Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Enough wind with the snow to cover all the little Karma footprints.

Karma wasn't in the mood to walk in it, either, for some reason. Didn't even turn around on her way in to look for her footprints to eat. Winter blahs? ROFL!
We got 7-10 inches by the time it finally quit, I guess.
Beautiful sunny morning and the grumbly scraping of the little plow is a comforting sound.
Caroline will be here this afternoon. I have already gathered all the trash and picked up all the cat toys. ;) Spent yesterday reading mostly.
I did watch the Heroes finale. They are getting back to the good vs. evil--but--Sylar is now supposed to be a good guy--a hero? Interesting. At least I can still follow the plot on Heroes. I've gotten very confused on Lost. Lost on Lost--hehe! I will watch because they are supposed to wrap everything up and all the mysteries will be solved--or so they claim. ;)
Oh! I did peek a little on Second Life. It seemed like all the places they suggest a person could go seem to be places to spend money. They want you to buy-buy-buy, as far as I can see. Obviously an American made game--hehe! I even tried to go to this monastery for spiritual retreat--they wanted to sell you robes to wear and I couldn't figure out how to even sit down. Didn't see other people, either, anywhere I went. But then I didn't go to the dance clubs or places like that--hehe!
Honestly--found it hard to navigate and doesn't look like you'd get much out of it without spending real life money to buy Linden dollars (fake, cyber money). There is a way to set up shops and sell products and services, apparently. People can buy property and homes. Can go on vacations to the beach or mountains--but everything seems to cost Linden dollars. People from real world jobs do gather for meetings in cyber space--but I am sure they pay a fee for that, too. Be cheaper than flying people all over and paying for motels--true.
I wondered what the draw was. I still do. I am basically house-bound and enjoy the contacts that I have made online--but I guess I am too poor to afford a second life--ROFL! And even if I had the money--I am just too much the practical Scandinavian to spend real money for pretend goods and property, I guess. :)
Okay--okay--I have to stop chuckling and pull myself together here. Totally cracked myself up. :)
Have a really great day in your real life!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I share your views on Second Life...I never tried it because, when it came out, my computer at the time was incompatible. Just as well because blogging takes up most of my time online and I love it.

WOW...look at all that snow! We've been having heavy rains on and off over the past week and I'm over it. I want some days of sunshine....without the heat and humidity would be nice. I'm a fussy thing, aren't I? lol

I never watched Lost or Heroes although Michelle likes Heroes. I've heard a lot of people talk of how confusing Lost can be and that you really need to watch every episode or you'd be totally Lost....apt title, for sure. lol

AliceKay said...

Wow...Karma must have the winter blahs alright. Not even eating her snow prints. :)

Lots more snow out there, I see. Looks so cold. It started snowing here around 4:45 this afternoon, and now there's a good coating on everything. The winter storm is here, but the worst is due tomorrow.

Second Life sounds a bit strange to me. LOL (spending real money on pretend stuff, eh?) Interesting.

Intense Guy said...

I'd spend real money on one of those handy dandy snow removal things you got pictured!


Sitting here waiting for 12-18 inches of snow to arrive thinking that Karma and I got tired of the snow the same week.

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
I just didn't "get it" with Second Life. Altho, I can see why companies would pay to use it for the conferences because it can save them time and money. Otherwise...???

Here you are suffering from heat and humidity and we are dealing with cold and ice and snow. I'd take the cold, as you know--ROFL!

You probably heard from Michelle how they got all confusing on who were the Heroes and Villains for a while. It's gotten better again, I think. Lost--how they are going to wrap this all up in a few more episodes is beyond me! Yup--apt title--hehe!

Rita said...

Yup! I think Karma is sick of the below zero weather, too--hehe!

What crazy weather, eh? So many people are getting so much snow--people who aren't used to it--and we haven't had as much as they have But we've been in the deep freeze up here. Won't be long and spring will be peeking around the corner. Then--up here--we may be dealing with flooding again this year. Good grief! But we shall survive, right? We are survivors. :):)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
You've been snowed in and under!! I can see why you'd love that little plow right about now. If I could, I'd send hundreds of them out your way. You all have been really dumped on out there! Be careful when you are out dealing with all of it--shoveling and such. Take lots of breaks and don't overdo it, my friend! Quite a winter, isn't it?! Up here--I think Miss Karma was more totally fed up with the subzero cold than the snow. It freezes her little toes and she walks and shakes her feet--and she can't be out on the porch more than a minute or two--THAT is what pisses her off--hehe! Hang in there, my friend! I'd love to see some pictures of the snow on your blog--hint! hint! :)