sketching last night and got another EDM done. Glued my former cup picture into this new book--hehe! Waste not--want not, right? It was the very first sketch I had done, after all. :)
I haven't gotten a lot done since I came home Monday night--just wrote a few letters and managed to wash clothes. Watched some Netflix movies. Feeling better and more back to normal now. :)

Last night we had a thunderstorm move in. I quick grabbed Karma's porch perch and brought it inside before it got soaked--not thinking that, of course, she was going to want to sit on it inside. Anything new intrigues her.

Looked like it was going to be a really bad spot at first.

But she settled in, relaxed, and left the fish alone. It was funny to see her paw the front and sides of the tank trying to catch them, tho. She has no claws, so she can't hurt the acrylic tank. It kept me entertained for a long time watching her, tho--cat entertainment--the best! Like I say--she makes me laugh every day!!

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