Saturday, April 28, 2007


Giving up Cable TV has now provided me with being able to afford apartment insurance and a cell phone on Dagan and Leah's family plan!

The cell phone came with an adapter so that I can use my headphones I already had for the land line phone. Now I have to get used to this new contraption. One nice thing is that it will hang up automatically when you close it and picks up automatically when you open it. Easier for me to figure out--hehe! Now I have to learn how to program in telephone numbers and all the rest. I have finally entered into the mysterious world of cell phones. Didn't think I ever would. But now I can call friends and family long distance after seven pm and on the weekends! (You are all forewarned--chuckle!)
The best laid body didn't want to cooperate all that much the rest of the week (taking more detox supplements). I didn't go with Dagan and Leah looking at houses this afternoon. Yesterday Dagan and I had to wait to leave until later in the afternoon. I never made it back to the mall this week, but I did get quite a bit of walking in, anyways--so that was good. Got my new hippie earth shoes! I did make it to the mall once, anyways--and managed to finally get to the insurance office and to Sprint this week--so it was a good week on the whole, I guess.
The weather has been beautiful the past few days--in the 70s and reaching for 80! Dagan and I brought in my two tall fans from the garage yesterday, too. Going to need them pretty soon. Have to try to make it over to Bed, Bath and Beyond soon to see what they have for outdoor chairs for the summer. I am going to have to decide if I can afford it soon! (Either that or we'll have to haul the uncomfortable gold lounger back in again from the garage.) It is time to be sitting out on the porch again! In fact, I am going to go sit out there and read for a while. Have a good one! :)

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