Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I decided to lay down for a little while before Dagan and Leah came over last night since I had been up since 11:30pm the night before. Just catch a few winks, you know? So I laid down in my bed with all my clothes on--thinking I'd hear them when they got here.
Next thing I knew it was 9:15pm--dark--I was disoriented. They had found me sleeping and gone home--didn't want to wake me up--hehe! And I never heard a thing!! Guess I needed the sleep, eh? Obviously all the excitement wore me right out--hehe!
I called Leah--laughing and laughing! They're going to come now tonight instead. And I made them promise that if I am snoozing when they come tonight that they will wake me up. :)
It has been subzero up here again recently. I have been catching up on VCR gifts--like Lost (which I am glad I tape so I can rewind when I am confused--often, I assure you). Watched some of the Winter Olympics, too. I plan to catch some sleep this morning here pretty soon. So I should be awake when they come tonight--but just in case...;)
Meanwhile--life goes on--and there are frigs to rub and treats to eat. :):)
Happy Thursday!!


AliceKay said...

LOL....sounds like you needed sleep. Hopefully, the three of you can get together tonight.

It's been colder than normal where I live all winter long. We've been having some furnace troubles so had to get a repairman in here early last night to check it out. We got a couple more inches of snow on Monday, and we had snow showers all day and night yesterday with the same forecast for today and tomorrow. I'm ready for spring.

Rita said...

Yes--hopefully tonight. ;)
I think most everybody has had unusual weather lately and we're all ready for a shift!! :):)

akartisan said...

it's been up to plus 40 and plus 30 here. Don't know how long it will last.

Serena Lewis said...

Your body obviously needed that sleep. I hope you enjoy a nice evening with Leah and Dagan tonight. :)

Rita said...

Seems funny when it is warmer in Alaska than in Fargo--ROFL! :)

Rita said...

Yup! I needed the sleep, I guess. And we did have a great time last night. Miss Karma was naughty, tho--hehe! ;)