Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Saw entirely too much of this screen the last couple weeks--hehe!
You know something is really wrong with the Internet when you go to open Netflix and it takes five minutes to get this screen.
Oddly, this last time the McLap was still usable--slow, but usable--when the Internet was too slow to use on the TV.
Anyways, Caroline came to clean. What a thick, sticky day! The hallway felt like a sauna! We had a nice visit, too.
After Caroline left I went to check mail--and there was a package from Iggy!!
Gives me giggles ever time I look at Karma's wooden "pillow"!!
Iggy had told me about the pillow, but surprised me with a bright and beautiful set of coasters and a pretty art print card, too! My goodness, Iggy! Thanks so much!! :):)
And was Miss Karma fascinated by her new "pillow" block?

You tell me! :):)
Now whether it holds any appeal once the newness wears off...time will tell. But it will always amuse me--ROFL!! Thanks, Iggy! You are a treasure!
Dagan arrived first last night. (Karma actually rubbed on his legs a few times! Maybe it was spillover from the joy of the new pillow--hehe!) Before they string the cord all the way around the living room, Dagan wanted to string a cord across the room to see if a direct connection to the tuner would work. (Karma was glad to see the blue cord back across the floor.)
Apparently the tuner had gotten kind of stuck thinking both channels were in use--all the time. Dagan made us some boca burgers and Leah showed up with Subway for her. He worked on the TV and the direct cord to the tuner was glorious! No more constant glitching/pixelation! Tada! (Knock on wood--got my fingers crossed.)
Leah and I worked on the bookmarks for a while. Leah did the stamping and I taped the backings on. Got thru a few of the stacks before they left and Leah took with her the ones we finished that were ready for laminating.
I couldn't get over the continuous clear picture last night! Even on FOX, which had been one of the worst channels--as you can see with this repeat of 2 1/2 Men.

I draped the blanket/throw over Karma on the chair...and she didn't come out for a couple hours. Snoozed while I gazed at the beautiful screen--ROFL! (You can also see how behind I am on my writing magazines on the endtable-hehe!)
So--this morning.
I course, I could hardly wait to see if I had that nice clear picture again. Thought I'd show you how the TV works now--for those of you who have no clue what I have been talking about (like clueless me when Dagan and Leah were telling me about this system--hehe!). First the computer starts up and this is the screen. I can open up the Internet just like I can on my desk computer or the McLap.
But I can go click on the Media Center and this screen pops up...and then go to TV...
...go over on the TV section and click on "live tv"...
...the live tv box slides over and...
...voila! Opens to my broadcast TV channels...whoohoo! Gorgeous and clear this morning, too!! Even one of the extra PBS channels that didn't come in as well...beautiful cooking show this morning!
I checked them all...(so glad to have a weather channel so I don't have to watch the news anymore--hehe!)...and they are not glitching or freezing or pixelating. So far--so good!
Now--today--I am going to start recording shows to see if they will record well, now, too. There are several old Kirk Douglas movies on the "THIS" channel today. They'll be great back-up for those times my days and nights are flipped--hehe! I have three DVDs supposed to arrive from Netflix today, so I can see if I can record and do something else--like watch a DVD. I have no logical reason why, but I really am not expecting problems anymore. It just felt like they finally fixed the computerTV system last night--tada! Almost hate to say that. Don't want to jinx it. But it has never come in this wonderfully since it arrived two weeks ago. Ahhh! Soooo happy!!!
Thank you soooooo much, Dagan and Leah, for all your time, effort....everything!! I know you must have been ready to throw the whole system out the window at one point and regretted even wanting to do me such a kindness. I knew you'd figure it out. It is absolutely awesome!! Looks like yours now. I love it! I would never want to go back! :):):)
Only three more days and maybe another problem will be fixed, eh? ;)
Thanks again, Iggy!!
Stay cool!! :):)
"May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being."
Apache Blessing


Intense Guy said...

Ahhh! I'm so glad Karma loves her new pillow!!! :) :) :)

I thought you and Leah might like to see how those coasters were made - they were given to me when I won a blog giveaway. I can see you doing something similar - great works of art!

Ah, the TV is working!!!! Just in in time for the infamous "chiffon" dress and Jake kisses a girl episode.. LOL!

Jerome: A little tiny dude from Serbia. Not a single vowel in his entire name!
Charlie: Oh, yeah, Grl Zrbnck.

It's hot and horribly muggy here - but the smiling cat pictures, the working TV and the vowel-less place kicker, and knowing Leah and Dagan "got your back" have me smiling big time!


p.s., I love that "Taste of History" show!

Deanna said...

Congratulations on getting your problems sorted out. Dagan and Leah are certainly wonderful.

So is Iggy. He is never short on surprises, is he. Karma definitely seem to love the pillow block. Keep your paws off!

Anonymous said...

Alright you can watch tv now wooohoooo your kids are great for helping you thats for sure!!

Karma is so cute with her wood pillow, that Iggy is just the greatest and what a beautiful gift he sent :o)

I love the show 2 1/2 men, it is just so funny and wow how fast that little guy grew up during the shows too.

I hope you are having a good week!

AliceKay said...

Yep, that Iggy is one in a million. Sure looks like Karma is enjoying her new pillow. :)

I'm happy to hear your TV setup is working like it should now. Way to go Dagan and Leah! You're truly blessed to have them in your life.

It's very hot and humid here today. I took a pic of the sky this morning just before sunrise, but the beauty before me disappeared behind fog and haze and very heavy air soon after. It's been very dry here, and farmers are beginning to have serious problems. We need rain badly.

Have fun watching your new TV. It looks great. And thanks for explaining how it works.

Toriz said...

That's great about the TV system. Fingers crossed this really is it, and it's sorted now!

That Iggy really is great, isn't he? :)

Serena Lewis said...

Karma's new pillow is a winner judging by those pics. That was very sweet of Iggy and those coasters are gorgeous too!

BRAVO on clear, continuous TV reception now...three cheer for Dagan and Leah!!! Hip, hip, hooray!

Rita said...

I agree with all of you--Iggy is one in a million! ;) And Karma really has been using her pillow, as you have seen on the blog--and it gives me a giggle every time she does. Thanks for the Karma pillow and the coasters, Mr. Intense. ;)

And Dagan and Leah are the best! What generosity, patience, and persistence, eh? I can see why they wanted me to have this set-up, tho--it's glorious!! :):)

2 1/2 Men is a silly, guilty pleasure--hehe! I also love The Big Bang Theory. :)