Monday, February 08, 2010


With flash.
Without flash. :)
A little sleep is a wonderful thing. I puttered away yesterday on the scrapcards.
...with a few embellishments.

What fun to play the day away. :)
Haven't decided whether to put a sentiment on the inside yet or not. Will probably make some into Thinking Of You or Happy Birthday or Thank You cards.
Anyways, what a peaceful Sunday sitting next to the window watching it snow. Still snowing today and in the 20s. Oh! And--no--I didn't go back on Second Life yet. Too busy in my real life--ROFL!! Have a good one! :):)


Tammy said...

Looks like you've been having fun making cards,there so pretty.My daughter lives in Fargo,it stays pretty cold there.We have a bit of a cold snap today also.

AliceKay said...

Very nice assortment of cards you have there. You sure do get a lot of snow out there in Fargo. (we have snow heading our way late tomorrow and into Wednesday)

Deanna said...

My goodness you have been busy! Do you ever get tired of all the snow?

LOL I still can't get my car out.

organicsyes said...

Lovely work...and setting the tone with the sleepy cat was just the right touch to keep the calm, peaceful beauty in the cards you created!

Serena Lewis said...

Those cards are all so lovely, Rita!

Rita said...

Welcome! Thanks! Yes, it stays pretty cold here in Fargo and it's been a little colder than usual this year, but there are other parts of the country that got a lot more snow than we did and been colder, too. Crazy weather!

Rita said...

We have quite the assortment of paper for this batch of cards--and we're making more than we ever have at one time. Fun!

Seems like other places have been getting a lot more snow than we have lately. I hope you didn't get snowed in. :)

Rita said...

We are more used to dealing with the snow up here, I guess. Lots of plows and sand and salt lined up, you know? But I can't even imagine a winter without snow. The thought of Christmas without snow makes me sad. When you are out in it every day--well, it's just part of life, I guess. The most annoying is ice--scraping ice off the windshield. But then, that's not snow--hehe! Ice is the most frustrating and dangerous. ;)

Rita said...

Welcome! Thank you so much! Leah and I really do like to create simply styled cards while feeling peaceful and calm. We enjoy it so much--and we agreed that if it isn't fun to do we won't do it. We believe we are trying to put good energy into the things we make. And--Miss Karma--she loves her 98% very quiet, serene life with me--hehe! :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
Thanks so much! I sure hope all is better down your way? Happy you took the time out to stop by, Lady. :):)