Sunday, August 29, 2010


Was a hot weekend! I spent it inside with the AC and Miss Karma...
...lolled about in the heat on the porch.
Her cat grass is now overflowing the planter! Cat life is good!!
What have I been up to?
Daniel Smith yellow and purple ink bookmark sheet.
Crazy dots made with pink and burgundy inks.
And started figuring out what I want to do for a set of Christmas cards. I'm thinking a circle cut with the Cuttlebug on the front and using this tree stamp. But I wanted to see what would work well to represent snow on the tree. Tried the three liquids I had close at hand...

...and I like them all! (Tulip "snow" and Stickles icicles & diamonds.) So they will hopefully have enough left in them to cover over a hundred trees. May need to buy another bottle of something if I run out.
Hard to see, but they all three do sparkle.
So--now that I like the tree snows--I'm in the process of figuring out what color to stamp the tree (have a few more greens) that will go best with the background green paper I have the most of? If I want the greeting stamped along with the tree on the front and where? (Have two curved Christmas sayings.) What should I put inside--if anything? And so it goes...hehe! ;)
I want to have at least one good sample made up before Tuesday that Leah can look at and see if she likes them, too. If not, she can make her own style, of course (she sends way less cards than I do and I have sometimes fallen in love with a card that she doesn't like and made mine separately). Or we could come up with something else we both like. We'll see. Getting ahead of myself, eh? I have to come up with a card first--hehe! Oh--and I can email pictures to Leah and ask her opinion, too. What a world, eh?
I am planning on going over to Dagan and Leah's on Tuesdays for a while. Leah and I are going to buckle down and focus on the etsy shop--now that the weeks of computerTVsystem tweaking is over and done with--TADA!! *big happy face!* Seems like things have just gotten sidetracked and time is slipping away. It's the end of August already!! Goodness!
I've been thinking of skipping days here and there on the blog--like I did yesterday. Not sick or feeling terrible, but just to free up some time in my "either/or" life--hehe! Yesterday--"instead"--I got caught up on blog comments and finally did a 5-month catch-up post on my art blog--tada! Plus I had time to play with the card stuff, too. So I got a little more done, you know?
But I am such a creature of habit--been blogging almost daily for over four years now....?? Well, I'll see how it goes. So--don't worry that I'm not feeling well if you don't see a blog here and there--or maybe even for a couple of days, who knows? Now it should mean the opposite--that I am feeling good and getting stuff done, right? Even if it is catching up online--hehe!
I've just got to thinking a lot about how much time I do spend on the computer ever since John/Spruce in Canada said he may go offline altogether! I do spend probably at least half my "good" hours each day (if not all) at the computer. I only have a few--(3-5 one hour sessions)--and I spend one or more just on the blog every day. (Talk about dedication--or, as most people would probably say, wasting my time--ROFL!) And then there's all the other things to do on the computer--places to go, people to see--hehe! And I just joined a couple of online writers groups--and have no time to actually get there. I haven't made a new video for youtube in over six months...the list just goes on and on.
I'd miss all the connections I've made online (my peeps), so I won't give them up. So maybe I have to give up the blogging every day and cut back on some other online activities. I already got rid of Twitter a while ago. I'm going to think on it. And be around a little bit less right here, I think. So--don't worry about me, okay? Toodles for now!! I'll leave you with a quote that is definitely good for days!! ;)
"Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length."
Robert Frost


Anonymous said...

I definitely understand the more YOU time, but if you went away forever I would surely miss you lady. I don't think I could go away permantly either I am loving my blog family too much right now even though I don't blog often because most times I don't know what to blog about Im a really shy person and too self cautious :o) I love those bookmarks the colors are so beautiful and those pics of Karma flat out on her back are just priceless of course lol I worked out in the yard some this morning and my doggie Nova and my cat Gracie were making me laugh they were having a good time playing together, I hope you are having a good day!

AliceKay said...

Karma being Karma...what a wonderful sight. :) And wow, that cat grass is really growing!

Those cards look great (but then i love green). Looking forward to see what else you and Leah come up with.

The internet is a wonderful tool, and it helps bring people together who wouldn't meet you and me. Sometimes tho, people get so involved with certain things on the net that they let their "friends" go by the wayside. I've seen that happen a lot since I've been online. The ones who stick around, whether you post every day or not, are the ones who are interested in you, your life, and what you think and feel. Those friends are the ones who matter...they are the ones you can turn to for a friendly ear when you need one. The others were mere acquaintances.

Sorry...letting my feelings out in your blog comments again. *hugs*

Time for me to get ready for work. Have a great Monday.

Intense Guy said...

Good lord Karma... you need some modesty lessons!!! :) Thankfully you don't sunburn (imagine Karma soaked in banana-coconut scented lotions?)

I too would miss you if you were to stop blogging. I think everyone needs a break or a slowdown now and then - it shouldn't ever be "work".

Rita said...

