Sunday, February 07, 2010


Good Morning!
I really slept this weekend! Ahhh! When you get too tired you finally collapse--hehe! I even laid down for a nap yesterday and still slept for 10 1/2 hours last night--all night long! Nice! I really needed that. Perpetual headache is even gone. :)
For those of you asking what a "bookcard" is--I took pictures.
Since I am not skilled at writing in a straight line I use a line guide.
I punch holes and then sew in the pages with embroidery thread. When I make covers out of handmade paper I tend to use pretty yarns for the sewing. The yarn is a bit thick for the thinner pretty paper covers--but you could use yarn for these, too, if you wanted to. You just cut larger holes for the yarn. You can use anything that works--crochet thread, string, waxed bookbinding thread, etc.
You can use both sides of each sheet of paper... that the letter is read like you'd read a book. I use various business papers from Office Max. Most of those can take a fountain pen on both sides, but occasionally the thinner paper or more porous paper doesn't work as well for fountain pens. I haven't had any problems using ball point or gel pens on both sides.
Anyways, since I started making these a couple of years ago, I usually prefer them to writing letters on regular paper. Not that I don't write regular letters, too--but these are so handy and take up less room (I tend to write in segments). I just love them! :)
It was in the 20s and very little wind yesterday. Felt pretty warm. This guy was even walking across the entire parking lot in just a sweater.
Didn't even look cold. No wind and above zero always makes us feel warmer up here in the wintertime--hehe!
Been snowing off and on for days--and it is supposed to continue like this for a few more days. Might have a worse stormy snow tonight, I guess.
I watched a PBS show I taped on "The Digital Life" and was surprised that there are businesses actually using Second Life for work! I heard about Second Life a few years ago and thought--Good grief! I'm on the computer enough in this life!--right? Well, apparently businesses who have partners or employees living in different parts of the country or the world actually get together for their business meetings (often weekly) in this cyber world instead of spending the money and the time on traveling in the real world! They have found that it works better than email or phone calls because it is more like an actual meeting. You can meet in a beautiful cyber conference room, everyone can sit around the table, and you can hear everyone's real voices--all in real time. Fascinating!
So--I thought I would check it out. Now would be the perfect time--before the computer brains are maybe wiped out, anyways, right? hehe! (The desk computer has been working--just slow and occasionally freezing up, but everything is working?) I know Dagan is going to think this was a bad idea--but I downloaded the program I needed for Second Life (free) and read a little about it. Totally confused. So I went to the newbie spot to receive instructions on how to move and fly. FLY--if I had known I'd be flying I would have made sure I picked pants instead of a dress--ROFL!!
I was just trying to figure out how to move and turn...and here comes some guy who can talk (I have to type what I want to say, I believe, using the free service) and sing! He was waiting around for newbie girls, I think. Approaching each one (three of us the few minutes I was there) and trying to get them to talk to him. Inbetween times he was singing a song about losing his lover and how miserable he was--no lie!
I immediately made myself shorter and wider and in real life--ROFL! But he kept bugging me to talk to him so I left the game altogether. So funny! It reminded me of years ago when I joined Parents Without Partners!! ROFL!! There were guys waiting around for the new girls to show up. Too much like the real world--hehe! I will go back again another time. And now I have already gone thru the newbie information--not that I learned very much other than how to move and fly--and disappear--hehe! I do want to see if there are places where you can meet other people who are readers, crafters, painters, etc?? They claim you can find people of similar interests...we'll see, eh? Has anyone else tried Second Life and knows more about it? I'd appreciate hints. :)
I never even started on a bookcard/letter yesterday--just read a little and puttered about. But this morning the malingering headache is finally gone--knock on wood--so who knows? I may just have a lazy Sunday, too--hehe! It's soooo nice to be inside and warm when it is snowing and stark outside. ;)


Rebag said...

Hi Rita....I had to laugh at this blog, I have heard of second life...but I have never used it, I have a friend however that her kids used it and the youngest son at that time was 15 and got hooked up and involved with a lady in her 40's... so that certainly was not a positive affirmation for me so I just left it alone, I did long time use a program called cyber net worlds.... similar to second life and you can build communities and have meetings ect....some schools even use them for classes for students in art and engineering... LOL changing world eh!!

Get ready for more snow! UGH....hope the weekend was good!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad your headache left you and you were able to sleep. (wow...thats a long time to sleep)

I've never heard of Second Life, but I go to a chat room and we chat to each other in text, not live chat. I'm also a streamer in there tho. A streamer is an online DJ. I stream live music thru the chat room's site, but anyone can listen in if they have the address to enter into their player. I've been streaming for about 6 1/2 years and love it. (i stream at 9 PM Eastern time tonight so gotta get moving)

Have yourself a good night. :)

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Haha! That is funny about Second Life, and it reminds me of that episode in The Office where Dwight has a Second Life character that he made, just like himself in real life...and Jim was making fun of him because of it. Seen that one? If not, you should find would really make you laugh after your experience with Second Life.

Jason and I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Second Skin about computer games like World of Warcraft & mean Everquest...a RPG like game. It was pretty good and interesting to think about these virtual reality games being sort of a new frontier for us to explore as a society.

Leah said...

I agree with Jennifer, you should watch The Office episode with Dwight and his 2nd Life character with Jim messing with him. It's a good one, an older one too, I'd say season 1 or 2 maybe?

Rita said...

Reba--OMG! 15 year old and a 40 year old! I wonder if they knew how old they each were? Good grief! This young man from India would probably have been surprised to find out who he was talking to if I had answered him--ROFL!! I have no desire to "hook up" on Second Life--hehe! I run the other way!! :):)

I am fascinated by how people are beginning to use the Internet in ways we never would have imagined. There are doctors who do consultations and assist in surgeries via the Internet, now, too! Such a new world, eh?

Rita said...

I have no idea what streaming is, but it sounds like you enjoy it. I am constantly amazed by the variety of activities and connections people can make on the Internet. Awesome!

Since I got fibro I don't do well on less than 8 hours--probably because it is usually interrupted, lighter sleep. So, if I have less sleep for several days I can eventually crash 10-11 hours out of exhaustion. Long gone are the years where I could get by on 4-6 hours of sleep, I guess. ;)

Rita said...

I'll have to check out that documentary. On Digital Life they talked about how people tend to be on better behavior using programs like Second Life than on emails and posts. Hummm? Programs where you actually have to relate to others in human form--even with a cartoon body--people act with more social grace. I thought that was fascinating. :)

Rita said...

Leah and Jennifer--yes, I did see that episode of The Office! But it was a long time ago. Love to see it again. Was sooo funny when Jim was messing with Dwight. :):)