Thursday, August 19, 2010


Karma says thank you, Iggy! (Me, too--daily giggles!)
Well, right before the storm hit yesterday morning this huge truck pulled up in the parking lot.
The man unloaded the big stacks of packages that look like building material...
...and stored them like this in the parking lot.
Why he took up two parking spaces is beyond me. Unless they plan to deliver more? Are they shingles...or siding...? Whatever they are, looks like it isn't going to be quiet around here this fall. Sure have been a lot of repairs around here for a building that is only around 7-8 years old. We have had rain dripping down into the elevator again this summer, so I'm guessing shingles/roofing materials.
The man was just putting the truck back together when it started to sprinkle. As he drove away, the thunderstorm finally released the brief, noisy deluge that I talked about yesterday. (Little did you know I was up and down snapping pictures--hehe!) He had perfect timing, I'll give him that. ;)
These are the extra birthday cards from this year.
I stamped the backs...
...and let them dry.
Did the same for the brand new extra red "wishes" ones...
...and the purple ones.
All safe and sound in a ziplock bag for Leah to take with her last night along with the rest of the bookmarks--tada!
I couldn't resist showing you what the stacks of building materials (whatever they are) looked like after the storm raced thru. Good thing they are on wooden palettes! The guy picked the exact spot that doesn't drain and always looks like a pond after it rains--hehe!
Anyways, Dagan and Leah came after work. Leah brought fresh corn on the cob! Delicious! We tried Garden Burgers made with portabella mushrooms. Don't like those any better than the original Garden Burgers. We all three vastly prefer the Boca Burgers. No more Garden Burgers for me! ;)
Dagan strung a new cord around the living room so there's no cord across the floor again--tada! Leah helped me with rearranging my automatic computer tabs that stay open. (She and I love using them and Dagan can't stand them--hehe!)
Dagan got the DVD player working. But after they left, I tried it and--lo and behold--didn't work again for me--ROFL! When they come back next time, he'll have to let me try it and he can watch to see what I am doing wrong or out of sequence or something? No problem. I always have the McLap in the meantime. :)
Supposed to be warmer today and hit low 80s. It's been soooo nice to have the place opened up day and night, but the heat is slowly returning, I guess. Sunny today, tho.
It feels just wonderful that I can check off something else on my goal list for 2010. One set of birthday cards--done! And I am calling CableOne today and cancelling!! Which means, next, I can clean out the TV stand in the bedroom so that I can give away that TV (and stand) on freecycle, too! Wow! I'll be chuckling at Karma resting on her wooden pillow. And waiting to see when the maintenance man will come to replace the kitchen bulbs (was hard cooking in there last night) and unplug my bathtub drain. What else the day holds? Who knows!
"Gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now is the true prosperity."
Eckhart Tolle


Intense Guy said...


I guess I better look for another pillow this weekend... Karma's gonna be wearing this one out!

:) I never thought that nutty cat would take to a block of wood to sleep on... LOL!

Those look like shingles to me - and lots and lots of them! Wow... probably re-roof the whole apartment complex.

Toriz said...

Glad you're able to check another task off your list. :)

Just leaving building materials unattended somewhere like that - especially near somewhere that you know has issues with being vandalized - isn't really a smart thing to do... Rain or no rain!

Anonymous said...

Definitely looks like there is gonna be some kind of action going on around your place. Karma is just too cute sleeping on that wooden pillow, too funny. We got plenty of rain yesterday and the temps are a little lower in the 80s but I sure couldnt tell it when I was out there this morning moving around my flower garden again, water was just drippin off me lol I hope you are having a good week!

Anonymous said...

tried twice to leave you a comment

AliceKay said...

I gotta laugh whenever I see Karma sleeping on her new pillow. Who knew? LOL

Yeah, they looks like stacks and stacks of shingles to me, too.

You make such nice cards. Those ribbons add a very special touch to them. Your etsy shop will be chucked full of wonderful cards and bookmarks. :)

It was nice and hot here today, but it wasn't as humid. Karen, Ryan, and I did our weekly shopping this afternoon so she could be home tomorrow when Ray's brother and girlfriend drive up from the Harrisburg area for a visit. It worked out okay for me.

I hope the maintenance man shows up soon to replace your kitchen bulbs and unplug your bathtub drain.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Karma must like that pillow! You will be serenaded by a construction crew one of these days shingling your roof..hope it stops the leaks:)

Rita said...

Iggy--hehe! I think Karma is very happy with this pillow and it would take her years to wear it out! We should have figured that if she was curled up on her chair and had a choice between the soft throw and a block of wood to lay her head...LOL!!

Tori--I don't think these would be very easy to steal because it took a little truck with a lift to get them off the semi-truck. Mostly I have heard about copper pipe and wiring being stolen at work sites around here. Worth some money I guess.

Lynn--The action hasn't started yet, so probably next week. Karma has always liked to lay her head on hard objects to sleep--silly cat! I don't think Iggy thought she'd actually use it, but she loves it--ROFL! Gives me the giggles!

Sue--I had one other anonymous comment that was difficult to read with lots of letters and numbers that made no sense and thought it was spam so I deleted it. Is this Sue from Alaska? Sorry! I'll look closer.

Rita said...

AliceKay--Shingles seems to be the consensus. Do we win anything if we're right? hehe!
Leah feels badly that she's been so busy these last couple months and hasn't gotten pictures up for me to work on the descriptions--but that's life, right? It's not like she makes a living off the etsy shop--hehe! Far from it. I have the luxury of being able to continue to putter with the things I love to make--most of the time, anyways. And I have really stockpiled her with stuff lately, since she's been so busy--and that's good. After all, they've spent the last-what?-month trying to get my TV system to work--ROFL! So I have been sucking up all her spare time for weeks with that--hehe! She wants to get some stuff up pretty soon, tho, so she has some stuff up before Christmas. This year has flown by!

Oh--the tub is draining and there's light in the kitchen--whoohoo! :)

Farside--Me, too! Trying to get in the elevator when water is dripping down from the roof can be a bit tricky--and then you wonder if it is going to rust up the gears and leave you stranded between floors because it's noisy enough to begin with--ROFL!

Karma does love a hard pillow. ;) Your dogs are so beautiful, BTW. :)