Thursday, February 25, 2010


Miss Karma remains totally unconcerned by my human dilemmas.
I am back on the desk computer--which Dagan cleaned free of virus last night. While he was cleaning out the virus on the desk PC he was transporting all the brain information from the desktop (that we had stored in that portable device) into the McLap. I had over 11,000 pictures!!?? Pictures I have actually taken with the digital camera (or Leah or ones people have sent me) and pictures I have saved off the web for art and craft purposes (probably the majority).
So, this morning I go to put the pictures I currently had in my camera into the McLap--the same windows popped up and everything looked the same, so I moved them and then deleted them from my camera. I opened up a new post for my blog, went to upload a picture--but I couldn't find them! Different windows came up--new instructions? There were no picture thumbnails anymore--just PDF things with numbers. I tried to look at where it said "today" (new things to click on--unfamiliar)--but a whole slew of those PDF pictures came up--nothing I recognized--way more than I had in my camera? I tried "Yesterday"--I knew I'd get masses of PDF numbers--but I had put a couple pictures on yesterday, so I scrolled way-way-way down to the bottom hoping to find thumbnails...nope. I tried to close the page--hit the red "x".....
.....and ever since then I have this rainbow colored beach ball spinning away and I can't click on anything at all on the McLap. I am thinking the spinning ball might be like the hourglass on a PC and it is having to work it's way thru 11,000 pictures or something? Who knows? But if that is the case...they need to come back out. The ball has been spinning for about 35 minutes now.
I hope we didn't somehow put a virus from the PC into the McLap! Or maybe we scrambled the McLap's brains trying to put copies of PC brains into it??
I am bummed.
See why I always need two computers of some kind? Now the desk computer works and the McLap doesn't. :(
At the moment I feel like I could be a lump in a chair today, too.
I'm sure I'll perk up...but this will worry me until the McLap works again. I am hoping we can remove what we put in there from the PC and I'll just accumulate everything new into the McLap. Or maybe I DO need to buy a Windows program that can read the PC brains. Something will work out. Has to, right?
The other bad news--it is goodbye BigBite! Leah spent a looong time trying out the BigBite while Dagan had both computers tied up. She thought it might have been me, too--hehe! And it could have been--but she had the same problems. No matter what she did or tried--she got the nasty backsides on the eyelets, too. They split much more unevenly and rougher with sharp edges than when we use the hammer and setting tool. And they don't lie flat--sit way up off the paper like I showed you. Ridiculous! Sadly--we are two of the unsatisfied customers. And Leah is my tool girl! If she can't get it to work...
So--Leah took the receipt, the BigBite, and many samples of how poorly it works with her last night. She is going to see if she can bring it back to the local JoAnn's rather than ship it back to the warehouse. Either reimburse us or give us store credit. We shop a lot there, so I am thinking positive and assuming that they will be nice about it, right? Store credit would be just fine with us. Anyways, after all that--we are back to the old hammer method. :(
Okay--something more cheerful. I haven't really been saying anything about the Creative Every Day group. They have themes for the month. February's was "home". I have thought about it as I have read the emails from the group during the month. I am "home" almost 99.98% of the time. It is my sanctuary. The physical manifestation of my "safe place". My home is a place of joy and creativity for me. But also--it's my spot under the porch--that place hurt animals go to heal and lick their wounds. Where I can just plain endure the pain and be left alone sometimes, you know?
I absolutely love turning the key in my door. Who knew Nirvana was in Fargo?!! :)
I watched a movie yesterday called Where The Heart Is. I loved it! Made you think about what really constitutes home and family?
Novalee Nation (Natalie Portman) is a 15-year-old Tennessee transient who has to grow up in a hurry when she's left pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend on a roadside in Sequoyah, Okla., and takes refuge in the friendly aisles of Wal-Mart. In short order, some eccentric, kindly strangers (including Stockard Channing and Ashley Judd) "adopt" Novalee and her infant daughter, helping them buck the odds and build a new life.
I love movies with interesting yet ordinary characters that overcome obstacles--lifts your soul. :) But I don't like when they cross over that fine line into sappy melodrama. Some leap over the line, you know? This movie has some excellent, excellent actors who know how to dance between humor and sorrow. There's a cameo by Sally Field that blew me away!
On that note on another sunny, cold morning...have a wonderful day!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Sometimes, computers can be a real PITA! I hope it works out okay for you, Rita. I worry when something goes wrong computer-wise and, sometimes, I will give myself an instant migraine over it.

I think there are a lot of people out there not happy with the BigBite.

I bought the movie - Where the Heart is - a year back when I watched it on TV and LOVED it too! Such a sweet movie that I could watch over and over. Michelle watched it with us a week or so back and loved it too so I went out and bought her the DVD also. I won't give anything away but didn't Stockard Channing play a lovely role? And Ashley Judd was fabulous, as always. Heck, they all touched my heart in some way. I'm glad you loved it too!

akartisan said...

I bought an exterior 500g hard drive at Sam's for about $50, I think and put all the photos and backups of my documents on there, then scanned it for viruses as well. That way it doesn't take up all the memory on the harddrive and I can just plug it in when I'm doing something. Not quite as convenient, but supposed to be safer. After all the computer issues I've had this last year, it makes me feel safer at least.

Too bad about the big bite - maybe it's meant for making holes more than for the eyelets. Maybe someone at the store can show her how to use it better.

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
I think I might have to have Dagan remove all the info we put in the McLap from the PC. We'll see. Yes--it can give you an instant migraine!! :)

I saw the reviews were quite split. Optimism didn't get us too far this time--hehe!

I really loved that movie!! Yes--everybody was soooo good! Seemed like every small part was portrayed as excellently as the main parts. I'm glad you and Michelle loved it too!! :):):)

Rita said...

Hi Sue,
I think I might have to plug it in to use anything I want off of the portable hard drive and not download it into the McLap, if that is what you can do. All that stuff from the PC has just created problems on the Apple.

The BigBite makes holes very nicely. It works on eyelets--but it's a matter of how well it works, I guess. I watched every video on youtube I could find, read tons of reviews--and we tried everything we could think of and used hints I found online--nope. Sloppy, ragged--we could have stood. But the sitting so high off the paper so that the paper can't lie flat--nope. Not for us. But it does make holes like a breeze! ;)

AliceKay said...

Computers give me migraines and gray hair. :\

Yep, an external hard drive sounds like the way to go for you. Good luck with what you decide to do.

The movie sounds great. I've always liked Stockard Channing and Sally Field.

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
Well, I haven't got any grey hair yet--but it's certainly not because I have been free of computer problems--ROFL!

I have the external hard drive. Showed a picture of it a while back. Dagan ordered it for me. We have all the brains off the desk computer on it. He tried to transfer a copy into the McLap. Probably too many pictures and too much information?

If you like movies about interesting people done more realistically--people beating the odds--surviving--you'd love this one! :):)