Thursday, August 05, 2010


Dagan and Leah stopped by briefly on Tuesday to string cable around the living room. :)
I put all the boxes and paperwork under the art table for now. The place doesn't look quite as chaotic now. ;)
Looks like Friday is likely the day Dagan and Leah will come back with their router (which works, of course) to see if it is the router that is acting up over here. Maybe the tuner, too? I can't remember if they are bringing both of them. I hope it isn't something like the computer or the new TV that is the problem.
It has been doing the strangest things. Shutting off the DVD player for lack of a signal? When I was taping one program any other channel I went to it automatically starting recording that one, too? (I might have been doing something wrong, of course.) Still consistently losing the signals or losing the Internet altogether. So--we are trying to find out what the problem is by process of elimination. *sigh* I think Dagan and Leah probably regret starting this whole process.
But--when it is working--I really love it! I get a few less broadcast channels than I had on the basic lifeline cable, but I like what I get better. I never watched the two Cspan or the two shopping network channels that I had. I get the usual: CBS, ABC, and NBC--an extra local WDAY channel (they run ABC up here) with different programs and a WDAY weather channel (now I don't have to watch the news anymore--tada!)--4 PBS channels!! (one is a duplicate, tho, in HD)--"THIS" channel that plays old movies and old programs like Sea Hunt--and then FOX. And I love being able to watch Netflix instant movies and having the Internet on the TV. So--when we finally find out what the problem is, it will all be so cool. :)
Let's see...CashWise came on Tuesday. And yesterday I had my annual checkup with my rheumatologist at the clinic.
It was actually a really decent day, as you can see. These are shots from the parking lot before I left the clinic. Blue sky, white clouds, lower humidity, windy--pretty decent out.
And here's a shot of home-sweet-home thru my car window on my return. :)
Dr. Sleckman did seem proud of me for going off the pills: Darvocet, Bentyl, and Ranitadine. Now I just take them if I really need them. He understood why I didn't want to be addicted to pain pills and foggy-brained. Brain fog is a problem with fibro in the first place--hehe! It's up to me whether I want to take the pain pills regularly or not. We'll see how it goes.
I brought him a copy of Baby Girl and told him about winning the contest. He wrote a play--in French--that sounds like it will be put on in March 2011! He'd taken a writing workshop, but said he just doesn't have the time to devote to writing--very time consuming. Yes. I told him that maybe by the time I come back next year I will finally have something newly written to show him. Maybe. If I can ever figure out how to manage the time involved to do so--hehe!
Anyways, by the time I got home I was so exhausted. Whenever I leave the house I remember quickly what bad shape I am in--hehe! I was in bed early, but woke up in 3 1/2 hours and couldn't get back to sleep. Hurt all over. Beautiful night, tho. First time have been able to have the windows open in ages. So I read and watched a couple of DVDs. Been up since 1:30am and am about ready to go back to bed for a nap--or a sleep--whatever happens.
Miss Karma relaxing on her back...
What a rough life, eh? ROFL!
Speaking of yawning....;)
"Sit in reverie, and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Glad you've had some nice weather.

    Hope you can get that problem - whatever it is - sorted out with your TV/computer system soon.

    My place is chaos right now. Not as bad as I expected it to be though, since the electricians are much better at cleaning up after themselves than the plumbers.

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Im glad all went well at the doctors. I loved the pictures of Karma. Its good that you are not taking those pills if that is what you want to do and Im glad its working out for you, I hate prescription drugs but we have to do what we must in this lifetime eh? I hope all goes well for you Friday with the tv stuff :o)

  3. Hoping everything gets figured out with your TV/computer/internet setup tomorrow. (does Dagan have any hair left?) :)

    I'm glad you had a good visit with your doctor. It looked like a beautiful day there. We haven't seen a clear sky like that for a few days now. It's been hazy, hot and humid here. But...the weekend is supposed to be great.

    Karma reminds me so much of Boots. (i should dig out some photos of him and post them for you sometime so you can see for yourself)

    I hope you were able to get some sleep. Good luck tomorrow.

  4. Oh my, once you get hooked on C-Span you'll never break away to blog again... (Just joking and now laughing my head off at that ridiculous statement - since more likely after 20 minutes of it you'll join Karma on the floor nearly CATatonic.

    Sea Hunt on the other hand... Wow... I'm envious. :) Young Lloyd Bridges swimming in danger... I used to watch this with my grandfather over at his house on weekends (must of been re-runs even then).

    And hey... You are saying SpongeBob is doing a Milli Vanilli in that video on my blog? Oh no!! Say it ain't so!!! LMAO!

  5. Hope you get everything working properly soon!

    Send me some of that pretty weather, please! It is pretty here too... pretty.darn.HOT!

    I know what you mean about trying to stay off the pain killers. I don't like how they make me feel either, so I only take them when there is no other choice.

    Karma is so funny. Hope you get some good, quality sleep soon.

  6. No new blog posts is probably not a very good sign. I hope things are going okay out in your part of the world. *hugs*

  7. Tori--I have been away from blogs lately. Took me two hours just to post today (Tuesday now!). I have been missing everybody's blogs. :( I'll get caught up when I am able. I sure hope they work well and fast for you--and clean up after themselves! :):)

    Lynn--I'll get back off the pain pills after this tooth gets taken care of. I am lucky--my pills are not life threatening if I don't take them, like so many people's are. Good and bad things about prescription drugs, that's for sure. :)

    AliceKay--Ha! Dagan AND Leah shouldn't have any hair left! ROFL! Still dealing with this system. Theirs works so well and mine is a total mysterious mess??
    Thanks for your concern and well wishes. Just haven't been feeling so hot lately. Can hardly wait till things get back to "my" normal--hehe! :):)

    Iggy--My folks jumped right on the Cspan wagon when they arrived and had it on all afternoon! I was almost CATatonic!! (scream!)
    When the TV was working I watched a couple of the old Sea Hunts on during the night--and an old Highway Patrol. They are just a hoot!
    Yes--it is so. SpongeBob is not the man you thought he was. LMAO! ;)

  8. Deanna--Our pretty weather didn't last but two days. Some of it should have spread a bit, but it passed so quickly. We're back to horrible hot and humid weather--warnings out even. Fall is around the corner, tho. This too shall pass. :)

    I appreciate that the pain pills take the sharp edge off the pain, but then you build up a tolerance and need something stronger. I had gone from Tramadol to Darvocet...and didn't want to be a pill junkie, you know? And they make you feel a bit fuzzy and lethargic--and I already have fibro fog and chronic fatigue--hehe! It's a wonder I move at all--LMAO!! ;)


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