Friday, August 20, 2010


Karma says hi.
I think she looks like a big old teardrop in this "aerial" photo--hehe!
I spent ALL my good hours yesterday finally going thru all my peep's blogs for the last couple of weeks and catching up in blogland! That was really, really fun!! The only other thing I got done was to replant Miss Karma's dying cat grass.
Next planting I'll have to go to the storage area and get some more dirt, I guess, but for this time--it will do.
I used the packet of fancy cat grass seed that Ruby sent me.
Funny--it's called Renee's cat grass. Renee is my sister's name. ;)
The maintenance man came! Only took two days. The bathtub is draining and there is light in the kitchen again. And I cancelled CableOne--tada!
Nobody came to start with the shingles, if that is what they are. I'm sure the noise will start next week--weather permitting. Today--low 80's, cloudy, and the humidity must have leapt up because I had to close the apartment up and put the AC on because it was so sticky in here, even tho it wasn't all that hot yet. Supposed to be heading back up to the 90s by tomorrow--so will probably be closed up again for a while.
It was just glorious to have those several fall-like days on the porch. Ahhh! I should have spent more of it on the porch reading and less at the craft table, I suppose--but it felt soooo dang good to feel back to my normal that I was a little too restless to sit and read--hehe! I still have over 100 pages left in Pillars. Today will probably be a reading day, as I am too sore to sit at the computer or the craft table (from overdoing it lately--hehe!)--so it's a Pillars and TV day, I think. Moving so slowly today that it is already afternoon--ha!
Well, have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!! :):)
"Making a mistake and then judging ourselves harshly is like paying compound interest on a bad investment."
Doc Childre and Howard Martin


Toriz said...

LOL @ looks like a tear drop. ;)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Loved Karmas picture she looks so relaxed and happy. Im glad you can see again in your kitchen and the tub is draining :o)

AliceKay said...

Karma looks so pleased that you took her picture. :) I hope she likes her new Gourmet cat grass. How long will it take to grow?

I noticed you caught up with my blog. Thank you. :) You must have been aching by the time you finished.

I'm glad the maintenance man showed up and you can now say...let there be light...when you flip the switch. :)

It was a beautiful day in Pennsylvania today. Tomorrow is supposed to be another beauty, with more rain coming on Sunday. I hope you enjoyed your reading today. Have a nice weekend.

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Rita, I must say...I love the quotes you find! :) Love this weather too, except for when it rains all day. Rainy weather doesn't make for good puppy potty training! haha!

Serena Lewis said...

I'm glad the maintenance guy finally showed up for you, Rita...problems like that can be most frustrating to live with.

Karma makes a one cute teardrop.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ~ :)

Rita said...

Tori--She did--hehe! Because she had he legs really close together and way out in front of her and all her fat tummy was perched on her back haunches-big and round--chuckle!

Lynn--Was a relaxing weekend, but I wasn't too happy about the mini-series I watched for two days--ROFL! You'll see in the next post. ;)

AliceKay--The grass usually comes up in just a few days, but that depends on how sunny it is out and how warm, of course. Yes, finally got caught up! :)

Jennifer--I didn't think about potty-training a puppy--hehe! Been decades since I had to potty-train anything--hehe! You have your hands full! ;)

Serena--Yes! Funny how annoying it can get to finish your shower and be standing almost ankle deep in soapy water--ROFL! I should have called earlier, but my tolerance level for annoyance is pretty high, too, I guess. ;)

Intense Guy said...

Hope you had a good weekend!!

And nothing like standing in a tub full of ... unidentified floating thingys... So glad that's fixed...

Rita said...

Iggy--They've been pretty good here about coming in just a day or two. But once got all defensive about replacing the fluorescent bulbs. This time there was no issue and he came with them in hand. :)

Toriz said...