Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay--I am back on the McLap. Dagan emailed me back and told me to hold down the "on" button until the laptop shut off and then turn it on again and see if that worked. It did. But things are still not quite right and it has frozen up again since. So--I think I do want all the PC stuff taken back off of the McLap--too brain scrambling for it. We'll see.
This all bores Karma to tears and gives me a headache--hehe!
Dagan and Leah picked up bleach for me so I can continue to work on the carpet stain this weekend. I should end up with big white stains--but that is a lot better than big brown stains--hehe!
I spent my good hours yesterday working on my question and answer interview for John Reid's monthly newsletter. I started several times. Finally decided to stop being nervous and worrying about how proper or polished it was and just answer like I was talking to someone while we were sitting over a cup of coffee at my craft table--like I do here on the blog--hehe! Just be yourself, right? Speak your truth and let the chips fall where they may. :)
Confession. I got the crazy idea to use Karma's paw print for her signature on a thank you card.
Karma was, shall we say, a tad bit uncooperative about having her foot dabbed on an ink pad--let alone having it pressed onto a piece of cardstock. Her paw print just looked like one big, ugly, green smear. I apologized and promised her I would never put her through an ordeal like that ever again--hehe
She finally forgave me. Cuddled up with me later in the evening. ;)
We had sun yesterday.
Today is cloudy, but warmer. Supposed to get up into the 20s! Not sure how the day will transpire, yet--but I hope you have a wonderful day!! :):)


AliceKay said...

Aww...poor Karma. (neat idea, tho)

Just be yourself for the interview. I think that will work out just fine. :)

The sun is out here...finally. We received about 10 inches of snow with a storm that started late Wednesday night and just quit a little while ago. Hard to know for sure how much we actually did get because the wind was ripping and the snow was blowing sideways for a long time. I have lots of pics to post sometime.

(i took a little time off from blogging and reading blogs, but i think i'm all caught up on yours now)

akartisan said...

maybe if you had pressed the ink pad TO her foot and the card TO her foot, it wouldn't bother her so much. We're having snow and cold -20 again, so no global warming for us.

Serena Lewis said...

LOL....I can just picture you taking Karma's paw print. I'm glad all is forgiven now.

akartisan said...

I was thinking about your computer. It's probably not the pc to the mac stuff, just the photos. If you had 11,000 photos, that was probably most of the memory and it would have overloaded. A digital photography class I took advised always keeping the photos on an exterior drive, plus dvd's to have 2 different backups just in case.

Rita said...

I should have known better. She doesn't like her feet touched in the first place--hehe!

I'll post a link to the interview when it is up.

You guys have had sooo much snow! That's all we hear about on the news is the snow all over that side of the US. I'll be waiting for pictures. :)

Rita said...

Hi Sue--I did bring the ink pad up to her foot. Picked a time when she was all relaxed and lounging on her chair--but awake. But you have to gently push/press a couple of times to get the ink on there. By that time she was extremely annoyed and thinking about hissing at me--and I hadn't even picked up the card yet--hehe! Karma is not known for her cooperative nature. ;)

I think it was the pictures, too. If I can keep everything on the external hard drive--I'd just as soon leave everything on there that I don't need to use regularly--which would be all the pictures, for sure! Will deal with it when Dagan and Leah come back next Weds night. :)

Rita said...

Yes--it was funny! I don't know why Karma's getting all pissed off over basically nothing cracks me up so much. It shouldn't really--but it does. I've never had such a "princess" cat before--hehe! My past cats--I could have covered them with ink and they would have purred while I did it--ROFL! Took Karma a couple of years before she'd allow me to rub her belly--for some unknown Karma reason. And she only deigns to such common treatment when she is in a very particular lovely dovey mood--and any other time she'd just as soon threaten to bite your hand if you don't take the hint and leave her alone. She's a hoot!

Intense Guy said...

Maybe you just need to tell Karma they need her finger errr.. paw prints down at the Police Station in case she ever gets lost... and... no.... that's just not going to work.

Maybe you need ink that looks like a shallow layer of snow?

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Maybe white ink would have made her think of snow--but then it wouldn't show on white cardstock--hehe! Face it--Karma is just moody and touchy about her body parts--ROFL! I have missed you popping in to give me chuckle! Glad you're back. :)