Monday, August 09, 2010


Kind of how I feel--hehe!
I was eating and Karma wanted some of her "fake" treats (which are just regular dry foods in small jars that I keep in the end table next to my chair). I told her she'd have to wait till I was done eating. She was actually being patient and rubbing her head on the rickety reader's table legs that I keep the McLap on, but I caught her in this position where she looks like maybe she was leaning her head against the leg in total defeat--ROFL!
A couple days ago I think the smaller piece of tooth (that the dentist said had already shifted) shifted some more. I've had swelling, throbbing, a headache, and random electrical activity. So you may or may not hear from me in the meantime, but only five more days. I promise I will let you know what happens at the dentist's on Friday afternoon. I am just praying this dentist will be able to remove the tooth. :)
About a month ago I ordered (via snail mail, the old fashioned way--hehe!) a variety of sample shampoo bars from:
Thanks for the info CelticSpirit! :)
Sent a couple home with Leah to try. She is not a fan of shampoo bars, but she said she'd try them. If she doesn't like them, I will use them.
One was cut differently--like a 4 X 4--hehe!
Anyways, I love the shampoo bars, have tried a few others I didn't like, and now I'll try these. I figure if I don't like them on my hair I'll just use them as bar soap.
I needed to open up another ream of paper for the printer. Karma is easily entertained. I just throw the wrapping on the floor and two seconds later...
...Karma has bodily claimed it, of course, as she watched me mess with the printer. :)
I have little to report. Dagan and Leah came Friday, switched the router, and said they still want to string another cable around the living room. The TV was working REALLY well since Friday night...until I woke up tonight--or should I say this morning (1:30am). There aren't many channels on the air at this hour, so could only check those few--so decided to check the shows I tried to record Sunday night and the first one I am trying to watch is glitching off and on, too. When it is good it is really good, now, tho. The glitching used to be so constant it was unwatchable in the beginning. We're getting really close. :):)
I've been totally into escape entertainment with this tooth and all. Been reading and watching a lot of TV and Netflix movies. Kind of useless for much else. (Will get caught up online after I am feeling better.) Been sleeping when I am able. Some days not, some days a lot. Slept from afternoon till early morning this last time--ahh! Next time could be lucky to get two hours--hehe! Whatever. ;)
Tuesday afternoon Caroline comes to clean. If I will be awake enough, Dagan and Leah will come over after work, as usual. Friday afternoon--dentist. You know how I love dentists--hehe! But this time I'll be actually thrilled for this one to pull a tooth (even if my insides are always trembling and quaking). ;)
This quote seemed appropriate--hehe! ;)
"We must constantly build dykes of courage to hold back the flood of fear."
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Intense Guy said...

Ouch. Ouch and more just ..ouch!

It's really sad that our "health system" has left you in pain for the past couple weeks and has you just whiling away days hoping that you can be seen at the end of the week.


Both those pictures of Karma are good. She is the Queen of the empty bags and wrappers.

AliceKay said...

I hope that tooth comes out Friday without too much stress on your part. You've been going thru a lot of pain with it for some time.

I had a tooth that became so abscessed a little over three years ago that I could barely move my mouth and couldn't eat because of the pain that shot up thru my jaw. It hurt so bad, it made me cry. It took several visits to my dentist before he finally saw what was going on, and then an oral surgeon finally removed it. What a relief that was.

Sleep when you can. Sure sounds like you need it.

Karma cracks me up. She did indeed look defeated in that first pic. LOL

Deanna said...

It's a shame that you have to wait until Friday to get into the dentist.

Hooray for getting almost there with your tv.

That quote is definitely appropriate.

Celticspirit said...

I have found out that with the shampoo bar samples that my hair does better when I don't use one for a long period of time. And these samples are lasting me a long time! I've only used 3 so far. On their website, it tells about a vinegar rinse that can be used and I keep meaning to try it. My hair still gets some tangles and this might help. I'm going to get the pet shampoo bar if they still have it. My puppy still has some irritated skin from when she had the flea bites so this might help.

Stephanie said...

Take it easy and be well. warm teas and quiet working on things that require little moving so as not to jar the tooth. It will all be sorted out soon!

Toriz said...

I hope Friday is going to be the end of your pain with that tooth!

Serena Lewis said...

OH, Rita....I'm shocked too that they haven't pushed you through as urgent considering the swelling and pain you're in. (((Hugs)))

Those shampoo bars look interesting.

The battle of the TV reception and the humans continues....OH, so close...

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

So sorry to hear you are in pain with a stupid tooth! Will be thinking about you and hope that all goes well on Friday! Hang in there!

Rita said...

Iggy--Not easy being poor and sick in this country, that's for sure. If it weren't for these wonderful dentists who work for little or nothing on people like me, we'd have no place to go at all. There's one clinic in Fargo and one across the river in Moorhead. That's why I have to wait to get in. Nobody else HAS to take you without insurance coverage. And, as we saw with my jaw surgery last year, they can get very upset if you don't pay them "enough" every month. *sigh* Really makes me wonder how all these seniors are really doing? I'm on Medicare--same as the seniors. Unless you can afford to pay supplemental insurance beyond Medicare--there's basically no dental (obviously, not even if your jaw is rotting away) or little or no eye care (unless you have an eye disease) and they only cover some things and portions of bills--and you have a deductible and that ridiculous donut hole limit. Who knew I'd be envious of people with dentures!!?? ROFLMAO!! ;)

Rita said...

AliceKay--Me, too! Be five weeks on Friday!! Sounds like you can really relate to some of the stuff I have been thru lately. I am wondering if this tooth had been cracked for a long time before it totally split and maybe that is what has been causing the mysterious pain and swelling I have been dealing with for 6-7 years that nobody could find the cause of? After all--I am getting swelling and have had that facial pain in my cheek and teeth hurting now and we know I have a split/cracked tooth, right? Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I am hoping that pulling this tooth will stop all of it--hehe! Think positive, right? :)

That picture of defeated Karma makes me giggle every time I look at it. :)

Rita said...

Deanna--Be five weeks on Friday. *sigh* Can really ruin a girl's summer--hehe! :)

Barb--I have always had to use conditioner with the bar shampoos or I can't get a comb thru my hair (that baby fine stuff tangles like crazy). I tried a vinegar rinse a few years ago and I still had trouble combing it afterwards, as I recall. I might try it again--look up some recipes. ;)
I saw they had pet shampoo bars, too. Your new little one is such a sweetie pie! Every time I see pictures I remember my chihuahuas when I was young. :):)

Stephanie--Thanks! I am hanging in there. Friday is coming fast! :):)

Tori--Me, too!!!! :):):)

Serena--There's only one clinic to go to if you have no insurance and can't afford to pay for the regular dentist out-of-pocket. That's why I had to wait 10 days to get in in the first place. I chose to wait another 3 1/2 weeks to (hopefully) avoid the oral surgery--because those are the people who have turned me over to a collection agency because I wasn't paying them "enough" every month. They could even refuse to take me, anyways--who knows? It's one of those rock and a hard place situations. We'll know on Friday. Say a prayer! :):)

Jennifer--Yup! Hanging in there. If the mouth stays at about a 3-5 pain level--then it blends in with the rest of my body--ROFL! It's just when it jumps up and demands notice that it takes over. The bad headache is usually more annoying the rest of the time--hehe!
Hope you are enjoying your new home!! :):)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that dentist can pull your tooth also so you can get some kind of releif. Karma looks so cute with her head resting on the chair leg like that LOL

Rita said...

Lynn--Oh, me, too!!! Thanks! Karma probably hopes so, too. I haven't been as playful--hehe! :):)