Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Good afternoon!
Here's our fresh white...
...blanket of snow.
Makes the world all clean again for a while. I know--just a cover up, but nice nonetheless. :)
I brought the camera with me for the morning routine yesterday. Might gross some of you out. Karma gets so excited over her coming treat of canned food. She goes over and rubs and rubs on the wall by the dishwasher...
...and this is five years of Karma's neck/collar! Wait till you see the frig!
Then she rubs on the pantry sliding door and rattles it a bit--but there are no marks to be seen on the wooden door?
I am getting ready to nuke her tablespoon of canned food for a few seconds to take the chill off if it has been in the frig (most days)--so she moves over to the frig and rubs away on the door.
I had planned to leave it forever just to see how bad it would get--but it is getting really gross after almost five years. Well, like 4 3/4--her birthday is Friday and I didn't get her until she was 10-11 weeks old, I think it was. She was older. (And I think must have been stepped on a lot when she was a kitten to have such a phobia about it--hehe!)
Anyways, I had told Caroline to leave it, but I am thinking I might let her see if she can clean it all off and we can clean it again in another five years.
Who gets sentimental over cat rubbings on the door and wall--sheesh! But it is like a memory snapshot or marking how tall kids have grown on the wall. Makes no sense, I know. Well--we all have out quirks. My otherwise clean house has cat rubbings--the truth is out--hehe!
Meanwhile...Karma almost trips me, rubbing on my legs, as I make my way to the microwave...
...and then she waits and rubs by the frig for the dinger to go off.

I blow on the dish as I bring it over to the pantry and then hold her back with my hand on her chest while I set it down...and warn her to "be careful--it's hot"--even tho I only put it in for about 7 seconds, the sauce gets hotter and I know she goes for that first--hehe! She seems to love the added anticipation of those couple seconds while I hold her patient self back. She knows the routine.
Then she dives in...
...and licks all the juice or gravy off of every little bit. I pulled her back so you can see. Hasn't touched the solid food yet--hehe!
I left her alone (she was annoyed as I disrupted the routine) to nibble on what she decides to eat in the bowl. She never eats every single bit of it.
Anyways--Big News! The Magic Mouse already arrived yesterday!!
No lie! That is what it is called--the "Magic Mouse"--hehe! Was very well packaged.
Quite a fancy mouse container...
...that I am sure I can find some other use for--hehe!
Very thin and sleek, eh? :)
The problem is...I had to get the McLap and the McMouse to recognize each other and communicate. I did get them to work as far as the mouse arrow and the clicking...but not the magic part. I can't scroll or anything. I went thru the updates and such...have to read more, I guess. Sit here with my magnifying glass reading the tiny print written in computer speak--hehe!
I am proud that I did get them connected at all. Now I just have to get the mouse working properly so that it can jump thru all its magic hoops for me. If I can't figure it out, Dagan or Leah probably can.
The Shaklee order came, too, yesterday. Big box we can use for spraying cardstock with the misters! I couldn't believe how much packing paper was in there! Karma was having a blast racing around and diving into the paper!
And now--I had best get moving. I have groceries coming this afternoon, have to go see if I can get out of the garage (looks like it), the guy calling at 7pm about the separate Internet debit card, and Dagan and Leah's after that for Sacred Circle. Bye!! :):)


Intense Guy said...

:) Karma rubbings look like my hand prints around some of the light switches in my house. I know I should wipe them off - but I'd be too busy with things like figuring out how the "magic mouse" works.

It sure looks sleek - I hope Karma understands its not a cat-chasing kind of mouse.

AliceKay said...

Karma is actually "marking her territory" by her rubbing...against you, your fridge, your walls, and everything else she is rubbing against. Cats pass on a glandular secretion that humans can't smell, but other cats or animals can. I've cleaned up lots of things my cats have rubbed against over the years. And yep, cats love routine.

I hope you figure out your Magic Mouse soon.

Serena Lewis said...

You have quite a busy day ahead of you. Karma's rubbings did in fact make me think of the wall in a previous home where I used to mark everyone's heights as they grew older.

The mouse and MAC should recognise each other once you've installed the software. Good luck !

Leah said...


You're right, Karma is marking her territory by rubbing, but I'd make one little change. Karma's rubbing against and marking HER Rita, HER fridge, and HER walls, because we all know that everything in that apartment belongs to Karma, including Rita. I'm sure Karma's thinking how she finally got this human trained to do her bidding and wait on her hand and foot... lol... ;) I have a friend who wants to be reincarnated in his next lifetime as his dog, because his dog has such a great life, lay around all day, taking naps, chasing his tail, chasing bunnies outside, laying in the sun, treats, and in general doesn't ever have to do a thing... ;)


One way or the other we'll get your McMouse to work fully functioning... ;) Oh, also, don't toss that packaging paper from the Shaklee box(you probably wouldn't anyway), I'll reuse it when sending/shipping out Etsy stuff. :)

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Hi Iggs!
Are you sentimental about the handprints? ROFLMAO!!

I have not gotten back to dealing with learning anything new with the McLap or the McMouse for days. Maybe this weekend. I get so exhausted when I am out and about--takes me a while to recover. The big challenge is to see if I can get the magical part to work. Oh--and Miss Karma has never shown the least interest in techie mice--hehe! Now--if they could move on their own... :):)

Rita said...

AliceKay--Well, Karma has made sure she has marked the kitchen where the treats and Karma foods reside--that's for sure. Apparently she doesn't worry about the rest of the apartment except for the doors--hehe! She doesn't rub on any other walls or furniture--but any cat who came around here could tell the treats and cat food are hers, I guess, eh? ROFL!

Rita said...

I know it is so silly--but I can Still see on the frig, especially, where she started this rubbing routine when she was a kitten. Can you imagine how I would have embarassed Dagan if there had been digital cameras and blogs when he was little! ROFL!!

It's funny--I got them connected, but the mouse still needs something to kick in the "magic" part. If I can't figure it out (or have no extra energy to wrack my weary old brain on it) by Wednesday/Craft Night Dagan and Leah will be here and they can have a go at it. I have great faith in their techie abilities and they don't think there is probably anything wrong with the mouse. We'll get it working, I'm sure. And I am--shock!--really happy with using the touch pad in the meantime! ME! :) But I can't highlight and do a few other things without the mouse. Can't get the hang of it at all on the touchpad. I need some magical fairy dust or something--hehe! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Leah!
You're right--Karma mistakenly thinks she has equal rights in this house and is royally pissed off when she gets told no--ROFL!! But I am the boss of her. She knows she has the good life, tho--and fully expects the good life treatment--(giggling out loud and made Karma look over here).

I think I'd rather be reincarnated as a pet cat. They don't have to wait around for a human in order to pee or poop...and they don't have to unconditionally agree with everything the human says or does. :)

Yes--I saved the paper for recycling! ;)