Lynn--I have plenty of "me" time--hehe! It's practically all I have, actually. It's more a question of physically limited time to accomplish anything--including computer time--and needing to shift priorities. Or try to. ;) I am very attached to my blog/Internet family, too. I'm glad to include you in my "peeps", too! :)
Animals are great! Karma makes me laugh every day.

AliceKay--I know what you mean. People come and go--on the internet and in life. Some people stick around--and some people return, too. People have very busy lives, so I am honored if they take they time to visit with me. :):)
Yes--the cat grass has run amuck! hehe!

Iggy--Karma has no modesty--ROFL! Yes! I could picture her on a lounge chair under an umbrella being served cat grass on a silver platter--ROFLMAO!!
My blogging has never been work. I'm a born communicator, talker, writer, motormouth, chatty cathy...whatever. I could talk in sentences before I could walk--hehe! It really is more time use priorities because of my dang old limited life. ;) I don't want to lose contact with anybody! I'd miss you, too!

Deanna said...

Karma is definitely being Karma!lol
Blogging definitely takes up a lot of time. I find it very difficult to post during the weekends and can mostly almost manage every other day during the week. You do a great job on yours!

Toriz said...

Oh, don't go away! I only just found your blog!

I do get the "more time offline" thing though. That's why quite often you'll just see a couple of days worth of movie reviews or something from me, and I don't come around to comment. I like to have a post on my blog each day, but sometimes I just don't have the time. So, when I've been watching a load of movies, or listening to audiobooks while working on crafts, I spend a bit of time writing up the reviews, then set them up to publish on different days dotted through the month, leaving me free to not bother coming online if I don't want to, while still leaving something for my readers to read. And if I don't feel like blogging really, but don't have something set up, I will put the laptop on long enough to log in to blogger and edit the date on a post scheduled for the future, then go away again.

That's going to be happening with me a lot lately, since it really is time for me to do some serious work on craft projects ready for Christmas, so I'm setting up lots of posts for the coming weeks (I've got loads of movie and book reviews in draft that can be used) then I can concentrate on my craft projects, and just come online for a bit every couple of days to catch up on comments.

Anyway, hope you decide on a card template soon.

Toriz said...

Oh, and great quote, by the way.

Rita said...

Deanna--I love to blog, but--yes--it does take up time, that's for sure. I'm thinking of maybe 2-3 times a week? But--then my blogs might get sooo long--hehe! ;) I'll have to see how it goes. Thanks!

Tori--I won't go away altogether, I promise! I just found your blog, too! :) I just need to find a way to prioritize my time so that I can get more crafting and such done. I haven't painted for over a year--except for the abstract bookmarks. I love to blog, but I have to cut back on computer time to get other things done, I guess. Sounds like you understand. I never heard of stockpiling blogs, tho--ROFL! Clever!! ;)

akartisan said...

I feel like a hamster in a wheel sometimes myself trying to get everything done. You have to do what's best for you, ultimately.

I was reminded of an older movie tonight that you might like to watch. "Scent of a Woman" with Al Pacino. It was one of my favorites and made me laugh out loud at times, plus I LOVED the part with the tango, since it's my favorite dance. The were talking about it on tv tonight and I thought of you and all the movies you like to watch. It's a very uplifting movie with a great ending.

Rita said...

Sue--I realized that I was just using up most of my time on the computer and STILL behind all the time, so I knew I had to cut way back. I think it will help a lot.

I saw Scent of a Woman years ago and it was pretty good. And I remember the tango scene--yes! ;)

Unknown said...

Finally found your blog - liked the photo of your solar-powered cat. I don't have a cat but love them - see my Facebook album for some photos.

Serena Lewis said...

I've never managed to post daily except when I've done a month of daily posting for a specific challenge. Of late, I'm lucky if I manage to post twice a week as I've just had so much on my plate. I closed down my Facebook account yonks ago because I just didn't find time to get over there. Take time away if you need to, two or three times a week and see how it goes.

Yesterday, I had the computer off ALL day because the termite repair guy was here working so I covered the computer to protect it from dust. I noted that I got a lot more done in the studio.

Serena Lewis said...

Ooooops...I meant to add that I like the snow-laden trees ~ :)

Rita said...

Hi Alice!! Welcome!
I'll have to remember that one--"solar-powered cat"! Karma is definitely one! She's recharging as I am typing this. ;)

I'm surprised I could see the link, as I have deactivated my facebook account. Looks like seven cats you "have known"? And two cat substitutes--ROFL! Another cat lover!!

Glad you found your way to my blog. Love your videos!! :):)

Serena--OMGosh! The termite guy there again? Never ending battle with those little buggers. I know what you mean, tho--getting more done. I closed up the places I really had little or no time to get to, anyways. Just not humanly possible for me to keep up with all of it. I have a hard time keeping up with what I usually try to do online--hehe! I am trying for a couple of times a week. Does feel weird, tho--not to be blogging every day. :)

Thanks--about the snow on the trees, I mean. ;)