Thursday, February 04, 2010


Well--for me it was a busy day yesterday--hehe! Budget, bills, filling out forms, ordering pills, CashWise order to put away--then I waited for the guy from the bank to call me at 7pm like he scheduled....nothing. I waited until 7:45pm and left for Dagan and Leah's.
So glad they finished the roadwork on the back route. What a snap now--no freeway or busy street driving. Love it!!
We smudged every room at Dagan and Leah's--all three floors. Really felt like the place needed a good cleansing away of negative or stagnant energy. Then we did the talking piece and the burning bowl. By that time it was 10pm and none of us had any specific questions to ask, so we skipped the angel cards this time. Nice that we are all in such a good place!! :)
I made it home with all the haul and wheeled them up in the white rolling cart. Well, almost all of it. I can bring in the rest this afternoon after the dentist. :)
Karma is getting used to sitting on the chair with me and having to sit under the old reader's table. Not that she's happy about it--hehe!
Here's the new pretty lamps for the craft table!! They are so cool! Ha! Literally--they will actually stay cooler using the daylight bulbs--hehe! We won't have to sit under that hot halogen light and these are taller and adjustable--nice, heavy base. I love them!! Now the other lamps can finally go back to where they belong. :)
What chaos, eh? Hard to even find the lamps on the table--hehe! Going to be a mess for quite a while with the embellishments scattered everywhere. Funny--that kind of chaos I can stand for a lot longer--hehe! ;)
AND...Leah did get the SpotBot! She used it on the black marks that were on the rug from Chuck's computer and it worked like a charm--with Shaklee.
She explained how to use it and I will probably start that project this weekend. You set it up and move it every 3-6 minutes. (Definitely 6 minutes for this messy carpet!!) Empty old, dirty water and add new, clean water as needed. Sounds like a whole afternoon job or something to split up into a few days. We'll see. I hope it works as well on that dry mold!
If the regular Basic H doesn't work I will try the Shaklee laundry booster. That is what Shaklee recommends for carpet and upholstery. And if those fail--I have the actual soaps that came with the machine. (Leah just used 1/4 teaspoon of Basic H for cleaner.)
I have to decide if I want to go with the extra debit card or not. The guy didn't call and I am worried about overdrafts with it. I am going to think on it for a while, since he didn't call. I do have to call the bank today, tho. There were two more small charges on my old card after they cancelled it. Must have gotten thru right before. I am going to keep a close eye on my account for a while. Maybe this virus on the desktop got the information?? And if it did--maybe it will get the info on the new one, right? So--I think I'll wait until March to decide.
Anyways, it is foggy and 19 degrees. Warm! I have my checkup and teeth cleaning this afternoon. Very happy that I slept during the night last night--tada! I think I am going to go move lamps. :):)


Leah said...

Just a quick note, the lamps will be cooler because we are using CFL's(Compact Flourescent) light bulbs in them, the daylight just varies the color of the light coming out of the bulb. CFL's run a lot cooler than regular incandescents, plus use WAY less electricity.

I just wanted to clear that up, so that there wasn't any confusion, thanks!

Also, as far as I know, if it was the virus, then yes it could get your new card information, but again then if it was the virus, then it would already have your regular account new card information that they sent as a replacement. I doubt it's the virus though, but who knows, I don't really know how all that works, I just speculate...

Thank you kindly,

AliceKay said...

Your new lamps look really nice. I'm sure the cooler lighting will help both of you while you're working on your projects.

I hope the SpotBot cleans up those mold spots quickly and easily.

Unknown said...

I check my account all the time and so far it's been okay even though I had a virus last year, so it could have been from something else. Hard to tell sometimes.

Celticspirit said...

I've done the smudging before. Do you think it was effective? What is the talking piece and the burning bowl? Sounds interesting.

Rita said...

Hi Leah--okay--compact flourescents. ;) Wait till you see them lit up! You're going to love them!

I called the bank about the additional two charges after I cancelled the card--and she said that a virus could have gotten the information. So--she agreed that it was a good idea to wait and watch the new card on my account and work on getting totally rid of the virus before I get the second debit card. Said they could possibly get the new card's info, too.

Now that the card is cancelled--different procedure when I reported the two charges. Now they are sending me paperwork to fill out and wanted to know if I would testify, etc. I said yes. They are reimbursing me, tho.

If they knew how poor I was they wouldn't bother to try to steal my identity. Rita from Fargo is not financially worth stealing--ROFLMAO!!

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
I am really looking forward to using the new lamps. When you would lean over to to detail work and needed the light close at night--whew! That silver halogen lamp could burn your cheek!

Oh--I really hope it works, too!! You can bet I will show pictures--hehe! :)

Rita said...

Hi Sue!
I am going to check mine more often from now on. I used to only check it a couple times a month. Not any more! They will investigate. Said it could be the virus, but it could be from online shopping, or using the card in town even. I hope they find out. Just because I'd like to know. :)

Rita said...

I have always smudged when I have moved to a new place or had a lot of negative energy in my home--even if it is caused by ME and my negative thinking. All I can say is when I moved to Moorhead there had been a very miserable old woman living there for many years and the place felt heavy and smelled like urine--so badly that they had replaced the carpeting and it still didn't get rid of the scent. I know--really pleasant, eh? But it was the right price and layout. I smudged and smudged for a couple of days. And the scent was gone in no time and it felt light and clean. Not something you can really explain well in words, you know?

Dagan and Leah's place felt lighter and clearer to me afterwards. I think they have stagnant areas--don't we all--where nothing has been touched or moved for a long time. (But they are hoping to find a cheaper place to live when their lease is up in July--so kind of pointless right now.)

I know when I have been in a place for 2-3 years those dead spots will start to bother me--weigh on me. And I have to go thru everything--clean and get rid of things. Even if you just take them out, touch them, hold them, dust them, and put them back (closets and storage and the like) it will change the energy--the weight. :)

The talking piece and the burning bowl ceremony--I have written about them I think every New Year's because I do my own greeting of the new year and--speaking of dusting and cleansing--I gather all my crystals and goodies to cleanse and re-energize them for the coming year. If you want more explanation--just let me know. But look back at my New Year's Eve ceremonies, okay? :):)

Rita said...

Try December 31, 2009--I told about them briefly there when Dagan, Leah, and Ariel were over for a Sacred Circle. :)

Leah said...

It doesn't matter if you have money, when it's your bank account, they can charge and charge and just hit you with a ton of overdraft fees before you're bank turns everything off. So, you don't have to have money in there for them to steal money... ;) With a CC, if you're at your limit, most of them will just start charging you a ton of over limit fees, so either way, they still get their money, unless they are caught anyway.

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Leah--I still might do the second card for Internet sales. What the heck--they would catch them sooner as there wouldn't be much of anything in there most of the time. I have a month to think about it.

I notice that they didn't reimburse me right away for the second two charges because this is being handled differently because I cancelled my card. Duh! Why should it be any different? Same crime on the same card?

And Mary Lou heard that they are going to start charging a monthly fee of $8.00 on some accounts. And what she heard is the fee they had been discussing was for the people who don't keep a minimum balance. Again--duh! That's the POOR people. *sigh*

Enough bank talk. Gives me a headache. ;)