Monday, February 01, 2010


Quick summary of this weekend--I washed clothes, Ariel moved out of Dagan and Leah's place (never found a job/they gave her three months/moved back with their mom), Leah got a new job!!! (she gave notice and starts Feb 15th--soooo happy for her!), I watched more of United States of Tara, Supernatural, and Northern Exposure (Netflix) while I worked on the scrap cards, and Karma slept a lot--hehe!
I went thru all the fronts we had pre-made and...
...picked out cardstock to go with them from...
...all the pre-cut and folded ones Leah was working on. Half the box is gone!
Next step is the decorating and embellishing. Something we haven't done much of--and I have been collecting for the past few years in anticipation of this very mass production, I guess--ROFL! We have dabbled here and there. Now it is time to drag everything out and learn and experiment and PLAY!! :):)
Oh--and Karma watched a lot of CatTV.

Today--I am going to drag out all the embellishment goodies! :) And I have phone calls to make--recertification appt for food stamps and medicaid (didn't think I was on medicaid anymore but got a notice?), oral surgery bill (something came that says I owe $299.00 now and I'm wondering if this is the final bill?), rentals for a hand-held carpet cleaner...boring stuff.
Wednesday--instead of Craft Night--we plan to have Sacred Circle over at Dagan and Leah's.
Thursday--I have a checkup at the dentist's.
Dagan is looking for a USB hard drive thingie for storing computer brains for me. I'm not sure if he'll be over to look at the desk computer before that or not. It is still acting up, but I am using it for blogging. I guess I had better try to learn how to use the photos, etc, on the McLap, eh? It was not very cooperative today--at all. Freezing up, etc. So--I think it is still a little sick with that virus maybe? Poor thing. Needs a brain cleaning.
Anyways--that's how the week is shaping up. Karma is crying to go out or for treats or something...and, since I am sleeping later these days, I'd best start on the phone calls. Have a good one! :):)


nanke's stuff said...

Very interesting post and very cute cat .... I have a soft spot for the portly ones ... no offense intended! lol nancy

Leah said...

You should be able to just plug in your camera just like you do on the desktop, but to your McLap(as you call it) and do you're pictures fairly normally. Of course the windows that come up on McLap will be different, but you should be able to figure it out.

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Hello and welcome, Nancy!
I have a soft spot for the portly ones myself--hehe!

I peeked at your blog and it sounds like we have that creative restlessness in common. Going from this to that. I rotate things around and around. :) Glad to meet you! Come back any time. Karma and I are always here. ;)

Rita said...

Hi Leah,
I know--just have to work up to learning something else new--ROFL! I know it is all going to look and work differently and I'll have to figure out how to store them, etc. So far, things haven't been too difficult to figure out on the McLap in most ways. BTW--glad you figured out how the backspacing works! Thanks! I use fn-delete a lot. ;)

AliceKay said...

Karma looked like she enjoyed watching CatTV. LOL

You had a busy weekend, and this week sounds busy for you already. I hope everything goes as planned.

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
Hehe! People in the hallway is Cat Radio, too! :)

Ha! Yup--plans are always tentative around here. ;) I hope you have a good week, too! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Congratulations to Leah on her new job!

What season of Northern Exposure are you up to, Rita? We're in the middle of Season Two.

Have fun with all the embellishments!

AliceKay said...

Oh yes, I forgot to wish Leah well with her new job. :)

Leah said...

Thanks everyone, I am very much looking forward to my new job, and can't wait to be done here with my old job. Thanks for all the warm wishes.

Thanks again,

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Karma is adorable... and reading about your craft night or sacred circle night I wondered if you could have a Sacred Craft Circle sometime? Hey - maybe I will do that!

Enjoyed reading!

Deanna said...

Karma is so darn cuddly looking.

You've been one busy lady!

Rita said...

I just finished season two of Northern Exposure. I can't believe how much I enjoy it right now and it doesn't seem to have aged. :)

I actually posted all the goodies today--Tuesday!

Rita said...

Leah--I know how that job was soul-draining!! Have great hopes for the new job. :):)

Rita said...

Hello Julie!
So nice to meet you! A fellow writer! I have saved your blogsite and will go back to read. Welcome!! Hope to see you again. :)

In a way--our craft nights are almost sacred in a way--hehe! We want to work with joy or not at all and we love the meditative qualities of repetition. ;)

Rita said...

Hi Deanna!
Karma is only cuddly when she decides to be. Can't force cuddly upon her. But when she is--she puts her all into it--can't get close enough--if she could melt herself into me...ROFL!

Intense Guy said...

Congrats on the new job Leah!!

"Portly" huh? Nawww... she's just big boned... like maybe she has an Ox's bones...

. o O (I better go put on a football helmet before someone slaps me)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
I think Karma would probably prefer to think she has tiger or lion bones--ROFL! :):)