Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday-6 am

Been hot and sticky. I think it may have rained. Karma in her usual spot with the cat grass planter as a pillow this time.
Well, the TV hasn't been working since Sunday now again. Can't even get to Netflix instant movies. ;( Haven't lost the wireless Internet, but it is super, super slow on the TV (like taking several minutes to load a new page--if at all). Says things like no TV signal, no tuner signal, telling me to stop recording when I am not recording anything...
I have restarted the TV computer (worked the first time for a while, but did nothing the other five times I have tried to reboot it the last couple days). Guess maybe we do need that additional direct wire/cable around the living room? I don't know. I just have no clue what to do with it, so I shut it off. Dagan and Leah come back tonight. I am sure they must be ready to pull their hair out! *sigh*
Meanwhile...no TV...I have been reading. Finished another of Caroline's books, been getting lost in the 1100's (Pillars), and reading some of my magazine stack. Been restless uncomfortable. Watched some youtube videos (my subscription updates) on the McLap--which, since the majority of my subscriptions are for craft videos, made me want to do something...anything easy I could do with a headache...
So I have been puttering the last couple of days. Finished cutting out the smaller flowers from all the scraps I had piled on the table. And then I started cutting out the backings for the bookmarks.
Stacked them by type with their white cardstock backing.
Cut each individual backing to fit each bookmark.
Saved all the white scraps for papermaking, of course. ;)
Here they are--stacked by the various sheets I made and labeled with post-it notes for later etsy online descriptions. These are the bookmarks we approved as the best of the lot--good enough to sell.
I am definitely keeping a few of these for myself, tho. ;) I still plan to finish going thru my tiny paint palettes, too, and making a few more sheets. Need some more bold colors, I think.
Anyways, the next step is to stamp the white backings and attach them all--then this batch will be ready for lamination--tada!
This year is fast getting away from me. I need to start working on birthday cards for 2011 and Christmas cards for this year! And I really wanted to try to have an extra set of each made up this year...ha!! Last year dental issues messed me up for months and, now, this year, too. Best laid plans, eh? hehe! Well, the headache is less severe today and the swelling has gone down some...maybe I can think straight enough to ponder some plans, at least, eh? :)
I think the quote for today is another version of "Don't Worry. Be Happy."
(Love this song!)
An "up" tune to play in my head today! Have a good one! :):)
"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength."
Corrie Ten Boom


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart and that dang tv lol I imagine you are ready to pull your hair out also eh? I hope all gets solved soon for you. Thank God for books and that you love to read, and of course your crafts. I can't wait to check out your etsy site and take a look at the bookmarks :o) Im sorry your mouth is a bit swollen I know that is no fun at all, I hope your week is going well anyways!

Intense Guy said...

Ugh. Sounds like you are ready to pull your hair out too.


The bookmarks look nice - I use one that I bought at your shop everyday. :) Its in the "book being currently read" - so when I stack up the books "I'm working on reading, or waiting to get a round tuit" I know exactly which one is current. I am so absentminded like that.

Its been a long time now - but I remember meeting Corrie Ten Boom. :) She gave a pubic speech in my area around... gosh in the 1970s sometime.

I'll always remember reading "The Hiding Place" and of the horror of the Holocaust.

Toriz said...

I bet the three of you are close to pulling your hair out with that TV system setup thing. I know I would be!

I know what you mean about the year getting away. I'd hoped to have more of my craft stuff done by now too, but just as I was getting caught up the work started around here, and now I spend more time attempting to find things than doing anything else. And I can't concentrate on anything until the work people leave anyway, because it's so noisy I can't even hear myself think.

Anyway, I hope the tooth issue gets sorted soon - and the TV issue too - so you can get on with all the things you want to be doing.

AliceKay said...

I sit here looking at the clock (8:46 PM EDT) hoping things are getting all figured out with your TV tonight. It looks like a major job...from the wires to the antenna to the computer and more. Lots of things need to be connected and all "talking" to each other in a language they all understand. *keeping my fingers crossed*

The bookmarks look great. I'll have to check out your etsy shop again come Christmas time. :)

Don't Worry...Be Happy! :)

Rita said...

Thanks everybody! I am so far behind on comments and going to try to catch up. You guys have been thru the whole tooth/TV ordeal and it meant a lot to me. I read everything, but just haven't caught up till now. Thanks so much!!

Iggy--so glad you like your bookmark and actually use it--hehe! :)

I've read a lot about the holocaust, too. When people in situations like that can be kind to others and share food, etc--how can anyone not believe in God or that spark of the divine in us? Restores my faith in humanity. :):)

Tori--now that the nasty tooth is out I am trying to catch up on craft projects. This year is really going by too quickly. :)